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A Different Kind Of Love Story

Part One – A New Start
Nate was fidgeting anxiously in the car. He had just moved to a new house and that meant going to a new college. His mum insisted on driving him on his first day, even though the college was a ten minute walk from where they now lived. Today, he decided to wear his black, Doc Martin boots, black skinny jeans, a Marilyn Manson band t-shirt, a black leather jacket and a black beanie hat. Since he had electric blue hair,

he wore his hat in an attempt to stop attention being drawn towards his hair. It didn’t really help that much, though, because he still had his long, blue fringe on show. He also had outlined his deep, blue eyes with thin eyeliner. Moving college wasn’t exactly a bad thing for Nate, considering how it had turned out at his last one.

Nate had come out a few weeks after starting his first college. First to his mum and then to his ‘friends’. His mum responded positively and told him that she loved him, no matter what. It was a different story with his friends, though. At this time, Nate hung out with a girl named Devon and a guy named Chris. He had sensed that Devon had a crush on him and he and Daniel were good friends, or so he thought. The day after he told his mum, he told his friends on their break at college. Devon was visibly upset about the revelation and Chris had just walked away. Chris made homophobic jokes on several occasions, but Nate had always brushed them off, he didn’t think Chris was actually a homophobe. College was Hell after everyone found out and the worst part is the people who he thought were his friends, turned against him. Devon had found a new group of friends to hang out with and Chris had found a group of guys to join, leaving Nate alone. The abuse happened every day and even became physical to the point he had to hide his bruises with make up from his mum. He thought back to the time when he was first beaten up. Two guys from his college had followed him home, shouting verbal abuse at him and throwing things. Nate had tried to ignore it and bit his lip to stop himself crying. Managing to keep the tears back, he had kept his head down and kept walking. Then, he felt a hand grab him when he got to the alleyway he walks through on his way home and he turned around. It was the guys who were following him. Before Nate could say anything, the taller one of the two punched him in the face. He clutched his bleeding nose as he reeled back from the blow, but it wasn’t over. Both boys proceeded to beat him up and left him on the ground as they ran away. He had managed to hobble home and cover up his bruises on his face with make up and covered the ones on his body with his clothes. Nate didn’t want his mum to get stressed out from worrying about him, so he decided to hide it from her and never let her know about what was going on at college. When she told him that they were moving, he felt a little happier because to him a new place meant a new start.

As his mum pulled up at the college, he felt sort of anxious and shaky. He grabbed his bag, got out the car and waved his mum off as she drove off. Nate took a deep breath and headed for the college entrance, trying to hold himself together. Once he got his timetable from the reception desk, he made his way up to his class. People seemed to notice he was new as they were looking at him and whispering in their little groups and pairs. Trying not to thing anything of it, he climbed the stairs to his first class which was Psychology. The door was locked when he got up and he seemed to be the only one there. He took off his bag, leaned against the wall and slid down until he was sitting with his legs stretched in front of him. He looked at his phone and realised that he was ten minutes early for his first class and let out a sigh. After a few minutes of staring at his lap, Nate looked up to see someone approaching where he was sitting. It was a boy who looked around the same age as him, eighteen, who had black hair with a purple fringe and blue eyes. Nate looked him up and down quickly as he was getting closer to him. He was wearing same shoes as him, black skinny jeans, a leather, studded belt, a Slipknot band t-shirt and a purple and black checked shirt. Nate looked back down at his lap as the boy finally reached where he was sitting. He felt awkward sitting down now, so he picked up his bag and got up. As he was standing up, he could feel the boy’s eyes on him.

‘I haven’t seen you in this class before.’, he said.

Nate looked at the boy and said, ‘This is my first day here. My mum and I have just moved house.’

‘Ah, awesome. What’s your name?’

‘My name is Nathan. but everyone calls me Nate. What’s yours?’

‘My name is Brendan. I really like your t-shirt, by the way. I love Manson’s music.’

Nate could feel a smile creep across his face, so he lowered his head.

‘Me too.’, he replied quietly.

Just as Brendan was going to say something else, he was interrupted by the Psychology lecturer coming along and unlocking the door. She told them to go in and sit down while she rushed off again, muttering about something she had forgotten. Brendan sat down at a desk for two people and pulled out the other seat as Nate stood awkwardly near the door.

He looked over at Nate and said, ‘No-one sits next to me in this class. Do you want to?’

Nate could feel his heart skip a beat. He nodded and made his way over to the table where Brendan was and took the seat next to him. He started to feel slightly more optimistic about his new college. Brendan had made a good first impression and Nate would be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t attracted to him.


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