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Blake and Ashley

Hearing the shower turn off, I withdrew my finger from Ashley’s vagina and said, “You better wrap up.”

“Ok.” She tied the belt back around herself and made herself look presentable. By the time Blake had walked into the living room, clad only in a robe of his own, we were both sitting there watching TV and looking pretty innocent.

“There you are,” I said to him with a smile. “Feel better?”

“Yeah! I think I left a shitload of dirt in your shower, though. Sorry.”

“It’s ok.”

Blake walked over and sat next to his sister, her between us. I said, “You wanna play some more video games?”

“Sure!” they both chorused. They looked at each other and laughed. Mutual post-orgasmic silliness.

We played video games for a couple hours, just talking about this and that. I had certain plans in mind to get the kids into bed with each other, but I knew I had to go carefully. The last thing I wanted to do was scare them off.

“So you guys mind if I ask you a couple questions?” I asked.

“No, go ahead,” said Blake as Ashley nodded her consent.

“How many times did you guys… you know… in front of each other? And yes, Blake, Ashley knows that I know.”

“Oh.” He looked at his sister and then shrugged and said, “Well, like about eight times, I think.”

“Yeah, that sounds right.”

“How did you get into it?”

Ashley said, “Well… I walked in on Blake once like three months ago when he was in the bathroom. He was sitting on the toilet and he was… you know…” She blushed again. “Anyhow, I kinda freaked and went running to my bedroom and later when I calmed down we talked about it.”

“Yeah. It was kinda weird talking with Ashley about it, but…” Blake shrugged. “Once we started talking and she understood what I had been doing, she told me she did it to and I told her I’d let her see me do it if I could see her do it.”

“And so we did it in front of each other.”

I nodded. “Yeah, that’s kinda how me and my sister got into it, only we were watching a porno together and there was a shot of a guy jerking off and she wanted to know what he was doing. It went from there.”

“So you really don’t think it’s wrong or anything?” asked Blake.

“Hell, no. I mean, my sister and I turned out ok. It’s just playing around, you know? Not any sort of big deal.”

Carefully I said, “You think you two will ever do it again?”

They traded looks. Ashley shrugged and said, “Maybe.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Well, if you two want to do it again, and you wanna try touching each other some more, I can show you ways to touch that will be better than what you’ve done before. I can especially show Blake how to do some of those things I did to you, Ashley.”

Ashley perked up a little. “Really?”

Blake looked at his sister. “What did he do to you?” he asked in a slightly aggressive tone.

“Oh, calm down, Blake. I gave her an orgasm just like I did with you.”

Ashley blinked in surprise. “You gave Blake an orgasm, too?”

To Blake I said, “I ate her out while you were in the shower,” and to Ashley I said, “I sucked his dick while we were both in the bathroom.”

Both kids sat there silently for a few moments, digesting what they’d just heard. Eventually Ashley said, “Can you really show Blake how to do that?”

“If you want me to, yes. I can show you how to make him feel really good, too.”

The kids traded looks again. Blake said, “I guess it’s ok with me.”

“Yeah, me, too.”

“Cool.” I set my game controller aside. “You want me to teach you guys some stuff right now?”

Again the children looked at each other. Finally Blake said, “Yeah, sure, I guess so.”

“Ok.” I turned off the TV and the X-Box and said, “Well, you’ve both seen each other naked before, right?”

“Yeah,” said Ashley.

“You ever hug each other while naked?”

They shook their heads.

“Well, why not take off the bathrobes and give each other a hug while you’re naked?”

The kids looked at each other once more and then, blushing and giggling, they slowly, and quite literally, disrobed. Blake’s penis was already hard. He and his sister leaned close and briefly put their arms around each other.

“No, no,” I said. “Stand up and do it that way and hug really, really close, so that as much of your bodies as possible are touching.”

Moving shyly, Blake and Ashley stood up and put their arms around each other. They pulled close until Ashley’s small breasts were pressed against her brother’s chest and his hard penis was rubbing against her stomach.

“How’s that feel?” I asked, covertly reaching down to massage my hard on through my pants.

“It’s nice,” Ashley said. “I like it.”

“Me, too.”

“Ok. Now, why don’t you lower your hands down and put them on one another’s butts?”

Giggling again, the children moved their hands down until they were cupping each other’s ass.

“You got a really cute butt, Blake,” Ashley said with a giggle as she gave her brother’s backside a gentle squeeze.

“You, too.”

“So go ahead and sit back down on the couch. Blake, you sit between me and Ashley.”

“Ok.” He did so.

Looking over at Ashley, I said, “Now. The center of a boy’s world is his penis.” I took Blake’s in my hand and gave it a couple slow strokes. “It’s really easy to make a boy feel good just by doing this. Why don’t you give it a try?”

“Ok, sure.”

I let go of Blake’s penis and Ashley took it in her hand, stroking it a little awkwardly. “It feels kind of strange,” she said, looking up at me.

I laughed a little. “Yeah, I bet it does. I remember what it was like the first time I touched another guy. What do you think of it, Blake?”

“Oh, I like it,” he said, grinning his crooked grin again.

“You wanna try giving him a blowjob?” I asked Ashley.

She looked down at her brother’s penis. “I don’t know…”

“Oh, come on. Give it a try at least,” I coaxed. “It’s really a lot of fun, believe it or not.”

“It is?”

“Yeah! And anyhow, if you do that, then I’ll teach Blake how to use his tongue on you like I did.”

“Oh!” She seemed to perk up a little. “Well, ok. How do I do it?”

“Here, let me demonstrate.” I took Blake’s penis from her and slowly lowered my face down. I gave it a couple very theatrical licks, making sure Ashley could see what I was doing, and then opened my mouth wide and slid it downward until I had most of Blake’s penis in my mouth. I moved it up and down a little bit, savoring the taste of boydick. God, how I loved to give teenagers blowjobs!

“You ready to give it a try?” I asked Ashley, popping my head back up.

“Sure, I guess so.” She still seemed apprehensive, but willing to give it a go.

I watched Ashley take hold of her older brother’s penis. She took a deep breath and then leaned down and a gave it a couple tentative licks.

“It doesn’t really taste like anything,” she said after considering for a moment.

“No, it really doesn’t.” I looked at Blake. “If you even THINK you’re going to cum, PLEASE say something so she can stop, ok?”

“Ok,” Blake replied, a little breathlessly.

I nodded at Ashley. “Go for it.”

Taking another deep breath Ashley opened her mouth and slowly put it down around her brother’s penis. She held herself steady for a moment and then began bobbing up and down.

“Oh, god, that’s nice,” Blake whispered, resting his hand gently on the back of his little sister’s head as she blew him.

I sat back and rubbed at my crotch some more while I watched Ashley blowing Blake. After only a minute and a half of her sucking him, I could tell by his face that he was probably getting close to blowing his load. I tapped Ashley on the shoulder.

“Ok, go ahead and stop now. It’s time for us to do stuff to you!”

“Ok!” She perked up instantly as she sat up. Blake looked not quite as pleased, but still not unhappy.

“Go ahead and switch places,” I said. The children moved around so that now Ashley was sitting between me and Blake. “Now, Blake. You do everything I do, ok? Just follow my lead and I’ll show you how to make your sister feel really, really good.”


I reached out and rested one of my hands on Ashley’s left breast, massaging it gently. “You do the same,” I said to Blake.

“Alright.” He shyly put out his hand and placed it on Ashley’s other breast, moving much the same way I was.

“You like that?” I asked her.

Ashley nodded. “Yeah, it feels pretty nice.”

“Now, Blake, try doing this.” I leaned forward, pulled my hand away and started gently licking and sucking on Ashley’s nipple. I did this for a few moments and then sat back up. “Just lick it and suck it very gently.”

“Ok.” Shifting around a little, Blake started oralizing his sister’s breast, doing his best to copy my movements.

I started massaging her other breast and looked at her face. She had her eyes half-closed and seemed to be really enjoying herself. Good. It would certainly make everything else I had planned quite a bit easier.

“Now when you touched your sister’s vagina before,” I said to Blake, “you told me that you just sort of ran your fingers along it, right?”


“Show me how you did it, ok?”

Nodding, Blake reached down with a couple fingers and ran them gently along his sister’s bare slit. Ashley stifled a little gasp of pleasure.

“Ok, that’s a good start. Give me your hand.” Blake put his hand in mine and I pressed the boy’s fingertips against his sister’s clitoris. Ashley moaned a little again. I grinned at young Blake.

“See how much she likes that?”

“Yeah!” He grinned his crooked smile once more. God, he was cute.

“Now see what this is like.” I extended his middle finger and slowly worked it up inside his sister’s tight vagina. “There you go,” I whispered once the boy’s finger was entirely inside Ashley. “What do you think of THAT?”

“That is so fucking kick-ass,” Blake said after a couple moments. He grinned widely again. “This is so cool!”


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