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I Swing, She Sings

Introduction: A high school baseball player invites his interracial love interest over his vacant parents’ home, and his lust for dominance takes a twisted turn. I walk into the high school for the last day before summer, dejected again over the thought of another academic year ending its course with my virginity still intact. Only […]

Double Date

Leanne was pissed off. She had come home from college for a week only to be saddled with watching over her 15-year-old sister all the time. Her parents had decided that since she was back, even temporarily, they could count on her to watch Wendy while they went off on some “date nights”, which they […]

Billy, His Mom and Sister Allison

Introduction: Billy and his mom discuss what happened at the Dr.’s office and once home His sister Allison gets brought into their circle. “Well that was interesting wasn’t it Billy?” Cheryl remarked on the ride home from Billy’s medical exam. “Very,” answered Billy “and fun to.” “Yes, you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself. […]

Soft Breath

Introduction: Hi, I’ve been stalking this website for years and gotten off on other people’s stories countless times, so I wanted to give back. Please leave constructive criticism; I know my grammar probably sucks, but I’m trying to improve. (Also, i’m an 18-year-old virgin, so I have no idea how realistic my writing is lol) […]

Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 6: Hidden Family Passion

Introduction: James juggles his relationship with his mom and sister, hiding the fact he’s banging both from each other. Doctor’s Incestuous Family (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Hidden Family Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! James Wilson My hand clenched into a tight fist as I fought […]

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