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brother sister Insect sex – Little Sister Ritu

I was so excited at finally getting my cock inside my little
sister’s virgin cunt, that even in my fear and Ritu’s obvious pain,
I kept humping slowly in and out… and to my utter delight, Sis
began returning the motion! After a minute, I felt a warm trickle
between my legs and knew instinctively that it was blood. And I also
sensed, somehow, that this was all right, that things were as they
should be. So I kept pushing, driving slowly and a bit tenderly into
my 15-year-old sister’s cunt. And Ritu responded. She had stopped
crying now and was just drawing deep, ragged breaths. She had laid
her head to the side, closed her eyes, and let her body go limp. Her
arms were on the bed, palms up, and her thighs slowly slowly fell
away sideways until they, too, were all but flat on the bedspread.
She was utterly, completely lost in the sensations and feelings she
was experiencing. She was in a state of total sensual abandon.

My cock was penetrating her little cunt only about halfway, but it
felt so good! Sis was as tight as a clenched fist but nice and hot
and slippery. I was in seventh heaven. The roof could have fallen in
about then and wouldn’t have missed a beat. I was humping away at
full blast, trying to be careful not to hurt her too much yet still
trying to get my prick as far into her cunt as I could, just as fast
as I could. I thrust and jammed until I was all the way into the
vice-like grip of Ritu’s hot, wet hole. She was so tight, it almost
made me shoot off straight away, but months of ****ing Mom had
taught me how to control my orgasms a bit better than the average
seventeeen-year-old, and I managed to hold off, while still giving
Sis the hot ****ing she so obviously desired. I lowered my mouth to
Ritu’s little tit and began to suck hungrily at her nipple. She
moaned loudly, but with pleasure this time. I felt her hands come
back up and caress me, one on my scratched back and one on the back
of my head. I began to suck a little harder and to bite at the hard
little nipple just a bit. I could tell that she really loved it
because her grip on my hair was tighter and her thighs began to
twitch. I knew she was responding to her instinct the same as I was,
but it excited me immensely to know that she was really beginning to
enjoy her very first ****.

As I pounded harder and harder, Ritu responded in kind, lifting her
hips up at me each time I lunged into her, grinding her cuntmound
hard against the base of my thick cockshaft. I slid my hands off her
ass and down her thighs until I could raise them again to their
original position, butt high and knees against her body. This slid
my mouth off her nipple and up to her neck, and she turned her own
lips down to meet mine, so that we were locked into one another, lip
to lip and cock to cunt. I loved ****ing like this with Mom, and now
I was doing it to my snotty little sister, except she wasn’t snotty
anymore, she was a sexy little nymph who couldn’t get enough of my
cock! Ritu lowered her own hands from my head and back and slid them
over my ass. I almost creamed on the spot when grabbed a handful of
each of my cheeks and began to knead the hard muscle beneath them.
She was actually pulling my hips forward as I ****ed her, grinding
her juice-filled little cunt up against my deeply imbeded prick and
moaning like a pro. It was hard to believe that she’d never done it
before. She was a natural!

“Uhhhhh, yeahhhh, sis!” I grunted, “I’m ****ing you, Sis! I’m
****ing your hot, little cunt!”

“MMMmmmmm! I love it!”, moaned ritu, “chodo bhaiya chodo!” And that
was all I could take. Everything went red with a heat of lust. I
pounded into her savagely, feeling her body flatten beneath each
brutal thrust. I jammed it on until nothing existed in my world . I
****ed and ****ed while the male juices swelled my nuts. I gripped
Sis by the thighs with force enough to leave bruises for weeks,
though that didn’t matter to me at all just then. I sobbed and
gritted my teeth at the need and the drive of it all. Sweat and
saliva mingled on the bed beneath us and my-own juices mixed with my
sister’s until we flowed one into the other in a moment of hot
incestuous passion. And in an achingly sweet final instant, I came
into Ritu in all the gushes and rivers of young male potency. My
sperm flowed like a river of fire, filling her tiny, bulging cunt
and spilling down the crack of her pert little ass. I came and came
and came.

Then, faintly, faintly, I heard a small sound. I opened my eyes and
looked across Ritu’s restive face. There, in the doorway, which I
too, had forgotten to close, stood Mom, and she was smiling!



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