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Billy, His Mom and Sister Allison

Introduction: Billy and his mom discuss what happened at the Dr.’s office and once home His sister Allison gets brought into their circle. “Well that was interesting wasn’t it Billy?” Cheryl remarked on the ride home from Billy’s medical exam. “Very,” answered Billy “and fun to.” “Yes, you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself. […]

गर्लफ्रेंड और उसकी माँ को एक साथ चोदा

प्रेषक : रोहन … हैल्लो दोस्तों, में रोहन एक बार फिर से आप सभी को अपनी एक नई सच्ची कहानी सुनाने जा रहा हूँ, दोस्तों वैसे यह मेरी www.fudisex.com पर दूसरी कहानी है और अगर कोई मेरे बारे में नहीं जानता है तो मैंने आपको मेरी पिछली कहानी में बताया था कि कैसे मैंने मेरी […]

Mother Care

ntroduction: short…simple….caring…..lust…..love Without taking his eyes off the television screen, the boy grunted, and began stroking his penis through his jeans. His mother, sitting in the armchair opposite his, noticed the movement, and twined her fingers together, knowing what would happen shortly. The programme they were watching was a nature documentary, completely innocent of sexual […]

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