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Cory and Tilly

Tilly was wearing a tight, short pinky-red dress, which clung to her body, perfectly accentuating the natural curvature of her slender frame. Her small breasts (which were not yet developed and which were yet just buds) were round and pushed out perfectly. It was zipped from the rear, which Cory was now doing up, from just above the small of the back to just below the shoulder blades where straps came up over the shoulders. The sides of the dress were cut out from just below the breasts to just above the hips, and this followed around the small of her back. It was scoop-necked with the top connecting the skirt by a slim piece of fabric that covered the navel. The bottom of the dress was pleated and short and it showed almost all of her endless, slender legs. It was not exactly see-through, but if he looked hard enough then Cory could see the outline of her panties underneath. She was in matching red heels and her auburn hair was pulled into a tight high ponytail, which draped down her back. She already had 98 likes on Facebook.
Cory stood back and admired Tilly and he couldn’t possibly deny it any longer.
His sister looked incredible.

“Let’s do this!” she said as she straightened the hem of her dress. Cory’s phone bleeped and he told Tilly to see who it was. She took one look at the screen and glared at him in disbelief.
“How many girls do you text?” she laughed. “There are sixteen notifications here.”
Cory laughed and shrugged and Tilly said that TJ had just text to say he was five minutes out. Which meant he was probably just turning onto their street now.
“One more thing,” Cory said wickedly. “I’ve got something for you.”
She registered the mischief on his face and asked him what it was. He told her to wait a moment and he disappeared upstairs. When he returned she was standing with her hands on her hips, looking at him inquisitively. “What is it?” she asked again.
Cory was nervous. In his shaking hand was a small green rectangular box, which he felt reluctant to let go of. “Cory!” Tilly laughed, pleadingly. “What is it?”
He slowly handed her the box, but kept a hold of the end so she couldn’t open it.
“Do you remember that necklace you saw at the jewellers at the mall a few months ago?” he asked. “The one that Mom said was too expensive.”
She thought and then she realised and then her mouth opened and she looked at him in shock. “No,” she said in nothing more than a whisper. She glanced down at the felt of the box, and the gold detailing that adorned the centre. “You didn’t.”
He released the end and smiled, leaving the box in Tilly’s grasp. “I did,” he said, equally as soft as she rolled her fingers over the felt lining. “I was going to wait until Christmas, but you look so beautiful tonight and you deserve something of equal beauty to go with that dress.”
She looked at him, still shocked, and then she opened the box. What was inside took her breath away. She looked down at the flower shaped diamond pendant that stared back up at her from the cream folds of the box, and she placed her free hand over her mouth. Cory saw the beginnings of tears forming in the corners of her eyes. “How did you afford this?” she asked, voice soft as a kiss.
Cory smiled. “I saved,” he told her. “Birthday money and money from Nan and my wage from work and all the bits we don’t spend throughout the months. I wanted to get you something special, to show you how special you are to me.”
She beamed brighter than ever now. “Cory, it’s beautiful.”
He took it from the box and motioned for her to turn around. “Here,” he said, moving her ponytail out of the way, “allow me.” He unclasped the pendant and draped it around her neck and she took his hand, which lingered below her chin, and she held it there for a moment.
“Nobody’s ever bought me anything before,” she said, quietly.
“They have now.” Cory clasped the necklace together and she turned to face him. “No crying,” he said as he wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. “That make up literally took you three years to do.” He kissed her on the head and stood back and admired. “There,” he said. “Perfect. You’ll be the Belle of the ball.”
She took his hand and kissed it and then looked at him, deep in the eyes. “Thank you,” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror. Cory stood behind her and smiled. “It’s beautiful.”
“You’re beautiful,” he said and she turned to face him and they stood there, tête-à-tête, for what felt like an age. Cory’s lips felt dry, and in that moment as he looked into the green of her eyes he felt sucked in. Like there was no escape from their endless beauty and she looked into his, into the blueness that captivated her, and then she looked down at his lips and she felt her own, so dry and aching with longing, and then she took his hand and they moved towards each other. Their breath was silent. Their hearts thumped. This is crazy. He made the first move, inching closer…
And then someone knocked at the door and the moment faded and they jumped and then they laughed. “Waddup,” came TJ’s voice from behind the wood. “Let’s roll.”
“After you,” Cory said. He had never felt as warm.

Tilly held the necklace in her grasp until they entered through the door of Carter Baines’ house twenty minutes later. Tilly found Ellie and they headed off into another room. Cory made the rounds, meeting all the people he knew and introducing himself to all the girls he didn’t. Drinks flowed, music blared.
TJ and Cory headed into the kitchen, where Aimee was stood talking with a cute black-haired bombshell by the patio doors that TJ introduced as Paige, Aimee’s cousin. She had a tight ass and big breasts and was wearing a short (a very short in fact) skirt that barely came below her ass (not that Cory was complaining.)
“He’s so cute,” Paige said to Aimee when he and TJ walked through the door.
“Paige,” Aimee said as Cory approached. “This is Cory.”
And then they were acquainted.

Ellie and Tilly were talking about boys when the one that had been looking at them all night started to walk over. Tilly giggled like an embarrassed schoolgirl while Ellie tried to stifle her gaze. “Shit,” Ellie said into her drink, “he’s coming over.”
“Act cool,” Tilly replied and they laughed again.
“Ellie Carrier,” one of the boys said with a smile. He took a seat opposite the girls and they blushed and tried to hide it. He laughed. “I’m Dillon,” he said, more to Tilly than Ellie.
“Nice to meet you, Tilly. You look stunning, by the way.”
She blushed again. “Thank you.”
“So how are you, Ellie?”
“Thirsty,” she said and Dillon smiled. “Can I get you a drink too, Tilly?” he asked, to which Tilly nodded. As he headed off into the kitchen Ellie leaned in and told Tilly how she had met Dillon at a few parties and he had always tried to get into her pants.
“So what’s stopped you?” Tilly asked.
“He’s a complete dick,” Ellie replied and they burst out laughing again.

The party was going well. People drank and music played and pictures were taken and Cory and Paige flirted openly in the kitchen. Tilly and Ellie were in the corner of the other room chatting with a group of boys, and Cory felt a twinge of jealousy of all the male attention that his sister was getting. Cory slipped upstairs to use the bathroom mid-way though, and upon stumbling into the wrong room, found TJ balls deep in Aimee with his balls slapped powerfully against her ass. He thrust deep into her sex, to which she squealed out and dug her nails into his back. TJ noticed Cory and winked and Cory left the big boy to his fucking.
“I see TJ and Aimee are getting along just fine,” Cory joked when he returned to Paige.
“Mmm,” she said through a mouthful of vodka. “That’s what too much vodka does to a girl. Another drink and we could end up following in their footsteps. Who knows what could happen,” she said with a wink and then she leaned in. “I’m here for one more night,” she said. “Don’t let me go home without a proper goodbye.” Paige reached down and slipped a hand over Cory’s cock, though his jeans.
He glanced over at Tilly. One of the boys was really into her, and she was laughing at his jokes and responding to his touches. The boy took her glass and headed off into the kitchen and Cory watched her follow him with her eyes. He looked back to Paige.
“I don’t know what you mean,” he said, forcing a smile.
“I need a cigarette,” she said, fingering a packet from her clutch bag. “Come out with me?”
Cory said sure and they headed out into the garden where she lit up. She offered Cory a smoke but he turned it down. “Scared?” she asked.
“Not really, I just don’t smoke.”
She shrugged and put the cigarette packet away and they continued to talk until well after the cigarette was finished. Cory thought about Tilly and the boy. He told himself he was just being stupid. Tilly was his sister, not his girlfriend. He should be happy that there were boys sniffing up her skirt. Repulsed, obviously, but happy that she was getting attention and happy that boys were into her. And yet, somehow, he wasn’t. Somehow he felt a burning jealousy. He tuned back into what Paige was saying and he tried to put it from his mind.
TJ and Aimee found them outside, fresh from their fucking, and they brought with them fresh drinks. TJ and Cory remained outside when the girls said they were going back inside.
“You dog,” Cory laughed when they were out of hearing.
TJ raised his hands. “That is some fine pussy, bruh. That’s all I’m saying.”

Back inside the foursome talked until the glasses were empty.
“Your round,” Cory winked to TJ. Aimee said she was going to the bathroom anyway, and TJ said he would rather stick needles in his eyes than be a third wheel and so he headed off into the kitchen.
Also in the kitchen refilling the drinks were the boys sat with Tilly and Ellie. The lead boy was named Dillon Harris, a first grade cunt, and lead fucknugget from one of the States other schools. TJ and Cory had played against him a few times when the two schools had met for football. He was bad news. “She’s into me,” he was saying. He lowered his voice when he noticed TJ getting drinks and they moved into the corner.
“How can you tell?” one of his boys asked.
“I can tell. Trust me, I bet you twenty bucks I’ll have fucked her before the nights out.”
The boys laughed. “That confident, huh?”
“Look, Bethany told me about her. She knows her from the Cheerleading comps. She’s frigid as fuck, doesn’t date or anything, but if I get a few drinks down her then she’ll be up for anything. She’s a good girl, doesn’t really come to parties, so she’ll be easy after one or two more, and if that fails,” he said, pulling a small packet from his pocket. There were a couple of small white pills inside and his cronies laughed. “One of these and she’ll be all mine. I know her type – thinking they’re better than all of us.” They laughed an evil, sinister laugh. “One thing is for sure though,” Dillon said. “I’m popping that cherry tonight, boys,” and they laughed and headed back to the girls with the drinks.


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