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Blake and Ashley

“Well…” She looked down at Blake. “Do you mind?”

“No, it’s cool.”

Ashley shrugged. “I guess we can try, if you want.” She lifted off Blake, his still mostly hard penis slapping down onto his stomach.

“Cool!” I helped Blake remove the condom and then said, “Why don’t you sit on the edge of the couch? I’ll kneel between your legs and do it that way.”


Ashley and I moved around. I knelt down between the young girl’s legs and looked at her.

“I’m not going to use a condom. I don’t ever use them. But I can keep myself from cumming inside you.”


“If you don’t mind, though,” I said, stroking her breasts and clitoris gently. “I’d actually like to cum inside you just this once. I’ve never fucked a girl your age before and since you haven’t started your periods yet, it’ll probably be ok. Do you mind?”

“I guess not,” she said after thinking about it a little.

“Cool.” Looking at Blake I said, “I could use a little lube, Blake. How about you give it another special kiss?” I said, gesturing towards my penis.

Blake laughed. “Ok, sure!” He moved down next to me and took my penis into his mouth, getting it as wet as possible. When he pulled his face away, it was fairly dripping.

“Cool. Nice job.” I ruffled his hair again.

“Bark, bark!”

I positioned myself at the entrance to Ashley’s vagina, rubbing my now well-lubricated penis against her young slit.

“You ready?”


I pushed against her, very grateful for the lubrication that Blake’s saliva provided, and began to slowly work myself up inside Ashley’s warmth. It took some real effort, and I could tell it hurt her a tiny bit, but eventually I managed to get every bit of my twenty- five-year-old penis up into Ashley’s very tight sixteen- year-old vagina. Oh, it was wonderful!

I thrust gently inside her, almost overwhelmed by the fact that I was fucking a sixteen-year-old girl who had just lost her virginity to her virgin brother. I looked at her face and said, “How does it feel?”

Ashley grimaced slightly. “It hurts a little bit… but mostly it feels nice. Really different from Blake.”

“Can I keep going?”


I started fucking Ashley with a very slow, steady rhythm. It was a good thing I’d secured the right to cum inside her, cause this was one of the few times that my self-control was being really tested. I could have shot off inside her from the first moment I began, but I was determined to hold off until Ashley had her orgasm.

Thankfully it didn’t take long. What really put her over the edge was when Blake got on the couch next to us and started kissing her while he reached down to rub her clitoris. It was enough to trigger her orgasm and I felt her vagina clutch tightly and repeatedly around my hard, thrusting penis.

And THAT was more than enough to finally push me over the edge. I gave a low moan and soon began adding my sperm to Blake’s, filling up Ashley’s vagina. It was going to go down in history as one of the best orgasms I’d ever had in my entire life.

No sooner was I done cumming than Blake wanted a turn. I pulled out, he put on a condom (blue this time), and was quickly fucking his sister once more.

We spent most of the rest of the day having sex. Blake used a condom every time but the last, cause by then I’d ran out. He fucked her, but was (barely), able to pull out before he came. I fucked her without a condom each time, but I never came in her after the first.

At one point during the night, I even let Blake fuck me, which I didn’t do with very many guys. Ashley confessed that she thought it was really cool watching us do it. She liked it even better when we sixty-nined for her. It was one of the best days of my life!

Blake and Ashley basically started living with me after this point. I let them sleep together in the guest bedroom, which soon became, more or less officially, their bedroom. They fucked on an almost constant basis. I’d pick up a twelve pack of condoms at Safeway, only to have them use them up after only two or three days. I knew they fucked without them sometimes, too, cause I caught them at it a few times. They didn’t do it much, and when they did I knew Blake always tried to pull out, but a few times he’d shoot his sperm into his sister’s unprotected vagina. One part of me really wanted to see him get her pregnant, but I knew this would be a bad, bad thing.

Most times the kids didn’t even bother wearing clothes. They’d just wander the house naked and screw whenever the urge took them. I still remember one of the most wonderful sights I’d ever seen was the two of them sitting side-by-side on the couch, Blake’s beautiful face, complete with his crooked smile and slightly too big nose, his penis very, very hard, while next to him sat Ashley, legs parted slightly, enough to give one a view of her perfect little vagina.

They basically fucked whenever the mood took them. And it took them a lot! I was frankly stunned at how much they had sex with each other. Sometimes I’d come home and they were fucking on the couch, or I’d wake up and hear them screwing in their bedroom.

I wasn’t left out of all this, mind you. Sometimes the three of us would have sex together, usually in my bed, and sometimes I’d have sex with just one or the other of them. A few times when they’d sleep with me, I’d wake up to see them screwing first thing in the morning. A couple times I even woke up to the delicious sensation of Ashley’s vagina sliding down around my penis. She’d ride me while Blake and I made out with each other. I never wore a condom when I fucked her, not even once, but I always took care never to cum inside her.

After about six months, I finally decided they should be staying with me on a permanent and official basis. I hacked into a few databases with a friend of mine and changed things around so that I was legally their guardian. It took some real effort, but it seemed worth doing, and it meant that when September rolled around, I was able to get them into school.

In August Blake and Ashley came to me to talk about the idea of them having a baby. They were both really keen on the idea. I ran through all the problems of it with them, but they always managed to come up with solutions, including a fairly clever way of dealing with the inevitable questions that would rise as to who the father was.

I finally gave them my conditional blessing, and soon they were always fucking, without condoms and with Blake cumming in his sister every time. It meant I didn’t get to fuck her, but that was ok. I’d finally talked Blake into the idea of letting me fuck him, and he’d taken to that like a duck to water. His favorite thing was to fuck Ashley while I fucked him. He said he made his orgasms even better.

Each week they planned to do a pregnancy test, so I bought several at Costco. As things transpired, I only needed to use two of them. Blake apparently had very frisky sperm. By the start of September, just before they returned to school, we knew that he’d managed to get his sister pregnant.

In June, during a little period of about a month when both children were seventeen, Ashley gave birth to their baby boy, which they named Alex Christopher. I was flattered by them giving him my first name as a middle name. They’d had plenty of prenatal care thanks to my insurance, and the baby was healthy and happy.

It’s been four years since I met these two wonderful children out in the cold December rain. We’ve moved into a larger house nearer to my job in Redmond, and Blake and Ashley have been talking about having another baby. She’s been on the Pill since the birth of Alex, but that’s easy enough to stop doing. She’s also floated the idea a few times of me fathering the next one. A twenty-nine-year old man knocking up a seventeen- year-old girl wouldn’t go over well with the authorities, but there were ways around that, and I frankly liked the idea.

I suppose there are those unimaginative sorts who would say that what I’ve done is wrong. I took in two kids who were tossed out onto the streets by unforgiving parents. I gave them a place to live, provided for their materiel and sexual needs, helped get them through school and helped them to become parents of their own. I don’t see any of this as being especially wrong. Do you?



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