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Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 6: Hidden Family Passion

James juggles his relationship with his mom and sister, hiding the fact he’s banging both from each other.
Doctor’s Incestuous Family
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Six: Hidden Family Passion
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

James Wilson

My hand clenched into a tight fist as I fought against my surging orgasm. I sat at the table in our breakfast nook, my mom beneath the table, her mouth engulfing my cock, sucking on it with such a wanton lust. Since last night, when she had sneaked in my room and woke me up with a blowjob, she had been a changed woman. Five years of sexual repression spilled out of her. Since Dad ran out when I was ten to marry his secretary, she hadn’t dated once.

She hadn’t gotten laid.

And now all her pent-up desires were bursting out of her, turning her into a slut eager for my cock. This was the second blowjob she had given me this morning. The first was after I had fucked her ass in the shower, breaking in her virgin territory. She didn’t mind her sour musk on my cock.

It was insane and I loved it.

But I was also fucking my younger sister, Jenny. And she was pregnant with my child. Mom found out about the pregnancy, but not that I was the father, and had freaked out. The pair had fought this morning. I wanted to get this all out into the open, to have my mom and sister know that I was fucking the other, but they both swore me to secrecy. They had stared at me with these pleading eyes and…

“Fuck,” I groaned, my balls boiling, my dick throbbing. It was all so messed up. Mom was scared of going to jail for incest and fucking her nineteen-year-old son while Jenny was scared Mom would have me arrested for molesting her.

But I had a solution to fix everything. I just had to keep from cumming long enough for Jenny to come downstairs.

I squirmed in the chair, groaning as Mom sucked even harder. She was so hungry for my cum. Her hand reached into my boxers, massaging my balls as her warm tongue swabbed about the crown of my dick. Upstairs, Jenny moved around, finished with her shower. She was in her room, changing.

She had to come downstairs and catch Mom sucking me off. I could keep my word and they both could discover that I was fucking them both. And, hopefully, they’d handle it. But Jenny loved me and didn’t want to share me, and Mom was acting so weird around my sister.

Like she was jealous of the attention Jenny was giving me this morning.

“Come on,” I groaned, my ears craning for the tell-tale creaks of my little sister coming down the stairs.

Mom moaned and sucked even harder, her hands massaging my balls. She took my plea to Jenny as encouragement to make me cum. I leaned back into my chair, the wooden frame biting into my shoulder blades through my t-shirt. The excitement of getting caught surged through me. It was so hard to resist not cumming.

Especially with my hot mom sucking my dick beneath the table, the pancakes she made me steaming on the plate before me.

My teeth ground. Every suck was wonderful torture. My balls boiled, the cum aching to erupt and flood Mom’s throat. She would drink it down with such hunger. I had to stop thinking about that, but I could feel her silky, bleached-blonde hair spilling about my thighs. The tablecloth moved as she bobbed her head. I knew her large tits swayed in the purple housecoat she wore. She was naked beneath, her flesh so inviting.

“Damn, Mom,” I groaned. “Damn, you want my cum so badly.”

I groaned. Why did I say that? It just made this harder and harder.

Jenny’s bedroom door opened and then closed. My teeth ground harder. I just had to hold out for another minute. I just had to resist the wonderful, hot, wet sucking of my mother’s mouth. My hot mother with those lush tits and that ass…

Damn, her ass was so tight. It was velvet wrapped about my cock and—

“Fuck!” I snarled again, my balls aching to explode.

Footsteps creaked on the stairs. My heart beat faster, tensing, ready for my sister’s reaction.

Mom’s mouth popped off my cock. “Dammit, I thought she would shower longer.”

“What?” I panted as Mom shoved my throbbing erection back into my boxers. “You can’t stop, Mom. I was so close.”

Mom crawled out, adjusting her robes, her huge tits swaying. “Sorry, your sister is coming.”

Jenny walked into the kitchen a moment later, wearing a pair of tight, hot-pink shorts I had no idea she owned and even tighter, pink t-shirt with Care Bears on it firing a rainbow from their bellies. It was a shirt she hadn’t worn in year and was far too small, molding to her braless tits. They were round and firm.

Mom’s eyes narrowed, her eyes flicking down my sister’s body. “Aren’t those clothes a little…old?”

“They still fit,” Jenny said, her eyes equally hard as she moved up to the table and sat beside me, her tits jiggling.

It was hard not to ogle them as I sat between the two women, Mom looming over us, her large breasts almost spilling out of her robe. My dick throbbed so hard in my shorts. I was so close to cumming, and Jenny’s outfit wasn’t helping my dick calm down.

Or Mom’s.

Damn, they were both so fucking sexy.

“Really, that shirt looks far too small for you,” Mom said, voice so tight.

Jenny just smiled. “Well, I thought we were doing yard work today. No point in getting my new clothes dirty. Right, Mom?”

Mom ground her teeth. “Fine.”

“And no pancakes for me?” Jenny asked, her voice light. “Or do hussies not deserve to eat.”

Mom took a deep breath. “Coming right up…dear.”


I shivered despite my hardon. I had to do something about it. I opened my mouth to say, “Mom was just sucking my cock and I knocked up Jenny,” when fear stopped me. The way they were acting was so catty. Blurting out the truth might just make things worse.

And then I might miss out on enjoying both their bodies. They were both so wonderful. So exciting. I loved them both.

Mom stalked away, heading for the kitchen, her back so straight, her bleached-blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders. Jenny gave a vicious smile as she shifted in her chair, her brown hair sweeping loose about her shoulders, no headband holding it back.

The moment Mom walked to the stove, Jenny’s hand shot to my crotch, giving my dick a squeeze. Her eyes widened. In a hushed voice, she whispered, “Oh, no, you’ve been hard this entire time?”

“It’s fine,” I groaned as she squeezed me.

She shook her head, biting her lip. The table was between us and mom. Jenny leaned her head against her left hand, her elbow braced on the table, the perfect poise of boredom. But her right hand reached into my boxers, pulling out my cock.

My eyes widened. I almost objected since Mom was nearby, but then I didn’t. Maybe this was a better way to get caught.

And I really needed to cum.

“So we are going to tackle the whole backyard today,” Mom said, trying to sound light and airy. “Need to get everything winterized.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned as Jenny’s warm, soft hand slid up and down my cock beneath the table.

“Sounds sooo fun,” Jenny said, rolling her eyes, affecting boredom so well as she jerked me off.


Jenny Wilson

It was so naughty jerking off my big brother while my harridan of a mother remembered to make me breakfast. I couldn’t believe she forgot. My hand stroked faster, loving the feel of his thick dick in my grip, my pussy clenching.

It would feel so much better in there, but I couldn’t get away with that at the breakfast table. But it was so hot doing this under Mom’s nose. If she thought I was a slut, then I would be the hugest slut for James. My big brother would get so much ass and pussy. He would be satisfied night and day.

My hand stroked faster.

James groaned, shifting on the chair. My heart raced, glancing at him as I leaned on my arm, my blue eyes widening in warning. He couldn’t give this away. It was such a risk, but I was so angry, and so horny, I just didn’t care. I had to do this. I had to be naughty under Mom’s prying nose.

Dried-up old prune! Just because she didn’t want to fuck any longer, didn’t mean she had to be so nasty to me. No wonder Dad left her. I bet Tiffany puts out regularly. I mean, they have two kids already.

My cheeks warmed. I wanted more kids from James. I knew it was so wrong, but that just made my pussy wetter and wetter. I wanted the warm, throbbing dick in my hand breeding me over and over. My clit ached. I pressed my thighs tight, stroking his cock as mom flipped the pancakes.

“Damn,” James groaned low.

“What was that, honey?” Mom asked, flashing my brother a big smile.

“Just…thinking about all the work today,” he said. “Busy day.”

“Very,” Mom said, her hips wiggling in her robes.

James looked at her, hunger in his blue eyes. He better not be fantasizing about Mom while I was jerking him off! I squeezed his dick harder. He groaned, glancing at me. He needed to pay attention to me. I was the mother of his child. I was his lover.

Not dumb Mom. She would never jerk his cock off under the table or drink his cum or even let him fuck her ass.

I would! Me!

My hand flew on his cock. My muscles burned. I ignored them. James tried to take a bite of his pancake. He groaned and leaned back into his chair. His chest rose beneath his t-shirt, outlining his sexy muscles.

And then his dick throbbed. I felt the cum pulse out of his dick and splatter the bottom of the table. I grinned, jerking his dick, savoring every blast. My pussy clenched with each one. He groaned, the last several blasts weak dribbles, the cum running over my hand. I loved it.

“Better?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Thanks.”

Mom glanced at us. “What are you two whispering about?”

“Nothing,” I said, pulling my hand away from his crotch.

As Mom dished up my pancakes, I lifted my hand to my lips. I quickly licked at the white line dribbling down the back of my hand. I savored the salty cum, shivering in delight. James groaned, his hands putting his cock away as Mom walked up.


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