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Billy, His Mom and Sister Allison

This was a trick Allison had developed over the last couple of years. Both with guys and girls. Giving them some access but never total and always in control of their rising passions. As he sucked on her tit Allison reached down and took hold of Billy’s cock and said
“Let me help you with that, ok? While you suck my tits.”
Billy released control of his cock to Allison. This was another skill Allison had developed rather well and soon Billy’s cock was feeling really good. As Cheryl continued to massage Billy’s balls Allison said
“Damn mom Billy’s cock is so sexy isn’t it?”
“Yes dear it is.” Replied Cheryl.
“I bet it tastes even better then it looks.” Allison said.
“Oh yes, I’m sure it does.” Answered Cheryl.
She was totally entranced by now and her pussy was so wet as she rubbed it.
“Why don’t you see how his cock tastes then and I’ll strip down for Billy and let him watch as I rub my pussy. Would you like that Billy?” She asked, placing her hand on his face, pulled him away from her tit as she looked him in the eye with the seductive look she had mastered.
“Oh yes.” said Billy. “That would be awesome.”
With that Allison released Billy’s cock and backed away.
“Go ahead mom, see how that sexy, young cock tastes.”

Cheryl, by now deep in a state of desire fueled by pent up sexual frustration, began by lightly placing her tongue on the head of Billy’s cock and licking all around the crown. Billy moaned lowly at the sensation of his mother’s passionate mouth on his dick. Allison, meantime looking Billy in the eyes began to remove her jeans. As she unbuttoned them she turned around and slowly peeled them down while bending over and giving Billy a perfect view of her full, round ass. Then after stepping out, glancing back for a moment and smiling at him she continued by slipping her thong (she always either wore a thong or went without panties) down. As her thong lowered Billy could see her luscious pussy lips peaking out. Then Allison reached back and grabbing her checks, one in each hand, spread them. Revealing a clean, sexy, pink asshole accompanied by an even pinker and equally clean and sexy pussy.

Allison had watched hour upon hour of videos on the internet. She had schooled herself very well in the art of sexual seduction as she saw this as her true talent. Her sexual pleasure was received from control and manipulation more then the act itself and she knew how to control. Not that she didn’t appreciate a good orgasm. She loved one, even craved it. But much of her control was based around having boys and girls please her while limiting her pleasing them directly. This was the tactic she was employing now with her mother and brother.

Rising back up Allison turned and set in the couch directly in front of Billy. Then, placing her feet on the couch and spreading her legs she gave Billy a perfect view of her sexy pussy and cute little pink sphincter. Billy grew even more excited as he took in the site of his sister’s sexy holes. Completely shaved, except for a tight little brunette landing strip up top, Allison’s pussy was a sight to behold. Staring intently into Billy’s eyes, which even with his focused gaze on her pussy, had a very erotic effect on him, Allison licked her forefinger and lowering it to her clit began to masturbate slowly and sensually.

Meanwhile, Cheryl had been working her son’s dick with her eager mouth. Using her hand now to stroke his shaft as she licked and sucked the head of his cock Cheryl was bringing Billy closer and closer to orgasm. She had stopped rubbing her pussy and was massaging his balls as well with her other hand. Cheryl was fascinated with both his saggy, loose balls and his sexy uncut dick. Billy’s father had been uncircumcised also and consequently she was very skilled at handling and pleasing Billy’s sensitive foreskin. She had learned to place her tongue on the head as she pulled the foreskin over her tongue and then while holding the foreskin in place swirl her tongue sensually around the head of Billy’s cock. This was very pleasing and sensual and Billy was in a state of total pleasure as his mom’s experienced and talented mouth and hands worked his cock and balls and as his gorgeous sexy sister rubbed her clit staring at him with her sexy seductive look.
“Do you like watching me rub my pussy Billy while mom sucks your cock?” She asked.
“Yea” Billy answered quietly.
Allison gazed down at her mother and said
“That’s it mom, suck your son’s sexy dick. Rub those balls mom. Stroke a nice load out. I want to see Billy shoot his load in your mouth mom. Suck that dick mom, I know you’re loving sucking his sweet tasting dick. It feels nice in your hand and on your tongue doesn’t it? Rub those full balls mom. Come on Billy, come on big boy give your mom a big sweet load of cum little brother. Your sister wants to see you shoot that load.”

Allison was now rubbing her clit and fingering herself very energetically and now nearing an orgasm began to squirm and moan. This was bringing Billy very close to orgasm as Cheryl had herself increased the intensity of her oral and hand sex work.
“Come on Billy, cum little brother! Dump that load down our mom’s throat. Suck that cock mom, suck that sexy dick! Come on Billy blow that load!”

Cheryl could feel Billy’s cock as it swelled and began to pulse. She knew his orgasm was very near and tightening her lips firmly around the head of her son’s cock she increased the speed of her hand as she pumped his shaft.

That was it.

Billy screamed in ecstasy as he unleashed his load into his mother’s eager mouth. The first stream was massive and Allison, realizing he was cumming said loadly
“Oh yes Billy fill mom’s mouth full of cum!”
The next spurt shot out of Cheryl’s mouth and went side ways landing on the floor beside her. “Hell yea Billy! Give her a good mouthful! Drain his balls mom! Drain your sons balls of his cum. Drain those balls mom!!”
With that Allison orgasmed and Billy himself shot yet another stream. But Cheryl, who had swallowed the first mouthful, was ready to take most of the rest of the final big load.

There were a few more spasms that slowly died down and Allison, after a good orgasm herself, began to wind down as well. Cheryl ceased her hand work on Billy’s shaft and balls but continued to use her mouth to suck and clean her son’s cock head. Billy meanwhile said “Oh mom that was awesome, I need to to sit down”
“Sure sweetie, sit down and relax, let mommy finish cleaning you up baby. We can’t have you getting an infection can we?”
After sitting down Cheryl moved between his parted legs and cleaned his head, sucking the final few drops of cum out and then cleaned his shaft and balls. This was the first time she had his balls in her mouth but knew it wouldn’t be the last. Then finishing him up gave the head of his cock a nice kiss and said
“Did you enjoy that Billy?”
“Oh yea mom, very much.” Said Billy exhausted.
“Good, I enjoy pleasing my little boy. I love you Billy.”
“I love you to mom.”


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