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Billy, His Mom and Sister Allison

Billy and his mom discuss what happened at the Dr.’s office and once home His sister Allison gets brought into their circle.
“Well that was interesting wasn’t it Billy?” Cheryl remarked on the ride home from Billy’s medical exam.
“Very,” answered Billy “and fun to.”
“Yes, you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself. It was almost like you wanted to show yourself to the Dr. and her nurse.” Replied Cheryl.
“I did mom, there was something very exciting about it.”
“Maybe you’re an exhibitionist Billy, you know someone who enjoys exposing themselves to others.”
“Well, if that’s what an exhibitionist is then I guess I am one.” Said Billy. “Is it ok if I’m naked around the house some mom?”
“I’m not sure how Al will take that.” Answered Cheryl.
“I doubt she’d care.” Replied Billy
“What makes you think that?” She asked
“Well she catches me naked once in a while and always just seems to laugh or brush it off as if it’s no big deal. She walked in on me in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago and kind of said “sorry” and then giggled a little as she pinched me on the butt.”.
“Oh”, replied Cheryl just a bit surprised “I didn’t know that”
“Yea,” he replied “sometimes it seems like she kind of does it on purpose. She almost walked in on me jerking off a month or so ago.” He added.
“How often do you masturbate Billy?” Asked Cheryl.
“I guess once or twice a day.” He said.
“It’s ok to be naked in front of me all you want Billy and also to masturbate any time you want if I’m around or not.” Answered Cheryl.
“You seemed to like watching and helping me mom.”

This comment caused Cheryl to pause for a moment, but Cheryl was a very rational and straightforward person. She had never really felt there was any big deal about sex and had taken that approach when raising her children. While rarely nude in front of each other, or so Cheryl thought, being in their underwear around each other was common and they had from time to time made little sexual comments and used words such as cock, pussy, fuck and jerking off.

“I did” she eventually replied. “It was really fascinating to watch you pleasure yourself and to “lend a hand!”” She chuckled,
Billy chuckled also.
“Well feel free to “lend a hand” anytime you want mom!” Billy jokingly replied back.
Cheryl glanced over at him and looked him in the eye smiling a really slay smile and said
“Ok, maybe I will. I’m going to be keeping an eye, literally, on how well you keep yourself clean.”
“No problem mom, you can examine me anytime you want.”
“Well thank you young man!”
Which caused them both to laugh a little.

While preparing dinner that night Cheryl thought about what Billy had told her about Allison walking in on Billy naked and thought that maybe it would be a good idea to bring Billy’s exam up over dinner. Her excuse to herself was so that Allison would know what was happening if she saw her examining Billy’s cock. But in actuality it was because she was curious about Allison’s feelings about nudity and sex. There was a part of Cheryl that was a little uneasy about her and Billy’s obvious sexual attraction to each other. But if it pleasured both of them what was the problem she reasoned.

At dinner that night after a little small talk Cheryl decided to change the subject.
“Well Al, Billy had his physical today and it was a rather interesting experience.”
“How so?” Asked Allison.
“Well everything was ok until it was time to examine his genitals.” Cheryl began.
With this Allison laughed and said
“Oh, I bet. Tell me what did you do Billy?”
“I dropped my drawers in front of everyone, including mom. That’s what.”
“Oh…well…so tell me mom did you get a good look at little Billy?” She chuckled.
“Oh did I” Cheryl said playing along. “Only little Billy wasn’t so little. In fact little Billy was rather excited and was standing up for all to see!”
With that Allison turned to Billy and laughing said
“You mean you got a hardon in front of the Dr.?”
“Yes, I did.”
“So tell me mom what happened next. I have to know?” Demanded Allison.
“Well the good, straight laced, mature Dr. Morris gave Billy his hernia and testicle exam and then she moved onto his penis.” Answered Cheryl.
“Oh so she played with your balls then?” Asked Allison, “Did you like that Billy? Did you like having a woman old enough to be your grandmother play with your balls?”
“Yea, it was kind of cool but what really got me off was what happened next.” Billy said.
“And what was that?” Asked Allison
“Then she took hold of my cock and examined it.”
“Well ok” Cheryl interjected, “As you probably know, Allison, Billy is uncircumcised.”
“Oh yea” interjected Allison “I know all about that big floppy foreskin of his and his saggy balls.”
“Well,” continued Cheryl “apparently your brother hasn’t been keeping his foreskin clean enough so long story short I’m going to have to keep a check on him.”
“Well that doesn’t surprise me” replied Allison. “Are you going to have to pull him back yourself?” Asked Allison
“I may” said Cheryl, “I was going to check him out later on tonight if you’d like to see. That is if Billy doesn’t mind.” She half asked and half stated.
She guessed Billy would jump at the chance to show his sister his pride and joy. She was correct.
“No i don’t mind at all. You both have already seen me naked. I don’t see what the big deal would be.”
“Ok then” said Cheryl, “that’s settled.”

Allison had always had a rather assertive and dominant personality while Billy and his mom had always been more submissive. They never really realized how dominant, manipulative and in charge she could be. But they would soon find out. Allison, physically, had taken after her mom. At 18 she was a very attractive brunette with beautiful C cup tits and, like her mom, a slim, but more hour glass, figure that gave her a sexy, curvy, full body. She was one of the hottest girls in her school, always had been and always knew it. She realized very early in her teens that she could manipulate not only boys but girls, both emotionally and especially sexually. She had an inborn talent for this and had developed it well. She had been teasing her brother for a couple of years by intentionally walking in on him naked and subtly flirting with him. Now she realized this may be an excellent opportunity to up the game as it was obvious her mother and brother both were hot for each other.

After dinner they all retired to the living room for the evening and after settling in Allison spoke up.
“So Billy, you like showing yourself off?”
“Yea” he answered, “it gets me really excited.”
“Well since you obviously have no problem with mom seeing your stuff how about showing your big sister?”
Billy didn’t need an engraved invitation, he was very ready. So getting up he stripped completely naked and stood in front of both his mom and sister, proudly showing his substantial cock and balls off for them to see. By this time his cock had obviously begun to grow.
“Oh, my, looks like you’re starting to get excited already little brother. That’s quite a nice package you have there. What do you think mom?” She inquired, turning to Cheryl.
“I think Billy’s a very handsome young man.” Cheryl answered.
“How about his cock and balls mom, do they turn you on? They sure do me.”
“Oh yes” replied Cheryl “I thing they’re very sexy.”
“Billy” Allison said turning back to her brother “How about you play with yourself some. I know you want to and I know I sure would like to see it and I think mom has no trouble watching that either. Do you mom?”
“Oh no, not at all. Go ahead Billy pleasure yourself, I can see you’re already producing a little precum.” Cheryl said with restrained but obvious excitement.
“Yea little brother, show us how you stroke that sexy, uncut dick.”
Billy reached down and took hold of his cock and slowly pulled back his foreskin.
“Nice…” Allison commented very erotically.
Looking at his mom Billy said
“Mom, how about you rub my balls like you did at the Dr.’s office this afternoon?”
“Mom..!?..!?” Allison said with mock shock and surprise. “Did you play with Billy’s balls?”
“Well, yes” Cheryl said “Billy was very excited and needed to relieve himself before we left. I couldn’t have him walking through the Dr.’s office with a hardon showing could I?”
“But you didn’t have to help him did you?”
Allison was very cleverly controlling this situation and both her mom and brother were unknowingly playing right along.
“Well no, I just wanted him to hurry it up, we couldn’t stay there all afternoon.”
“But you wanted to didn’t you? And you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Said Allison, again with manipulative skill.
“Yes” said Cheryl “Yes I did.”
“You want to now also don’t you mom? I know I would love to see you play with Billy’s saggy, sexy balls and you want her to don’t you Billy?”
“Yes I do, come on mom. Rub my balls for me as I jerk off. Please.”

That was all it took. Cheryl arose walked over and pulling up a foot stool set down in front of Billy as he stroked his cock and began to massage his testicles very pleasingly. Almost as soon as she did the precum began to ooze out of Billy’s cock into a stream.
“Oh look at that precum.” Said Allison.
Getting up she walked over and caught a little on her finger and bringing it to her lips tasted it while looking into Billy’s eyes.
“yumm…” stated Allison, “that tastes really good. Mom, have you tasted Billy’s precum yet?”
“No” said Cheryl “I haven’t.”
“Well you should it’s really yummy!”
With that Cheryl leaned forward and caught a bit of Billy’s precum on her tongue.
“Yes, that is quite tasty isn’t it?”
“Sure is” said Allison. “My pussy is getting really wet watching this.” She continued.
“How about yours mom, are you getting turned on also?”
“Yes” said Cheryl. “Very.”
“Billy, is it ok if mom and I rub our pussies in front of you?” Allison shyly asked her brother.
“Of course” said Billy.
“Would you like to see my tits Billy?” Allison asked.
“Oh yes, yes, please Al!”

Allison slowly began to unbutton her blouse staring very seductively at Billy. Meanwhile Cheryl had reached under her skirt and into her panties and began to rub her pussy as she massaged Billy’s balls. Becoming more and more entranced she leaned forward and tentatively licked the end of Billy’s cock with her tongue tasting even more of his sweet precum. This caused Billy to moan and produce even more as about the same time Allison had unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor exposing her magnificent breasts to her brother. As she began to rub her full breasts and smile at her brother Billy became more and more excited.
“Oh man,” said Billy “oh man”
“Do you like my tits Billy?” Asked Allison.
“Oh yes, yes I do.”
“Why don’t you suck on them then?”
With that Billy leaned forward and took her luscious left nipple in his mouth and began to suck lightly.


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