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Blake and Ashley

“Yeah,” she managed to say after a moment. “It stung a little… but now it’s ok…”

“Alright.” I nodded at Blake as I moved my hand down to begin stroking my own penis. “Keep going.”

“Ok,” the young boy whispered.

Blake started pushing against Ashley’s again, and very slowly, very steadily, I saw all of his hard, seventeen- year-old virgin penis begin to inch its way up into his sister’s tight, sixteen-year-old virgin vagina. He got a very startled look on his face when he found he wasn’t moving forward anymore. Both children looked down to where their bodies joined.

“Oh, shit,” Blake whispered. “We’re actually fucking, Ashley…”

“Yeah… oh, god…”

“How does it feel?” I asked Ashley, stroking myself a little more.

“It’s… oh, it’s so nice…”

“For me, too,” gasped Blake.

“Start moving,” I suggested. “Go slow, you’ll enjoy it more.”


Blake started moving. He was trying his best to go slow. I could see everything I wanted to from this angle! I could see his smooth, hairless butt rising and falling, I saw his face and his sister’s and I could see brief glimpses of his teenage penis sliding slowly in and out of his teen sister’s vagina.

I began openly masturbating now as I watched the children fuck for the first time. I’d seen many people have sex before, but never anyone this young. I’d seen boys lose their virginities before and taken a few from girls myself, but I’d never seen it between a pair of virgins. And I’d never seen a brother and sister having sex before. It was so incredible!

Blake’s movements began to accelerate. It was plainly obvious he was going to be cumming soon. I thought about having him pull out, but I figured the odds of him getting Ashley pregnant were pretty low, and every boy should experience his first time to the fullest.

Soon he was gasping for breath and started to say, “Ashley… I… oh… AAAH!” He pushed hard against his sister, his eyes screwed shut. I watched his butt twitch and in my mind pictured his young penis shooting his sperm into his sister’s preteen vagina.

Much my surprise, I saw Ashley’s body tense up moments later. She made little mewing sounds and hugged her brother tightly as her own orgasm took hold of her. I hadn’t seen too many girls cum their first time with a boy, but I was certainly happy to see it now.

Once he was done cumming, Blake stopped moving and sort of collapsed on top of his sister, sweat beading on his face. He looked down into Ashley’s eyes.

“I love you, Ashley,” he said.

“I love you, too, Blake.”

Then moving almost in unison, both children put their faces together and started kissing. It began as a chaste little kiss, but soon their mouths were open, tongues twirling together as they showed their love while basking in the afterglow of their first fuck.

Blake propped himself up on his elbows, penis still inside Ashley’s vagina. He looked over at me, that cute crooked grin on his face. I was forced at this point to stop masturbating lest I wind up cumming. I’d never seen a boy look so gorgeous as he did.

“Did I do it ok?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, you did.”


Feeling somewhat shy myself, I asked, “Blake? Do you mind if… if I give you a kiss?”

He blinked. “You wanna kiss me?”



“Cause you’re really fucking hot.”

“Oh.” He grinned a little. “Ok.”

I leaned forward and gently pressed my mouth against his, prying it open with my tongue and swirling mine around with his. It was wonderfully cool to think that I was kissing a seventeen-year-old boy who currently had his penis stuck inside his sixteen-year-old sister’s vagina.

“Do you wanna kiss me, too?” Ashley asked after I broke the kiss with Blake.

“Sure!” I put my head down and was soon kissing Ashley just like I had with Blake, thinking how cool it was that NOW I was kissing a sisteen-year-old girl who had her seventeen-year-old brother’s penis deep inside her vagina. Ah… glorious!

While I was kissing Ashley, I felt Blake begin to move. He was starting to fuck Ashley again. I lifted my face up and said, “Hang on a second, Blake.”

He stopped. “What?”

“Pull out for a moment,” I said, reaching over and digging around inside a drawer built into one of the end tables.

“Why?” he whined.

I rolled my eyes. “Just do it, ok?”

Sighing a little, Blake pulled back and his penis slid out of Ashley’s vagina. I could see her fluids glistening along the shaft and could see a little of her brother’s sperm oozing out of her vagina. I fought the urge to get down there and start licking it all out of her.

From inside the drawer, I pulled out a little foil packet with the words, “Snugger fit” printed on it. I knew these would come in handy. I held it out to Blake and said, “The first time you fucked her, it was ok that you came inside her. It was your first time and hers and you both needed to experience everything. But from now on you should always use a condom. You don’t want to get her pregnant.”

“Oh!” Blake looked startled at the possibility and stared at the packet in his hand.

Ashley looked a little alarmed. “He didn’t make me pregnant, did he?”

“Have you started having periods yet?”


“Well you’re probably ok. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. The odds of him making you pregnant from one time are pretty low. But each time you do it there’s a new chance. So just use condoms and you won’t have to worry. Plus Blake won’t cum as fast, which means you’ll both enjoy it even more than you already did.”

“Oh, ok.” She looked relieved.

“Can’t I just pull out before I cum?” Blake whimpered. I could empathize.

“You can, but there’s still a small chance of getting the girl pregnant unless you know what you’re doing.”


Blake was just looking at the condom packet with a blank look on his face. I said, “Do you know how to put that on?”

“Not really.”

I sighed. “Don’t they teach you kids anything in school these days?” I stuck my tongue out at them and they both laughed. “Pass it here.”

I took the condom from Blake and opened it up. Pinching off the tip, like you’re supposed to, I set it on the head of his penis and very slowly rolled it down the shaft. It was a bright, bright, neon/signal flare orange color.

I loved, flat out LOVED, seeing underage boys wearing condoms. There was just something so incredibly sexy about it. The hard penis, the young body, the anticipation on their faces, the knowledge that soon that boy would be getting laid. It was just so darn nice!

“There you go,” I said, sitting back.

“That feels kinda neat!” Blake said, wiggling his penis back and forth.

“I bet. So you think you can get it inside her yourself this time?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Blake lowered himself down so that his condom-covered penis brushed against his sister’s vagina. It took him a couple tries, but I soon saw it slide into Ashley’s waiting body once more.

Both children moaned as they started fucking again while I began slowly masturbating to this underage sex show. It was basically a repeat of what they’d done the first time, only this time they were kissing while they made love. I certainly didn’t mind seeing all this, but I did start to think of something else.

“You guys wanna try something a little different?”

“Like what?” Ashley asked.

“Well, how would you like to be on top?”

“Me on top? How?”


“I know, I know. Pull out.” He did so, his bright orange penis comming into view.

“Ok, Ashley. Stand up.”

“Alright.” She did so, a little trickle of her brother’s sperm leaking out of her body.

“Right.” I moved onto the couch. I wanted a better view of this. “Now, Blake, you lay down.”


“Now, Ashley. What you do is you sort of get on top of him, straddle him like a bike or a horse, and then you just sort of lower your vagina down onto his penis.”

“Oh? Ok.”

Ashley climbed up onto the couch and very awkwardly held herself over Blake, who was smart enough to hold his erection up for her. She adjusted herself around a little and then very slowly slid her vagina down around her older brother’s penis. All I could see was her labia stretched out around Blake’s shaft, and had a faint glimpse of the orange condom.

“Oooooh… wow,” she moaned as she sank down all the way. “I think it’s a little deeper like this… It sure feels nice…”

“Cool.” I reached down to where their young bodies merged and gently ran my fingers along Ashley’s clitoris. “One nice thing about this position, Blake. You can do all sorts of good things to the girl while she rides you.”

“Yeah!” He reached up and started fondling his sister’s breasts.

I felt the desire to kiss Ashley, so I moved my body around so that I could do so. As we kissed, I felt Blake’s hand take hold of my erection. Then, much to my shock, I felt a very nice wet warmth slide around my shaft. I looked down to see Blake’s mouth wrapped around my penis. An unexpected, but very, VERY welcome surprise! I repositioned myself to make it easier on him. For a seventeen-year-old boy, he was unexpectedly good at sucking dick.

Blake pulled his mouth off me after about two minutes, which was good cause I was going to have to have him stop before I came anyhow, and said, “Oh, god, I’m cumming again!” He grunted a little and pushed hard up into his sister, lifting her slightly off the couch as he filled the condom with his precious teenage sperm.

“Jesus,” he gasped, his head falling back onto the couch. “That was just… damn!”

I grinned at him. “Liked that, huh? She’s quite lovely.”

“Yeah, that, too,” Blake said with another flash of his crooked smile.

It took me a moment to catch up to that, but then I grinned myself. “Yeah!” I leaned down and gave the boy a hug and then sat up to hug Ashley, feeling her bare naked body pressing against mine. I was acutely aware that I had yet to climax.

“Ashley?” I asked in a careful voice.


“Can I try fucking you?”

“You?” She looked startled and glanced down at my penis, her brother’s still inside her vagina. “Will it even fit?”

“Yeah. It might not be easy, but I can get it in. And just like with Blake, if it hurts, I’ll stop.”


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