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Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 6: Hidden Family Passion

I pounded her hard, the pleasure building in my balls as I reamed into her pussy. I squeezed her ass, groaning and grunting, savoring every inch of her tight sheath. She was so hot. So tight. She clenched down on my dick with that delicious pussy.

I loved being in my little sister as much as I loved being in my mother. I loved this cunt on my dick. The friction spilled pleasure through me. She moaned, not loud, but enough to let me know she loved it. Her fingernails bit into my back as she worked her hips.

“That’s it,” I growled. “Take my cock. Mmm, you just love it! You just love your big brother’s cock fucking your pregnant cunt!”

“Shush!” she groaned. “Not so loud. Mom will hear.”

I slammed into her harder. “Doesn’t that just make it hotter?” I asked. “The danger?”

Her pussy clenched on my dick. “Oh, my god.”

I shivered, moaning louder, hoping mom would hear us. I pounded my sister hard against the wall. She moaned and gasped, undulating against me. I growled, glancing at the window. Would the sounds carry to Mom in the backyard?

“Take my cock!” I growled, almost shouting, being as loud as I could. “Take it! I love fucking your pussy!”

“You’re going to get us caught, James,” she whimpered, humping back into me. “Oh, god, this is so risky!”

“So risky!” I agreed. “And you love it.”


Jenny Wilson

“I do,” I moaned, my head rubbing on the window as that wonderful cock pressed on me. My head craned, twisting. I peered out the window, my eyes widening.

I could just see Mom working on the flowers at the side of the house.

I twisted more, my hips undulating. It hurt my neck to crane like this. But I couldn’t help it. I wanted to stare at her, to gloat as James fucked me. I wanted to be the slut she accused me of being for my big brother. I loved him. I loved his hands on my ass, his cock reaming my pregnant pussy, the incestuous thrill of our forbidden affair.

“Wait,” I moaned, pushing on his chest.

“What?” he groaned.

“Fuck me from behind,” she purred. “In the ass.” Like a slut.

“Yes,” he growled, ripping out of my pussy.

I groaned as James spun me around. He was so strong. My feet shuffled, my shorts around my ankles. He pressed me against the window, my cheek lying flush. I stared at Mom working, oblivious to how naughty her children were.

And then James’s cock, wet with my cunt juice, pressed between the cheeks of my ass. I shuddered in delight as his wet tip rubbed up and down my crack, searching for my sphincter. I groaned when he found it, his dick pressing at my asshole.

“Yes,” I groaned, the glass so cool on my cheek as he slid into me.

“Jenny,” he moaned, so loud, not caring that Mom might catch us. He was so bold. So strong. I loved it.

His cock sank into my bowels. I had taken him over a dozen times back there. I wasn’t as tight as the first time, but it meant he could slide in faster and pound my asshole so hard. I loved it. His cock reached deep into my bowels, my pussy clenching as pleasure rippled out of me. The friction’s heat radiating to my cunt.

Juices dribbled down my thighs as he pulled back and thrust again. The window rattled as my body shook. I groaned again, staring at Mom while I was being such a slut. A hussy. A wanton whore fucking her big brother.

“You love it up the ass,” James groaned as his crotch smacked into my ass hard, his dick burying so deep into my bowels. “You love your big brother fucking your asshole.”

“I love it so much, James,” I groaned, clenching my bowels on his cock as he drew back. “Pound me.”

“Yes,” he growled as he thrust harder.

His balls smacked into my taint as he pounded my asshole. His hands slid beneath my tight t-shirt, a top I hadn’t worn in three or four years. It was so small. I loved how it felt on me, molding to my braless tits. I was practically naked. James loved it.

His hands groped my breasts as he reamed my asshole. He pumped faster and faster, the heat building, swelling in the depths of my pussy. I loved it. I bucked back into him as he reamed his dick harder and deeper into me. He buried his cock into my depths. He stirred me up, making me quake and quiver in delight.

“Just fuck my ass, big brother,” I groaned, loving calling him that. My pussy clenched as my body trembled.

“Fuck it so hard,” he groaned, so loud.

But Mom didn’t hear him. She kept working in that short skirt. She called me a slut! Look at how that hussy was dressed today. I bet she hated all the attention James paid me now. He wasn’t her darling son any longer.

He was my lover!

His strokes were so hard, slamming into the depths of my bowels. His balls thwacked over and over as the pleasure swelled in me. I wiggled my hips, meeting his strokes. The slap of our flesh echoed through the garage, mixing with our moans and pants.

Mom looked around. Then she stood up.

My ass clenched so hard on James’s dick. She was looking for me. She stood up, brushing at her knees. I shivered, moaning louder, the orgasm swelling in the depths of my pussy. Mom walked out of sight.

I heard the back door slide open.

“James,” I moaned, my orgasm bursting through her. Mom was looking for me. She could catch us. See that James was all mine.

“Jenny,” he panted as my bowels writhed about his cock. “Damn, Jenny!”

The pleasure raced through my body as he slammed over and over into my spasming asshole. The rapture burned through my mind, mixing with the exhilarating fear of being caught by Mom. I shuddered in James’s arms, heaving and thrashing, juices flooding down my thighs.

“Jenny?” Mom called. “You’re supposed to be weeding.”

“Fuck,” James groaned, slamming into my asshole. He sounded almost…disappointed.

And then his cum splashed into me, banishing that crazy thought. How could he ever be disappointed in flooding my asshole with his jizz? I shuddered, my orgasm surging through me as he pumped load after load of cum into my bowels.

“Jenny, where are you?” Mom called, heat in her voice.

“Damn,” James groaned, his cock thrusting a final time into my asshole.

Mom’s footsteps came closer.

“Pull out,” I hissed, fear burning through my orgasm. “She’s coming.”

“Damn,” he groaned again, pulling out of me.

I yanked up my shorts, his cum leaking out of my sore asshole. I buzzed with rapture as the garage door opened. I spun around, fastening my shorts, glad for mom’s minivan hiding us as James shoved his cock back into his shorts.

Mom walked around the minivan as James grabbed the gasoline and began pouring it into the lawnmower, filling the garage with the eye-watering odor of fuel. That had to cover up any smell of sex. Mom gave me a hard look.

“Bugging your brother again?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I shrugged. “Or maybe I was…” I spotted weedkiller on a nearby shelf. “Looking for the spray.”

I snagged it, and Mom arched her eyebrows. “For ten minutes?”

I shrugged at her. “We were just talking, Mom. I’m allowed to talk to my brother, right?”

“Yeah, Mom,” James laughed. “What did you think we were doing in here?”

Mom bit her lip. “Well, you found it. Get back out there. I need to talk to your brother about something.”

“About how I’m the world’s biggest slut,” I muttered beneath my breath.

James gave me a sharp look.

“Whatever. I got what I needed.” My asshole clenched. His cum leaked out. Oh, I loved that feeling.

I made sure my hips wiggled as I sauntered out of the garage. I could feel James’s eyes on them. He was all mine.

As I stepped out into the cooler air, I frowned. James really got off on the possibility of getting caught. If he was louder, or took a little longer, we would have. I’d have to talk to him about that. As hot as it was pretending we might get caught, it would be a disaster.

And I would not give him up for anyone.


James Wilson

“I was such a bad Mommy, wasn’t I?” Mom purred the moment Jenny walked out of the garage. Mom’s hands slid up the hem of her skirt so slowly. Since I was kneeling to fuel the lawnmower, her crotch was right at eye level. “Teasing you while you were out there. I bet you came in to…take care of business.”

“Mom,” I said, my heart racing. My cock, though I had just cum, twitched to life as that skirt rose higher and higher. “This would be so much easier if we told Jenny.”

“So she could be even more of a brat?” Mom demanded, eyes flashing, her hands freezing with her skirt half-raised up. “Look at her. She’ll throw it in my face. She’ll probably report me to the police.”

“She wouldn’t do that,” I protested, staring at her skirt.

“And you don’t want to give this up, right?” she asked, lifting her skirts higher again, exposing more of her creamy thighs.

“No,” I groaned as her pussy came into view, her pubic hair dripping with her excitement. I set the gasoline can down, licking my lips.

“Mmm, I’m such a wicked Mommy,” she purred again, her free hand sliding through her folds, “for flashing this juicy snatch at you. I loved your reaction. How you froze while mowing earlier. You find Mommy’s pussy so beautiful, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, my dick straining my shorts now, just as hard as earlier. “It makes me so hard.” An idea popped into my head. I had just fucked Jenny’s ass. Her sour musk covered my cock. Mom knew the flavor. She would recognize I had just fucked a girl in the ass.


It would all be out in the open.

“I need my cock sucked, Mom. You made me so hard.”


Dr. Bernice Wilson

“Mmm, Mommy’s sucked your cock enough,” I purred. “She’s not the only one in need. Watching you working today, in that tight t-shirt. And those shorts! Oh, my big, strong son has such a yummy ass.”

“You sure you don’t want to suck my cock?” he asked, unzipping his shorts. “You didn’t get to finish earlier.”

“Because of your bratty sister.” I shuddered. Then I opened the minivan door, hitting the garage remote. The outside doors clanked closed as I turned back to face him, leaning against the closed minivan door. Then I raised my skirts to flash my yummy pussy. “And I’m horny, too. Mommy needs to teach you how to eat pussy. It’s important for your education.”


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