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Blake and Ashley

Chris picks up a pair of street kids and takes them back to his place for the night. There he learns some interesting things about them.
“Spare change, sir?” came the voice from behind me as I tried to juggle my groceries, my umbrella and my car keys all at the same time. A difficult logistical feat, to say the least.

Once I had the car door open, I peered over at the person who’d asked me the question. He was a boy, probably in his early teens. He had spiky brown hair, brown eyes, a slightly too big nose, and slightly crooked smile. He was much more than slightly cute!

With him was a girl who was probably just a little younger than him. She had hair and eyes very similar to his. Probably related to him, I guessed. The two of them were trying to huddle under some newspaper pages.

Tossing my groceries into the car, I said, “Hang on a second.” I normally didn’t give any money to street kids, but these two looked so pathetic I couldn’t help it. I rooted around in my pocket, pulled out my wallet and looked inside.


Scowling a little, I said, “Crap. I’m sorry. I thought I had some money.”

“Oh,” the boy said, sounding like he was trying hard to not express his disappointment. “Well… ok. Sorry to bug you.” He and the girl turned to leave.

“No, wait,” I said. I looked them over. “When was the last time you two had anything decent to eat?”

The girl spoke. “Well, we went to the free hot lunch yesterday, but today’s Thursday, so they aren’t having it.”

“Ah.” I thought for a moment and then shrugged. It was only three days before Christmas. I could afford to do something nice.

“Look, if you guys want, I’ll let you come with home with me. I was going to make some spaghetti for dinner, and I don’t cook small. If I don’t have company, I end up with lots of leftovers. Would you like to come over and have something to eat? I don’t live very far from here. You can get cleaned up, too, if you like.”

The kids traded looks with each other. The girl shrugged in a non-committed sort of way. The boy looked at me and said, “Well… I guess it’ll be ok. You seem alright and stuff. Plus it really sucks out here today.”

I nodded. It was about thirty-nine degrees and raining. Probably the worst form of weather in the world, but pretty typical for Seattle at this time of year.

“Alright. Well, wring yourselves out as best you can and get into the back seat, ok?”

“Alright.” As I got into the driver’s seat the kids got into the back. I cranked up the heat and started to pull out of the parking lot.

“So I’m Chris. What are your names?”

“I’m Blake. This is my sister, Ashley.”

Well, I’d called that one right. “Nice to meet you two.” I looked at them in the mirror. “How old are you guys?”

“18,” Blake said.

“17,” came Ashley’s response.

“God. And you’re stuck out here on the streets? Damn.”

“Well… we had some… some problems back home,” Blake said evasively.

I nodded. I’d dealt with some street kids before. Most of them had what they thought were really good reasons to be homeless. Most of them were wrong. Some of them had been kicked out of their homes rather than leaving by choice and from the vibe I was getting from Blake, I guessed that was what had happened here.

The drive took only about five minutes before we got to the small house I was renting in Green Lake. I had a fairly decent income from a decent job I had with a certain local software company. I wasn’t hugely well compensated, but I had enough money to drive a fairly new car and live in a nice, if small, rented house.

“Well, come on in and get comfortable,” I said, walking into the house and turning things on. “Leave your shoes by the door, please, and put your coats up on the pegs. They’ll dry faster that way.”

“Ok,” said Blake. He hung up his coat and then helped his sister take off hers. Once both were coatless, they walked into the living room.

“Have a seat,” I suggested, pointing to the couch. “I’ll cook up something for dinner in a few minutes. I wanna relax a little first.”

“Alright,” Blake said, amiably.

“Hey, you wanna play a video game or two?” I asked the kids. “I got an X-Box and a Game Cube.”

“Do you have Halo?” Blake asked.


“Cool! Can we play that? Our parents never let us play games like that!”

“Sure, if you like.” I booted up the game and played a couple of death matches against Blake and Ashley, and then I turned it over to them while I cooked up some dinner. Spaghetti was always one of my specialties, and I loved to cook it. Within forty-five minutes, I had three plates of nice hot food ready to go. I went into the living room and passed it to the kids. We ate and watched a South Park DVD.

After dinner was done, I said to Blake and his sister, “If you two want, you can cycle through the showers. I’ve a couple bathrobes you can wear, and I’ll toss your dirty clothes into the laundry.”

“It would be nice to have a shower,” said Ashley, longingly. “I haven’t taken one in more than a week.”

“Yeah, me, either. Ok. We’ll do it.”

“Cool. Who goes first?”

“Let Ashley go first.”

“Ok. Come on, Ashley. I’ll show you where everything is.”

I lead her into the bathroom and showed her how to work the shower and handed her a bathrobe.

“Leave all your clothes piled up in here. After Blake is done with his shower, I’ll get everything into he laundry.”


I left the bathroom and heard the water start up. Returning to the living room, I sat down next to Blake.

“So how long have you two been out on the streets?” I asked.

“Like since right after Thanksgiving.”

“Man, that blows.” Delicately, I said, “Do you mind if I ask why you guys are out on the streets?”

“Well…” He looked a little awkward. “We had some problems with our parents.”

“Yeah, you’d mentioned. What kind of problems?”

Blake looked really embarrassed now. “I… it’s kind of… it was just something that happened, that’s all.”

I nodded. “Look, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I’m just curious. You and Ashley seem like good kids. I can’t imagine any parent who’d kick you two out.”

Blake blushed a little. “Thanks. Well… do you really want to know?”


“And you’re not, like, going to kick us out tonight or anything like that? If I tell you? I don’t want you to like think we’re… well, you know.”

Now I was REALLY curious. “I promise I won’t boot you guys out. Well, not unless you killed someone or something.”

Blake shook his head. “No, it wasn’t anything like that.” He took a deep breath. “Ok, basically, Ashley and me were home alone one day and our parents came home early and…” He took another deep breath and then all at once said, “We were masturbating in front of each other and they caught us!”

It took a few seconds for my brain to decode all that. “You were… oh… OH!” I laughed a little. “Good lord, is that all? You had me worried.”

Blake blinked. “What do you mean, is that all?”

I shrugged. “My sister and I masturbated in front of each other a few times. Heck, once or twice we even did it to one another. I know a lot of people who’ve done that. It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not?”

“Hell no.”

Slowly he said, “So… you don’t, like, think we’re horrible little perverts or anything?”

Laughing I put an arm around his shoulders. He was terribly cute, looking all stunned like this. “No, I don’t think that. It’s not a big deal. Like I said, even my sister and I did it together.”

“And you really even…” He blushed. “You touched each other?”

Nodding I said, “Yeah. I fingered her and she jerked me off. It wasn’t any big thing.”

Blake said, “Wow… so you don’t think we’re bad or anything?”

“No, I don’t. Your parents really overreacted. They should have never booted you out.”

“Our parents are pretty religious. They said they didn’t care if they ever saw us again and that God would punish us and stuff.” He shrugged. “I don’t believe in that stuff myself.”

“Good boy.” I ruffled his hair.

“Bark, bark!” He grinned. “I’m glad you don’t, like, hate us or anything.”

“Nah, you’re both too nice.”


“Did Ashley touch it when you guys were together?”

“One time she did, yeah.” Now I knew they’d done it more than once, which wasn’t really a surprise.

“Did you touch her, too?”

Blake nodded. “Yeah.”

“Did you actually stick a finger inside, or just run it around outside?”

“Just on the outside.” He grinned his crooked little smile again. “It was really nice, though.”

“I bet! You guys ever do anything else with each other?”


I grinned a little. “So you’re still a virgin, huh?”

Blushing again, Blake said, “Yeah, and so is Ashley.”

“That’s cool. I was a virgin until I was your age. Then I got lucky.”


A few minutes later Ashley got out of the shower and came in wearing only the bathrobe. She looked really, really cute.

“I’m all done,” she said.

“Cool. Come on, Blake, I’ll get you set up.”


I took Blake back to the bathroom and walked him through the same stuff as I did with Ashley. Then I said, “Go ahead and strip and I’ll take your clothes and hers and get them soaking. Looks like there’s some pretty serious dirt on here.”

“Ok.” Blake started undressing and soon was fully nude in front of me. My eyes drank in the sight of his naked young body. It looked as though he been in puberty all that long. He had hair above his penis but not a huge amount of it. His chest was still underdeveloped, but looked really nice and when he turned to adjust the water, I saw an adorable little ass. Oh, he was cute, cute, CUTE!

“You know,” I said after a moment, “Ashley is really lucky.”

“What do you mean?”

“You looked very nice. You have a really good body. She’s lucky she got to see you jerking off like that.”

Blake blushed, the color spreading from his face down onto the rest of his body. He somewhat shyly put his hands over his penis, which I saw start to twitch and harden. “Thanks,” he mumbled.


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