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Aunty Made To Pay

My name is Gabhi, 19 yrs of age. I had some bad habits, the most severe was that of betting in IPL matches. During last season of IPL I lost massively. My debt raised to 40,000 Rs. I had to pay that much amount to Qureshi bhai within 1 month. I had no idea from where I would be managing this huge amount. I made a plan to use my aunty for this purpose. My aunt name is Anju.

She is 38 yrs old. She is fair, sexy . Her boobs are big, blooby perfect size , they were so attractive that whosoever saw it he would have wish to press it and squeeze it. Her back curves when moves in saree will make anyone horny, round navel , curly hair. Her husband i.e my uncle works in another state and hence visit once in a month. Anju aunty used to live lonely , no one to ask her about. One day I met her and asked her to come with me on a picnic , that will also refresh her mood. She agreed. We went to farmhouse 50 km from our city.
The house was located deep inside the farm in a isolated location. Anju aunty was wearing sleeveless top in which her figure was looking mind blowing. After having a brisk walk around the farm we decided to return and have lunch. As planned I had brought fish
And asked Anju to cook it. I went outside and called Qureshi for talk regarding return of money. He agreed.

I did not tell Anju aunty about Qureshi bhai at that time and said that the owner of a farmhouse might come to visit it. When Qureshi bhai arrived my aunt was frightened after looking at him. Qureshi bhai was 6 feet tall , broad shoulders powerful arms as if he caught someone will never escape from his clutches, black in colour, ugly face , heavily beared, wearing white kurta paijama. I introduced him as owner of farmhouse. Then aunty went inside kitchen for preparation of lunch. After discussing money I asked qureshi bhai to have lunch, he agreed. When we were having starters I added Pfizer(viagra) into his roasted fish without telling him. The new tablet was so strong that it was guaranteed if someone take it he will become so horny that he will fuck any black negro lady with excessive lust. We sat for lunch on the floor itself, I asked Anju aunty to serve us food. When she used to go near Qureshi bhai to serve and bend her big wide cleavage was visible to him. Qureshi stared at them in evil manner. And why not so they were so creamy and fair that anyone would like to suck her boobs. After lunch I went outside with qureshi bhai for a walk. His penis was erected as if it wants to come out of paijama.

We took some drink and started talking, I said him ab sharab to ho gayi shabab ka kya. He asked me from where I will arrange for a escort now as we were outside city. I told him about my aunty. He was shocked and happy at the same time . He asked whether it will not create any problem as she was my aunt will she agree. I told him that you go and show your strength, if she agrees it’s ok otherwise forcefully fulfill your desire. Only ensure that she should not know that I am also involved in it. Qureshi bhai then moved towards house , he entered and saw Anju was sitting on sofa. He started talking with her on general topics, then he asked Anju to accompany him he will show her farmhouse. She agreed ,when they were walking Qureshi touched her ass and it was very soft, Anju ignored it considering it by mistake. I was watching there move from a secret window in the house quietly.

They then moved to the kitchen were Qureshi praised Anju for delicious fish she made and kissed her hand. Now Anju felt akward but she again ignored. Then finally they moved to the last room which was bedroom. When they entered I also followed them by secret route, Qureshi closed the door , Anju now sensed trouble she started moving outside, suddenly Qureshi grabbed her forearm, pulled Anju towards him and started kissing her, Anju pushed him angrily and abused him , but qureshi was determined, he hold from back lifted her and put her on bed and started kissing her body forcefully. He then put out his kurta, his black Body full of hairs was visible, he then rubbed his body on my aunty’s body. And started lifting her top. Anju started screaming for help. Finally, he tored her dress and stripped her , now her boobs were completely visible her body was so sexy, fair that even I had not imagined her boobs perfect with black nipples.

She started hiding them with her hands . Qureshi used his strength to separate her Hands and grounded them by force of his own hands, he now started licking, pressing boobs with his mouth he continued it for sometime and then started pressing them with his hands, Anju was doing only one thing and that is screaming in pain. Finally he started biting nipples and licking whole body , he brought his mouth towards belly and started biting and kissing it. After he was full he removed his paijama followed by his undergarment and exposed his big manhood to Anju , I was observing whole activity from secret window I too was surprised by looking at such a big dick, then he started pulling off Anju pants , she was resisting finally he overpowered her and removed her pants.

Started kissing her thighs. And then he tore her panty and her pussy was exposed, Qureshi stared rubbing her pusy with hand and insert fingers inside it. Anju tried to hide her pussy between two legs. Suddenly Qureshi got angry, he held her legs stretched them open and managed to make space between them, finally he inserted his long erected dick inside Anju… She screamed in pain , he started fucking her continuously . First time in life I have seen a person having such stamina, he continued to fuck her for 3 hours without any stop, his sperms were totally inside Anju pussy I guess, Qureshi stood up after 3 hours and went outside room exhaustively. He then rushed towards his car called me, and said he felt like he was in heaven , he had never fucked such a hot sexy woman in life I asked him to give me 2 yrs to return his money which I lost in IPL matches. He said he don’t want any money now for fucking such woman he can even give 50,000 rs

Moreover he also gave me extra 5000 rs which was present in his pocket. I returned to farmhouse to know what happened to my aunt. when I found her on bed acted cunningly that Qureshi added sedative in my drink and I was unconscious for last 4 hrs. I also frightened her by telling that Qureshi is very dangerous man there are lot of cases pending against him. We should not tell what happened to anyone. She agreed and we left the farmhouse.


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