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AHS: Grindr – “Eat Your Veggies”

“Alright slave, it’s time for you to please me,” as I wrap the belt around his neck and pull it tight, lifting him off the mattress.

“Yes sir.”

I turn him around and get the rope out of my bag and use it to attach the belt to his headboard. I ask him to pull on it and he strains against the makeshift choke collar as the belt tightens around his neck. Perfect.

I get on all fours and show him my ass, just a few inches from where he could comfortably reach. I look back and see him straining as he pushed his tongue out as far as he can but only lightly grazes me. I certainly didn’t shower before coming here. I wanted him to taste me natural, to lick the day-old funk from my dirty hole. I decided to back up into him a bit and boy did he enjoy that little reward. I put my hand on his head behind me and pulled away a bit so the belt would constrict and I held it there for a second while he licked me furiously. I wasn’t hearing him breathe after 45 seconds so I backed up and he gasped for air, but I held him close to my hole. I wanted to fart in this kid’s mouth too so I pushed out a bit as I backed into his face. I felt I had a fart coming so I grabbed his head and pulled him away from the headboard as I strangled him into my asshole and pushed a small turd from my ass into his hungry mouth. I didn’t let up until I was certain he had chewed and swallowed it all. I pushed him back a little so he could breathe and he gasped for air.

I turned around and looked at him and he says, “thank you, master.” God this kid is fucked up. I ask him if he’s ready for his reward: I was going to fuck him. He responded with his parroted phrase.

So I got up and went to my bag and pulled out my keys and told him to follow me. We walked into his kitchen and I told him to stand here and watch. I took my house key off my key ring and set it on the empty frying pan sitting on the stove. I turned the heat on high and told him to go in my bag and get the coat hanger I brought with.

He looks at me kind of scared and I take the coat hanger and bend it into a branding iron for him. After about 10 minutes on high heat, the pan is smoking and the key is as hot as it needs to be. I pick it up with tongs and put it on the end of the wire hanger.

“Alright, lean over the table. I’m going to brand your ass with my house key so you know I’m always allowed in and so every man who wants to fuck you knows you’re mine and that he’s just visiting.”

“Yes master”

And with that, I spread his legs and pressed the hot key into his left cheek, right next to his hole. The skin there is very sensitive and he screamed as I pressed the hot key against him. Tried to pull away but I pushed harder. After about ten seconds I pulled it away and sure enough I saw the distinctive outline and the mirror of “Schlage” burned into his flesh.

You ready slave? “Yes master” he replies with tears in his eyes. I’m rock hard by now so I just line up and plow into him dry. He’s had some of his own toys up there so I know he’s not that tight but damn did his ass feel nice. Maybe it was knowing it was mine. I fucked him right into his mother’s kitchen table and breed his ass right there. When I pulled out I saw how much cum was dripping from his hole, only inches from the bright red outline of my house key on his cheek.

“Thank you for the present, master.”

Oh my god this kid is deranged.

I grab his leash and pull him up. He winces as his ass cheeks touch together and I see him shuffle slowly as he tries to prevent his ass from chafing against the brand but I’m not having it. I pull the belt tight around his neck and guide him quickly into the bedroom and throw him down to the bed.

“You’ve got cum in your ass, slave. You’re all lubed up to get fucked by this giant cock, your punishment for making master wait at the door.”

“Yes sir.”

“But first, I’m going to stretch you with these vegetables and after, I want you to eat them.”

Yes master.

I picked up the carrot. Not huge at the tip but it tapered quickly to about 2.5 inches in diameter. I pushed it into him and pressed it deep, stretching his hole against the cone of the carrot. I spun it around and heard him moan as it graced his prostate. He was feeling pleasure from my punishment so I pushed deeper. By now, the carrot was almost fully inside him and I was holding on only by the leafy tops. I pull it out and the tip is shit covered. I grab his leash and pick up his head and say “here, it’s nice and seasoned for you” and I hand him the carrot. He looks at it and grimaces but I pull the leash tighter and he grabs it in his hand and takes a bite of the shitty end.

“Good slave. For your reward, a nice cucumber.” And I grab the thick phallic vegetable from my bag and he looks back with a grimace as he sees me eying it up. I press the end at his hole and push into him. It’s thick. Huge, really. At least three inches in diameter in the center and I had it an inch deep inside him by the time he really started to whimper. I spun it around slowly in my hand and he moaned so I pushed in deeper. His hole stretched further than any man’s should as I watched him writhe into the bed as I pressed it deeper and deeper into him. When it was almost fully inserted, I took it out and spread his ass. His hole was agape from the fucking and the bright red brand inspired me. So I took the butternut squash I had brought with me and broke off the hard brown tip and threw it to the side. I noticed he had finished the carrot so I handed him the warm cucumber that had spent about 10 minutes in his ass and he hungrily took a bite.

Next, I took the squash and squirted some lube on it. My cum was no longer enough lubrication for something as big as a fall squash. I spread him and pressed it against his hole and he stretched even further to accommodate the slippery vegetable. Once I got the tip in, I had to hold it there while he composed himself. His teeth were clenched and his eyes shut as hard as he could to prevent tears. I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear that he was a good slave and master is sorry that he has to punish him but it is for his own good; he has to learn to behave like a good boy. He opens his eyes and says that dead sexy phrase “yes sir.” And I pull the leash tight and slowly press the giant squash up his ass. It was bout 8 inches long before it ended in the testicle-like bulb at the end. I liked that this one had a flared end so I didn’t have to worry about losing it inside him so I decided to use it as a butt plug. Once it was in him I grabbed the roll of duct tape and I put a long strip across the squash and onto each cheek so that is was stuck inside him. I say he had eaten half of his shitty cucumber so I picked up the leash and pulled him into the bathroom.

He could barely walk. Between the ass brand and the giant squash in his hole, crawling was near impossible without crying but I loved seeing the tears well up in his eyes so I pulled him tighter and guided him into the tub.

I said to him “master has to pee and you’re going to drink it.”

“Yes sir”

I grabbed his chin and opened his mouth as I pushed my semi-hard dick between his lips. I let lose a torrent of piss, with one hand behind his head and the other on his leash. He let some leak out at first so I tightened the leash, which made it harder for him to swallow but was good punishment for this disgusting pile of filth kneeling before me.

He finishes drinking my piss but I keep my hold on the back of his head as I slowly start to harden in his mouth. I’m fully hard by this point so I drop the hand behind his head and just guide him down my cock with the belt. I make him deep throat me and I pull his leash tight and I feel it squeeze my cockhead. It was one of the most incredible feelings of my life thus far. I pull out so I don’t cum and he spits up a mouthful of piss and vomit into the tub.

“Bad slave. Lick that up.” He obliges and I yank him from the floor of the tub when I’ve tired of watching him do that. I take him to the bed and I throw him to the mattress and he lands ass first so the squash inside him smashes into his insides and his bruised hole stretches even more. “That’s for puking on my dick.”

I rip the tape off and with it comes the shitty squash. Some of his ass hair was still stuck to the tape but I ripped it off and handed him the squash and said “remember mommy said always eat your vegetables.”

“Yes sir” and he took a bite. By this time, his hole was bleeding and agape. I loved it. I picked up the giant rubber cock and showed it to him. I told him I lied when I said it was just going to be the tip. He’d been a bad slave and needed a full punishment.
“Yes sir,” he said with a mouth full of shit-stained squash.


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