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Adulteress’ Punishment

Cheating on her husband may be the worst mistake Miranda has ever made. The question is, how badly will he make her pay?
***Disclaimer: This story has strong nonconsent themes. I do not condone any of these acts in real life and this is a dark fantasy – nothing less, nothing more.***

Miranda awoke in a large shipping container about 8 by 40 foot long. That’s all she knew as she came to from whatever he’d drugged her with. Miranda Shaw was a beautiful 23-year-old girl. She was 5’4, slim almost to the point of petite, with long, charcoal-dark hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and perfectly shaped breasts which were neither too small nor too big.

Jake Shaw, Miranda’s husband, was her opposite in so many ways. He was built like a man’s man. Tall and sturdy, muscles rippled across his iron-hard physique of 6’4. His tight butt could usually be counted on to make Miranda salivate, especially when he wasn’t wearing anything below the waist. If Miranda was delicate, like wisps of silk, then Jake Shaw was all triple-forged steel. He sported a soot-colored dark beard with a crescent scar near the bottom of his left cheek, and right now he was staring at her with those intense gray eyes.

Miranda was used to seeing those gray eyes warm to liquid silver whenever they turned in her direction, but not now. No. And it was all her fault.

Something very different burned in those eyes just now. Anger. Betrayal. Rage.

“HOW LONG?” His voice rang out in the shipping container like a judge shouting out a guilty verdict.

She tried to answer but couldn’t. She could hardly even move. The slender girl was completely naked. He’d plugged up her pretty mouth with a cock-shaped ball gag fastened to her jaw. Her pleading eyes didn’t seem to move him at all. Shackles around her ankles were anchored to big iron rings attached to the shipping container’s floor. They forced her legs wide apart, exposing her helpless, tantalizing, smoothly-shaved cunt. At the same time her shackled wrists were hoisted by chains high above her head, each chain strung to iron rings set along the container’s ceiling.


Let me explain. Please, Jake!

That was what she wanted to say, but of course she couldn’t—not with that awful gag stuffing her mouth…and now it was too late. The damage had been done, and it had clearly gouged deep into the heart of this man who loved her. Or was it ‘had’ loved her?

Jake was naked and in his hand he held a five-tailed whip with a braided handle and plaited tips. He swished the whip idly back and forth, thoughtful and yet still clearly enraged.

“How long have you been sleeping with Matthew?”

Matthew, her bodyguard. She closed her eyes. Her heart sank. It was exactly what she’d feared. He knew. Oh god…

“Shall we take a look? Shall I remind you of what you’ve done?” He picked up a remote and looked across at a pedestal with a monitor and Blu-ray player on top of it. He pressed a button and the screen came to life.

A hotel suite, sumptuously furnished, appeared in the background. A lush queen-sized bed with gold sheets filled up most of the room. A gorgeous brunette knelt on those golden sheets, on her hands and knees as she faced the hidden camera. She was naked, her breasts shaking with the force of the man who’d inserted his cock in her warm, slippery, and more-than-willing sex. As the man fucked her from behind, the girl moaned louder. The mattress jostled back and forth with the force of their coupling. The loud smacking sounds continued each time the man’s crotch slammed into the girl’s sexy ass. The man reached around, cupping one breast as he fucked her.

The girl squealed with lust. “Yes, baby, fuck this pussy. OH Matthew, fuck my little pussy raw. Stretch my cunt. Give me a baby! Oh god! Oh fuck! Fuck me!”

Miranda closed her eyes with an awful feeling as the video of her and Matthew making love continued to play in front of her. Jake muted the sound. Now he stepped up to her, lifting her chin with one finger. “That image and those words will forever be seared into my brain, bitch. Forever.”

Tears momentarily sprang into her husband’s eyes. “Why, Miranda? Why?!” The rhetorical question hung like anguish in the air.

What made it all that much worse was that she and Jake had been trying for a baby for months. That she was fucking another man without protection—willing to cuckold Jake—perhaps that was what put Jake’s anger over the edge. She had been willing to layer one level of deception on top of another, willing to let Jake help her raise a child that might not be truly theirs.

With a deadened gaze, Jake unfastened the ball gag and let it dangle to Miranda’s neck.

“Please Jake, it’s not what you think!” she sputtered.

“Oh?” Jake’s gaze dimmed even more. Suddenly he flicked his wrist, and the whip’s tendrils lashed out, smacking squarely across Miranda’s supple cones as she cried out.

“AAYY!! Please Jake, let me explain.” Her pretty face crumpled for a moment. “I didn’t mean to… Matthew and I were just with each other all the time while you were on your business trips. As my bodyguard, he was just always there, always watching over me. It wasn’t something that we consciously chose to do. It just sort of gradually…happened. I never wanted to hurt you, Jake. Please, you have to believe me!”

There was another loud WHOOSH of the whip, and this time the five tendrils lashed at her exposed sex.

“AAAY!” She cried out as those tendrils barely missed her clit. Then he walked up to her, gently stroking her sex instead. For a brief, precious time, his fingers were like a balm on her pussy, caressing her joy nub.

“It…’just happened’ Miranda? Did it ‘just happen’ that you were okay fucking Matthew without a condom, having his child instead of mine? Was that unplanned too? Or did you simply not even care?” Jake leaned forward and pressed his lips to Miranda’s, his tongue exploring her mouth in a long, burning kiss which she returned with a groan. Suddenly he pulled back with a shudder.

“I remember when giving you pleasure and joy was the one thing in the world that mattered most to me, Miranda. And what did you do? You threw it back in my face. You fucked another man behind my back.” He leaned in, his eyes terrifying even as his fingers rubbed her sex with deceptive tenderness. “Well guess what, you little whore? Now you’re going to get exactly what you deserve.”

What she deserved? What did that mean? Thoughts whirled and raced through her mind as Jake drew back and banged on the side of the shipping container with his fist. Five men dressed all in black walked inside. All five began to immediately strip, leaving their clothes in a heap along the far side of the shipping container until they were naked. All were delicious specimens of the male race.

“Sven, Radic, Viktor, Baen, and Felipe, I’d like you to meet my back-stabbing slut of a wife, Miranda.”

Miranda’ eyes widened as she saw the five men with their long, thick cocks standing at attention in a half-circle before her. Four of the men looked Russian or Eastern European, and Felipe was definitely a Spaniard. Sven was the biggest of the bunch, with his shaved head, tree-trunk thick biceps, and his cock engorged had to be just over 10 inches.

Baen had a crew cut, and he was possibly the most handsome of the group, although not quite as muscular. Radic and Viktor were definitely Slavic in appearance, with rugged features, and Felipe? The Spaniard had seductive greenish-brown eyes and a more angular face, his frame less bulky than the others. All five men’s gazes caressed her naked figure with a hunger that left Miranda’s mouth completely dry.

“Please, Jake. You don’t have to do this. We can work this out. Jake, I still love you. You’re my husband! Jake, please!”

Jake stepped back, his eyes still cooler than day-old ashes. He gestured toward the mattress which had been thrown in the nearest corner of the shipping container. Beside it sat a closed duffel bag.

“There are plenty of sex toys in the bag, gentlemen. Indulge yourselves at this bitch’s expense. Make sure she suffers. I want her fucked in all her holes. Other than that, anything goes…and I literally mean ANYTHING.”

Sven, the leader with the shaved head, came toward her first. He turned back toward Jake at the last moment.

“Happy to oblige Sir, but do you mind if I make a suggestion?”

“Go ahead,” Jake said.

“In my experience there are few things more sensitive than a girl’s breasts under the lash of a whip. And there are few things more exquisite than feeling a girl writhe with your cock inside of her.” He pointed at the whip, and then slid his gaze to Miranda’s breasts.

“Would you be so kind as to whip this slut while I fuck her?”

Jake seemed a little surprised at the suggestion, but he nodded.

Sven suddenly knelt between the girl’s legs, lapping at her pussy with his greedy tongue. Miranda closed her eyes, biting her lip to stifle the moan that wanted to sneak out.

“Please Jake. Uhh! Please, think about what you’re doing. I’m sorry for what I did, Jake. I never wanted to hurt you. I’ll do anything to make it up to you, baby. Please!”

Miranda’s words died like moths hit by a hurricane as Sven’s tongue stroked along her tiny nerve bundle, creating a tight burn deep in her loins. Her cunt clenched up, her belly clenched up, and she felt a wetness start to form between her thighs as Sven started getting through to her. His tongue dove deeper, exploring her soft, soon-to-be slippery folds, and his hands gently cupped her beautiful young ass. The sounds of his loud slurps and sucks filled the shipping container while Miranda looked down, helpless to stop the lust building inside of her. Meanwhile, she remained all too aware of the four other men with rigid hard-ons all eagerly saluting her nakedness.

Was Jake really going to let all these men fuck her and torment her? Oh god. Had she really driven him over the edge with her infidelity? Her mind raced, trying to come up with the right thing to say. What would calm his anger, though? What words could ease what she had done?


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