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AHS: Grindr – “Eat Your Veggies”

I put some more lube on the cock and then more in his hole. I put three fingers in his gaped asshole and worked in the fourth. I have big hands. I tried to also get my thumb in but I couldn’t get the knuckle in so I could properly first him. I figured he was good and ready to be fucked so I lined up the black dildo and pushed the head in.

He screamed as I pressed the giant head through his ring that was finally stretched to the limit and I just yanked his leash to stop him from waking the neighbors. Unable to breathe, he was also unable to scream and I pressed it into him deeper. This thing was 16 inches long. No way I’d get the whole thing up his poop chute but I was determined to get most of it. I let him down a bit once I was inside about half way and I just held it there until I decided to spin it just to fuck with him. Twisting this giant dick in his hole made him scream and moan into his pillow so I grabbed the leash and picked him up and turned him around and pressed his mouth to my cock. I fucked his throat while I had one hand on his leash and the other driving the giant cock up his ass. When I was about to cum I pulled off of him and told him to sit up. He did.

As he sat on the bed I stood up above him and pushed his head down as I jerked above him. I watched as the rest of the dildo slid into his ass as I pushed him down and I pulled the leash to keep him from keeling over. I was seconds from cumming and I was about to mark my beast again.

“Here it comes slave” and I unleashed four thick ropes of cum across his face. He tried to lick it off but I stopped him. “NO.” “Let it dry. I want you to smell me whenever you breathe. And no showering until you ask me.”

Yes sir.

“Alright, you’ve been a good slave. You may cum.” He grabs his cock and starts jerking furiously.

“Thank you master, for all you’ve done for me tonight.” And I yank the leash tighter.

“I said you could cum; I didn’t say you could talk,” so he nods and jerks hard and fast. I told him his cock was pathetic and pulled the belt tighter to stop him from breathing. I see him turning red but I hold it a bit longer. As he’s about to cum I see his legs go rigid and he pulls back against the belt so I let go right as he covers himself in cum. One of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen. I guess that’s what happens when master doesn’t let you cum for four days.

“Eat it.” He brings his hand to his panting mouth as he’s trying to catch his breath and licks the sticky white goo from his fingers and goes back for more. He licks it all up like a good little slave.

I take the belt from his neck and walk over to my bag and put my clothes back on. He gets up and pulls the dildo from his ass and I tell him to bed over and show me the gape. It was incredible. Best I’ve ever seen. His bright red asshole was stretched and ripped near the top and he was dripping blood, cum, and shit down his leg. His cheeks were scarlet from the belting and the alcohol burn and his brand was as vivid as ever.

“Alright, slave, I think it’s time for master to go home.” He pleads with me not to leave but I packed my things and left him in his parent’s house. He was mine and I loved it. I didn’t know this kid’s name but I had marked him as my slave.

I left and drove back home. We’ll see what he says tomorrow.


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