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A naked walk in the united kingdom country

After my walking naked and flashing in the park. About a week later I had a new idea. To take a long nude walk in the country. I know some people that own a lot of land about an hour and a half drive north of where mom and I live. I call them and they give me the OK to be on their land. They also give me the code to the gate lock. I started out before sunrise. I was wearing nothing but a part of panties, blue jeans shorts, and a small halter top. That shows a lot of my 38D tits. I did stop at a gas station to fill up my cat. The station was closed, but a person can use their credit card to get Fule. The station only had on night lights. So I took off my top while I was filling up my car. When I hit the road I left my top off. Then I pulled over and strip naked. It was still dark. When the sun began to rise. I had to put on what little clothing I had. I got to the gate, opened the gate. Then closed and locked it. There a barn about a hundred feet away. I pulled my car into the barn. So nobody would know I was there. I did have some food and water with me. I was thinking about staying the night and go home late the next day. Well, I strip naked and began walking. I was wearing nothing but a pair of earrings. I was naked as the day I was born. I began walking down a game trail. Then I find a spot where I can lay out in the grass and work on my suntan. Also, there a small lake where I can go skinny dipping. The water was cold but I had fun. I went back to the barn. Had lunch. I got to thinking how much fun it would be if I was tied up. Then I check the trunk of my car and found a pair of handcuffs my boyfriend John had given me. I did have the keys. I left the key on a nail in the barn. I also made a gag for myself then cuffed my hands behind my back. I began walking around in the woods. I began to have dreams like I was kidnapped and had escaped. And now I was on the run. After about a half day running around on bondage it was time to return to the barn. I get to the barn. I go to get the key, that’s when the trouble started. The key was higher than I thought. I’m having trouble trying my hands high enough to reach the key. I use my foot to knock the key to the ground. Then it getting dark. I’m having a hard time finding the key. Then what was like forever, I get the key. And unlock me. I found a place in the loft of the barn and went to sleep for the night. The next day I wanted to see how far I can go. I began walking. Every so often I would use a trick I learned in the girl’s scouts. To put down trail markers to find my way back. I had my camera with me. I would take nudes of my self. I set the camera on a rock or tree stump set the timer and take a photo. Of myself. Then I come across some old farm equipment. I took a lot of photos of me with the equipment. Some of them come out very good. Then I had to return to the barn. Then I had one last idea. The sun was setting. I got my car out of the barn, set the camera on a tripod I had with me. Took a lot of photos of me posing naked with my car. The one I like best. I set the time to 45 seconds. Layed across the roof. It was time to go home. I waited until dark. I was going to drive home nude. I put my clothes in the trunk and started for home. I was thinking if I get to stop by the cops. I was going to tell them. I lost a bet. If the speed limit was 70. I drove 65. I get home with no problems. I would love to do it again.


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