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Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 6: Hidden Family Passion

“Right, nothing,” Mom said, then she glanced at James. “Are you annoying your brother again?”

“I don’t annoy him,” I huffed as she set my plate before me. She almost tossed it, the pancakes sliding across the white ceramic.

“Sure,” Mom said, sitting across from us, her protein shake before her. Why did the old cow care about looking thin? She had those huge, saggy tits anyways. Not firm titties like mine.

I sat up straight, my breasts thrusting before me as I cut my pancakes with the side of my fork. James’s eyes flickered at my tits.

“Ready to tell me who the father of your child is?” Mom said.

“I don’t know who it is,” I said slowly, carefully, making sure she could understand.

“Right,” Mom sneered. “Is he married? Are you a little homewrecker like that slut who married your father?”

“I doubt a college student is married. And I don’t know who he is.”

“Just like you don’t know who put that cum on your panties.” Her eyes flicked to me. “Unless you want to accuse your brother of something.”

“Leave James out of this!” I hissed. “He’s done nothing wrong. He has nothing to do with my baby.”

“Jenny,” James objected, and guilt shot through me.

“It is a teacher. A married teacher.” Mom shook her head. “I can’t believe it, Jenny. How did you do it? Were you dressing like that? Flashing those perky tits at him like a complete—”

“Mom!” James shouted, his fist slamming on the table.

Mom and I both jumped in shock, plates rattling.

“We’re a family,” he growled. “So act like it. Stop calling her names. She’s pregnant. It’s not the end of the fucking world. People have sex.”

“But…” Mom swallowed. She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Jenny.”

I blinked in shock. It made my pussy so hot seeing James stand up for me. I smiled and dug into my pancakes. They tasted so good this morning. Mom may be a bitch, but I had my big brother on my side.

My pussy was so juicy. I bet there was a wet spot forming on my shorts. I didn’t just forget to put on a bra this morning.


James Wilson

“No, that’s not how you do it,” Mom hissed. “Come on, Jenny.”

“I know how to do it, Mom,” Jenny hissed back, the pair glaring at each other from opposite ends of the flower garden as they weeded. “See. I’m doing it just fine.”

I groaned. All morning, they had been snapping at each other. It was so damned annoying. I was glad I had to mow the lawn now. At least the sound of the engine chugging away would drown out their bickering.

Why did I make those stupid promises? Why did I feel like I had to keep them?

Because they looked at me with those pleading eyes. Because I loved them and didn’t want to break my word to them. Because they were both so hot and sexy and I wanted to cum again in their holes.

I was so hard.

Not only were they fighting with each other, but they were also flirting with me. They kept giving me smoky looks and whispering naughty things whenever I came by. Mom wasn’t wearing panties, and she proved it by yanking up her skirt real quick and letting me see her brown bush covering her pussy, her juices glistening on the curls. And Jenny… Those shorts she wore were so small, so tight, the crotch molding to her pussy, giving her the greatest cameltoe of all times. She would kneel, wiggling her ass at me as she worked, her pussy lips perfectly outlined, a dark spot in the center of her crotch. She would suck on her fingers, too, her tongue swirling around them. Mom would stretch, her breasts thrusting against the tight tank top she wore, her nipples so hard. And that skirt she wore… It was a tennis skirt, so short, riding up her thigh as she worked, her hips wiggling, the skirt swaying, hinting at the possibility they could ride up farther and flash her pussy at me.

It was torture.

I was so damned hard.

I yanked on the lawnmower’s starter twice before it coughed to life. The roar drowned out their current bickering. I sighed in relief, pushing it forward. It mowed through the grass of our large backyard as I walked forward, passing the house as I mowed the first leg. I reached the fence, turned to face the direction of my mother and sister.


The narrow crotch of my sister’s shorts had somehow pushed to the side. Her brown-furred muff peeked out as she worked, her body positioned to aim her exposed pussy right at me. I froze, my dick throbbing as I licked my lips. It was such an invitation. I just wanted to go over there and fuck her. To pound that sweet, pregnant cunt right here, right now.

To let Mom see how sexy my little sister was. How there was no need to call her a slut.

Especially since Mom’s skirt had ridden up even higher as she bent over, her face almost pressed into the flowerbed’s dark soil as she worked. I swallowed, her hips swaying, the skirt sliding back and forth. Her brown pubic hair peeked out at me, too, as her movement caused her skirt to rise higher and higher.

My hand slipped off the safety lever, the lawnmower dying.

I wanted them both. I had to have them both. But they were so jealous of each other. They both wanted me all to themselves. Would it just make things worse if everything came out? Not all women were like Clint’s family, willing to share him with others. Most women, in fact, weren’t like that. He had hit the jackpot.

I had only come close.

Mom turned her head, a huge grin on her face. “Is something wrong, honey? You’re just standing there.”


“Yes, big brother,” Jenny asked, giving me such a mischievous grin. “Something wrong? See something distracting?”

Mom glanced at Jenny, sitting up so her skirt fell down her body and covered her. “Yes. Is someone teasing you!”

Jenny just laughed as she straightened up, wiggling her hips to let her shorts cover her properly. “Right, because I’m such a slut I want my big brother to fuck me. That’s so gross, Mom.”

“Good,” Mom said, nodding in satisfaction. “It is gross for you to flirt with your brother, Jenny.”

I yanked on the starter. The lawnmower roared to life, drowning out their argument. I pushed forward, trying to ignore the throbbing in my shorts. A moment later, Jenny hopped to her feet and stalked off into the house while Mom just went back to weeding.

I had no idea what they said to each other, but it made me mad. I wanted to seize them both and shake them so hard. Then fuck them both. Then watch them fuck each other. They could sixty-nine, licking my cum out of each other’s pussies.

My dick was lead in my pants.

I reached the flowerbed and turned the lawnmower, heading away from Mom. My face was on fire. I kept pushing the lawnmower forward, my heart racing. I reached the fence, turned, groaned again.

Mom’s skirt had ridden up and her fingers rubbed at her pussy as she gave me such a sultry wink.

And then my sister banged out of the house, holding a drink in her hand. Mom straightened, her skirt falling down to hide her naughty activity. Jenny gave me a smile as she sauntered across the lawn, her nipples so hard as she casually walked in front of the lawnmower and went back to work.

The wet spot on her shorts looked even larger.

My heart raced in my chest as I turned the lawnmower, mowing away from them. I went three paces when it died again.

I frowned, grabbing the starter and yanking. It sputtered and died.

“Something wrong?” Jenny asked.

“Out of gas,” I said. “I forgot to check it.”

“Distracted?” Mom asked, shaking her head.

“Guess so,” I said. “I’ll go fill it up.”

I pushed the lawnmower down the side of the house to the front yard and the open garage. Our house had a weird layout. The garage didn’t face the street, our driveway curving 90 degrees to turn into it, and instead faced the large row of tree-like hedges that formed the border of our property.

No one could see me through the open door.

“Fuck,” I panted, pulling out my cock. They both had me so hard. I had to jackoff. It would be so much better if one of them was here to fuck, but I just needed relief. I leaned against the wall, reached into my jogging shorts and boxers, grabbed my cock, and yanked it out. I stroked my throbbing shaft, groaning.

“Need some help with that?” the purring voice of my little sister asked.

The precocious eighteen-year-old sauntered into the garage, her hips swaying, tits bouncing. She had her hands behind her back and a huge grin on her lips. Her blue eyes sparkled as she sauntered towards me.

“Yes,” I snarled.

I seized her, pinning her against the wall beneath the dirty window that looked out on the side of the house. I kissed her hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. My hands went to the waistband of her shorts, fumbling at the snaps.

Her tongue dueled with mine as I thrust down her shorts. I grabbed her naked ass, squeezing those lush cheeks as my dick rubbed against her warm stomach. She moaned into the kiss, one hand sliding beneath my t-shirt, the other grabbing my cock, stroking it in her hand.

I moaned as she brought me to her dripping pussy, rubbing me against her folds. She broke the kiss, groaning, “I’ve needed this for sooooo long.”

“Yes,” I groaned as I thrust, sinking into her pussy, my hands gripping her ass. “I don’t care that Mom’s outside.”

“Me either,” she gasped, her pussy clenching down on my dick. “I almost want her to catch us. To see who I’m a slut for.”

“We should tell her,” I panted, sliding through her hot, tight tunnel. She was so silky. Her pregnant pussy amazing.”

“No!” she hissed, both her hands clawing at my back beneath my shirt, her hips undulating. “I don’t ever want to stop fucking you. She’ll ruin it.”

“She might not,” I panted, pumping away, savoring the hot silk of her pussy.

“That prudish bitch wouldn’t understand!”

“She’s not a bitch,” I growled, thrusting harder, my balls smacking into my little sister.

“Oh, yes, that’s how you fuck your little sister,” she groaned, ignoring my words. “Just ram it into me.”

“Yes!” I growled.


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