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AHS: Grindr – “Eat Your Veggies”

This is the first instalment of my Grindr sexcapades. This one is dark and torcherous. Others will not be. If that’s not your thing, please do not read on. You’ve been warned.
I’m a 20 year-old native Midwesterner who hid his gayness until graduating high school. There were a few guys I serviced on the down-low fairly regularly for a few years but for the most part my sexual awakening didn’t happen until I got to college. I’ve never had a shortage of people wanting to fuck me—and as someone who lost his virginity in elementary school to a blond frosh from the high school who needed to

“practice” for her boyfriend—I’ve always just fell into sex and never really sought it out. Even when I made a Grindr profile, things were no different.

I’m a bottom and I love to serve. I like being on my knees in front of a hot stud who’s horny and just looking to use me so he doesn’t have to jerk off. I have fucked women but with men I found I liked the submissive role. It wasn’t until just recently that I found out how much fun it can be to be a dominant master of a willing slave.

I commented on a Reddit pic a kid had posted saying he was still a virgin and wanted to lose it. He was super hot and I offered to show him an excellent evening, jokingly, assuming he was too far away to actually meet up. Apparently someone else saw my offer in the days following and asked if I’d take his virginity. He was 29 and struggled with anxiety and depression so I thought I’d be doing a public service. He’d posted in several female forums but found no takers. The pic he sent me wasn’t terrible so I said fine, drive up and I’ll use my Marriott points to get us a room.

I guess I didn’t know what to expect. His pic was ugly—in real life though, he was much worse. Quite easily the ugliest man I’d ever seen. He had a boil on his forehead that sprouted hair like a fern atop his otherwise bare cranium and his hairline didn’t pick up again until the base of his skull. I was starting to realize why he’d never been laid. Fat, bald, and unhygienic. He was also unemployed and not much for conversation.

Before he left he texted me to ask if I was dressing up because the only clothes he has are sweatshirts and jeans. I joked something about being naked when it mattered anyway and he arrived two hours later. I asked if he wanted a drink and he said sure so I called us an uber and we went down to my favorite gay bar.

I order my usual drink, which is top-shelf bourbon, and he offers to pay for both of ours because I got the uber. Ok. As he puts the change back in his wallet he says that $26 in change was the last of his last $40. I just took a drink and tried to smile. We sat and talked a bit but every time I’d ask him things like “what do you like to do?” or “what keeps you busy?” I’d get “not much” as a response. He told me the story of how he lost his last job and it was probably the only time he strung more than five words together.

He worked at CVS as a supervisor and in a “manic episode” stole about $10,000 from the safe. They caught him, of course, and now he was a convicted felon. I had told the bartender as soon as we sat down that it was our first date and after this story I gulped down my drink and slammed the empty glass against the bar, signaling for the hot piece of ass to make his way over here. He brings me another and I hand him my credit card but he refuses, seeing the heap next to me and the look of desperation on my face, a thirst for the fog of booze. He gave me three free double bourbons that night. What an angel. There were so many hotties in the bar that night that I should’ve asked to sit on my face but I had to suffice with slipping that bartender my number and dealing with this disgrace.

I was pretty sloshed and this guy turns to me and says, “I’m getting pretty tired” (it was 10:30 pm). Ok. Let’s go back to the hotel. Whatever. I’m drunk as fuck. I request the uber and we ride back in silence because this mongrel heathen can’t converse like an adult. We get upstairs and he opens the wine I told him to bring, because I paid for the hotel. He brings a fucking screw-top ‘sweet white’ out of his bag and pours me a glass and hands it to me. I move over and pat the bed for him to get in. He sets his glass down on the nightstand and says excuse me. Goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come out for 15 minutes. When he finally rears his ugly head he is carrying two empty toilet paper rolls and asks me if there is an extra one. Yeah, there were two full ones in the bathroom… what could he possibly have done with two rolls of toilet paper?

I was pretty drunk but I look at him now and think he’s maybe not so bad. Maybe if I get him out of those unflattering clothes he’ll be better looking. Boy was I wrong. I help him get undressed and then I do and we get in bed. He’s shaking and can’t seem to move his arms. I rub him a bit and try to relax him. I guess he’s not completely vile, I think to myself, so I go lower and touch his dick. I stroke him a bit, picking up his limp night crawler from the freshly shaven sack it’s retreated into and try to get him hard. Nothing happens. I get the lube and start rubbing him, squeezing his balls and running them between my fingers, rubbing his taint and letting my extended index finger trace his urethra deep into his scrotum, a move that usually leads to a throbbing hard on for most of my dates.

But this guy just can’t get hard. Ok. Whatever. We’ve all been there sometime. I shouldn’t judge him for that I think so I go down and think I’m going to lick his balls to see if that gets him hard. I move closer and I’m confronted with the waft of his scent. It’s hard to describe. He was showered and not particularly dirty but he also just smelled of grease and grime and there was no way I was getting anywhere near his body now. So I say, “let’s go in the shower. That’d be pretty hot, don’t you think?”

We get in and I say I have to pee and out of nowhere I ask if he’d let me piss on him. I’m not really into watersports at all but I guess I wanted to degrade him a bit. He says ok and gets on his knees. With my back to the running water, I proceed to empty my bladder on this disgusting man’s face and I watch the piss run down his cheeks and matted chest hair. I’m enjoying it pretty well when he decides to open his mouth and take my dick inside. I stopped peeing for a second but it stung so drunk me just let it go again and I filled his mouth with piss and saw him drink it down. That was nice. I kept my dick in his mouth for a bit but I wasn’t getting hard looking at his ugly face so I said “let’s go back to bed, I want you to say hi to my asshole.”

I get on the bed in my sexy pose and raise my ass to him as I sit exposed on all fours. He puts his hand on my back and rubs his fingers down my crack. I ask him if he likes it and he says yeah. I look back and he’s still not hard so I say ok, “why don’t you try rimming my ass? Lick my hole. Circle your tongue around it and then stick it in and write the alphabet as deep as you can.” He does.

I love getting my asshole eaten. It’s an incredible feeling and I’ll basically do anything I am asked to after a man gets my hole dripping with his saliva. But this time, I was drunk and the person behind me was no man but a beast. I had to fart. I tried to hold it in but when I clenched my hole I pushed his tongue out. So I reached behind me and put my hand on his head, pulling him in closer to me, and I released.

I heard him gag as I let the gas escape me. I felt him try to pull away but I kept my hold on his greasy scalp and let another one rip. He almost passed out, I think, but the tongue-lashing picked up again, stronger than ever. By this time, I was as hard as I’d been in a while. I told him to get on the bed.

I’d never topped a man before and we had agreed that he’d be the top tonight but he wasn’t getting hard and I was having too much fun degrading him so I decided I’d fuck him then go back to the bar to find that bartender. He lay down and I threw the blanket over him to cover everything but his ass as he knelt for me on all fours, ready to be penetrated. And with that, I grabbed the lube and put a giant glop on my head. I thought about rubbing it into his hole as I like guys to do to me before they fuck me but I couldn’t bring myself to touch him so I said fuck it.

I put my hands on the blanket covering his hips and I lined up my cock to his virgin opening. I could hear his breathing stop as he felt the bluntness against his opening and there was resistance when I tried to push in. I wasn’t having it though. I’d just made this mongrel drink my piss and eat one of my farts and now he was going to take a load of my cum whether he wanted it or not. So I pushed in hard. When my head finally broke through his ring I heard him yelp and try to pull away but I grabbed his hair through the blanket and pulled him back against me. I pulled his head up so that his back arched as I pulled out and sunk back in again. The noises he was making were winces of pain but I loved it. I pounded him hard and deep. Rougher than I’d ever been. This was his first time and I wanted him to remember it—hopefully by having to explain to his mom, with whom he still lived, why his boxers had bloodstained skid-marks four days later.


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