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brother sister Insect sex – Little Sister Ritu

Little Sister Ritu

WARNING: This story contains incidences between bhai aur behan.
DONOT read any further if you are not interested in such stories.

Ritu started going to the same school as me and sort of got in my
view every now and then. I mean, she was a real little snot, you
know. Whenever she was home, she never let Mom and I out of her
sight for a moment.

Ritu’s room is the last door before the kitchen, and as I moved down
the hallway, I noticed her door was open a couple of inches, and the
light was on. Out of curiosity, I stopped and looked in.

Wow! I couldn’t believe it! There was my naked little kid sister
standing in front of her mirror, but the sister I used to know
wasn’t there anymore. she had little curves and bumps in places she
never had when we went skinny-dipping a couple of years ago. She now
had a little curve to her butt and her hips seemed to be wider. She
was still skinny, and she was still definitely a kid, but there were
differences! Ritu was staring at herself in the mirror when I peeked
in, and therefore facing away from me. In the mirror, I could see
her from toes to forehead. Where there used to be a navel on a flat,
muscular board, there was now a gently curving little belly. Where
there was a skinny rib cage with two nipples on it, there was now a
creamy smooth plateau with two perfect little tits, each with a
strawberry tip.

Ritu leapt upright in the bed, her eyes wide with fear and guilt.
Then a look of pure hatred came over her. “Get out!” she hissed, low
but venomous.

“Get out of my room, you pervert! Get out!” She wore her nightgown.

I grinned. “I just hang around outside your window at night and take
pictures. I never would think to stand in your door… which you
NEVER close.”

She stuck her chin out defiantly, which thrust her tits against her
nightgown. My cock began to twitch in my pants.

“It’s my room and I can do what I want in it. You have no right to
invade my privacy.”

“What privacy?”, I countered. “You leave your door open like you’re
inviting the whole world in. If you want privacy just shut your

She flounced off the bed. “Okay! I will, then!”

As Ritu stormed across the room, the gown parted and her pert little
tits slid into view, like two pink icecream cones with a raspberry
nipple on each. God, she was turning me on! She came to the door and
tried to close it. I jammed my foot in the frame and stuck my
shoulder through.

“Hey! Wait a minute, Sis. I’m not trying to make you mad.” She
hesitated a moment and I gently pushed the door back open and came
into her room. “… and I’m not spying on you. After all, your door
was open…” I sat on the edge of her bed. “… besides, what more
could I see than what I saw tonight?”

She gave me a venomous look. “Don’t you dare mention that, bhaiya!
Don’t you ever mention it to anybody!”

I raised an indignant eyebrow. “Boy, for somebody who’s been doing
something like that, you sure are self-righteous, Sis!”

She softened a little and came over to the bed. “Ohhh, bhaiya! You
won’t tell, will you? Mom would get awfully mad.” I knew Mom would
probably understand completely, but I saw my chance here.

“Shit, I won’t tell, Sis,” I smiled, shaking my head, “It’s just
something between you and me, right?” I let that little hint sink
in. I was making myself apart of her little sex conspiracy, and Ritu
didn’t have much choice but to accept me. I could tell by her long,
thoughtful look that she realized what I was doing. And I could also
tell that she didn’t really mind. In fact, she seemed to be
pleased! “Besides,” I added softly, “you saw as much of me as I saw
of you. And after all, I’m your big brother. You should trust me.” I
laid my hand on her leg. She shuddered a little, but did nothing to
remove it. “Shit, Ritu,” I added, “everybody does that. You’re not
the first girl that’s ever played with herself, you know.” I smiled
knowingly, remembering the first time I watched Mom finger her pussy
and use that hairbrush handle of hers on herself. Although with my
hard young cock constantly available, Mom hardly needed that cold
old thing anymore. Sis sat with her eyes down for a short time. Then
she put her hand on my arm, the one that was on her thigh.

“Open your legs, Sis,” I said softly. My voice was shaking. Her eyes
were tightly closed, but Ritu slowly let her thighs go limp. Her
legs were dangling over the side of the bed and had a kind of dead
weight to them, but I got them apart with a little effort. And there
she was, just as I’d fantasized at breakfast. Her panties pink and
translucent, her thighs creamy and firm, her buttocks tight beneath
her. God! I almost creamed right there. Slowly, deliciously, I let
my hand slide down between her legs.

As I slid her panties off, Ritu gave a little moan. “Don’t hurt me,
bhaiya! Don’t hurt me!”

“I won’t, Sis! I’ll be careful.” It was an idle promise. I knew what
to do, alright. Shit, I’d been ****ing Mom for months. But Sis was a
virgin and I didn’t really know how to avoid hurting her. In fact,
until she spoke, I hadn’t even considered that it might hurt her to
be ****ed for the first time. I decided to proceed with caution so
as not to ruin her mood, OR my chances. Gently, I began to stroke
and fondle her pussy, using my whole hand. I didn’t try to go inside
her cunt just yet because I knew I’d have to build up to that
slowly. Ritu began to moan a little, not in fear exactly, but in
excitement, as though she were off in the same sort of dream world
she’d been in the night I’d caught her masturbating. She twisted
back and forth on the bed a little, rocking her shoulders up and
down, up and down. The motion drew the fabric of her dress tight
across her little titties, outlining them, first one, then the
other. I could feel myself getting hard, my cock stretching
painfully inside my shorts, but I was afraid to stop stroking my
sister’s pussy for fear she might make me stop. So I just tolerated
the pain and kept on with my stroking. I had my hand laid flat on
her pussy, palm down, with my fingers pointing up her belly.

Gradually, I began to rub a little harder, sliding my hand first
down between her legs, then up over her mound, pressing down with
the heel of my hand as she thrust up to meet me. I could feel the
heat and moisture building between her thighs and knew I was making
progress. Then I began to press harder with my middle finger, so
that it slid inside her slit a little way each time my hand went
down into the darkness between her thighs. She had spread her legs
pretty wide by now, and I had grabbed the nearest one with my free
hand, holding it open. That didn’t seem to scare her, so I dragged
her skinny legs wider apart, simultaneously letting my probing
middle finger slide down until its tip actually entered her
cuntslit. God, what a tight, hot little ****hole she had! I couldn’t
wait to get my cock in there! I could feel the wetness of her, kind
of thick and sticky, and a constriction. There seemed to be a ring
of muscle or something just inside her hole. It’s her cherry, I
thought. I’m gonna be the one to bust my little sister’s ****in’
cherry! Sis gave a sudden gasp as my finger sunk into her tight
cunthole a little more.

“Be careful!” Ritu whispered. “That hurts.”

She was soft and willing and wet… and I just wanted to **** her!
With a single, swift motion I jabbed my finger deep into her pussy.
Ritu arched her back, dug her fingers into my wrist and screamed. It
was not too loud a scream, but it scared me shitless! I lunged on
top of her, my finger still inside her cunt, and clamped my other
hand over her mouth. She made muffled sounds and tried to push me
away. I stayed atop her, beginning to enjoy the feeling. We had
always horsed around as kids, but it was never like this! I ground
my hips and thighs against her body, humping my hard cock against
her leg, my finger still manipulating her pussy. She was twisting
and fighting and there were tears of pain and anger in her eyes, but
she wasn’t really trying to get free. She was humping back at me!
She had parted her thighs completely and had pulled her knees up
until her feet were on the bed, and was lifting her skinny butt
against the push of my body and the insistent thrust of my finger in
her clinging little cunthole.
Then she bit my hand! I cursed and pulled my hand from her
mouth. “Sis! Why the **** did you do that?”

“I couldn’t breathe, you dummy! Besides, you’re hurting me. Take
your finger out!”

“I promise not to hurting you again, Sis” I said comfortingly. “You
really like it, don’t you?”

“No! Take your finger out before I scream again.”

“What if I just leave it in and don’t wiggle it around too much?
Would you mind that?”

“I..I don’t think so.”

“Okay. How’s this?”

“That feels better. But don’t poke it in so hard! You hurt too much.”

I started sliding my finger in and out of her cunt in a nice slow
rhythm. “Better?”

“Mmmmmm, yes. That feels all right.”

“If you’ll spread your legs a bit more and pull ’em up further, I
can get in and out without having to stretch you so much.”

Ritu opened her thighs like she was doing the splits and drew her
knees back almost inline with her tits. Her tiny, hairless cunt
looked like a vertical mouth around my finger and it felt like the
mouth was sucking on it. God, I couldn’t wait to **** her!

“Yeah. That’s good, Sis.” The ache between my legs was getting
intolerable. I felt that I had to do something about my bent cock or
it was going to break off. I shifted my weight off Ritu and withdrew
my finger. She gasped. “What are you doing, bhaiya?” “Nothing…
Hey! Keep your legs up!” Ritu obediently raised her knees once more,
then dropped them again as I reached for my zipper.


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