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Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 6: Hidden Family Passion

“Then you’ll suck my cock?”

“Or do something else naughty,” I purred, my pussy clenching. “But you need to know how to please a woman.”

He groaned, licking his lips. He stroked his cock with one hand as he leaned forward, unable to resist the juicy pussy that birthed him. I shuddered as he buried his face between my thighs. He nuzzled at my juicy folds. His tongue licked and dragged through my pussy, making me shudder in pure delight.

He was bold. He didn’t hesitate. He wasn’t afraid of it or thought it would taste nasty. He wasn’t like his father at all. He buried his lips right into my furry cunt and licked. I shuddered, seeing his blue eyes looking up at me from between my thighs. He had done this before.

And he loved it.

Who was his girlfriend?

“That’s it,” I groaned, hips undulating. “Eat Mommy’s naughty pussy.” I loved calling myself Mommy, reinforcing how taboo this was. It made my cunt so wet. “Just devour your wicked Mommy.”

“Yes,” he groaned and licked again.

The minivan’s door creaked as I undulated against it. His hands slid up my thighs, abandoning his cock to caress me. I shuddered, loving his touch as his tongue caressed my folds. He had his face pressed so tight, his nose rubbing my clit as he dove his tongue deep into my cunt’s depths.

I groaned. All morning I had been dripping wet. I needed this so badly. I ground my pussy on my son’s hungry mouth. I clutched at my skirts, holding them up so he could swirl his tongue through my depths. He sent such teasing delight through me, my moans echoing through the garage.

“Just like that,” I purred. “That’s how you eat your naughty Mommy’s pussy. But don’t forget Mommy’s clit. You have to love that, too.”

His tongue flicked up through my folds. He found my nub, caressing it. Then he batted it, sending sparks shooting through my body. I groaned, my pussy clenching while I sucked in my pleasure through my teeth.

“Yes, just like that,” I groaned. “Such a good son. Oh, you know how to take care of your mother.”

His strong hands squeezed my ass. I breathed in, the smell of gasoline and his tongue bathing my cunt had me dizzy with delight. I swayed, my breasts heaving beneath my tank top while his tongue plunged through my pussy. He stirred me up. He drove me wild.

The taboo, the incestuous delight swelled in me. I was addicted to the forbidden orgasms he gave me. I couldn’t fight this any longer. I embraced being a naughty mom. What was the harm? James loved it. So long as Jenny never found out, or got wicked ideas of her own.

Little strumpet couldn’t be trusted.

His tongue flicked and batted my clit. One of his hands moved, reaching around my leg and rubbing at my pussy. I groaned as his two fingers penetrated me, fingering me as he sucked and played with my aching bud.

“James!” I gasped, my orgasm swelling so fast. This was so hot.

His fingers plunged in me. They were nice, not as nice as his cock, but they sent rapture flooding through me. My clit ached as I humped and groaned. My pussy clenched on his digits, the pressure growing and growing.

It burst through me. I bucked, writhing against my minivan. I moaned and shuddered as my son made me cum so hard. The rapture flooded through me as my pussy spasmed on his fingers. I wished it was his cock.

“Fuck me!” I howled as the rapture boiled through my mind. “Mommy needs your big cock in her naughty pussy!”

“Yes,” James growled, his lips stained with my pussy juices, passion in his blue eyes.


James Wilson

I abandoned my plan to have Mom suck my cock and taste Jenny’s ass on it. Hearing her beg to be fucked was so hot. I rose, bringing my dirty dick to her pussy as I ripped my fingers out of her cumming depths. She groaned as I slammed into her.

My eyes widened as I buried into her depths. She had no idea I had just fucked Jenny’s asshole. This was so wrong. So taboo. I groaned, drawing back my hips and thrusting my cock back into her pussy, washing my cock clean of my sister’s bowels in my mother’s hot cunt.

“Fuck,” I groaned as her arms wrapped about me, fingers clawing at my back.

“Fuck Mommy’s naughty cunt so hard!”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, driving my cock over and over into her pussy. I shuddered, loving the incestuous plunge, fucking my dirty cock into her pussy. “Take it!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned.

My balls boiled as I rammed over and over into my mother’s depths. I kissed her hard, letting her taste her sweet musk. She shuddered, her pussy clenching on my cock as her tongue savored her flavor. Her fingernails scratched across my t-shirt, the cloth blunting the scratches.

The minivan rocked, the shocks squeaking, as I plowed my mom so hard. The door creaked, the panel warping. I loved it. I gripped her ass so hard, feeling her plump delight. Her butt wasn’t as tight as Jenny’s, but she was still wonderful.

My sexy, curvy mother.

I kissed at her neck, ramming over and over into hot pussy. My cock savored the incestuous embrace. My balls swung, smacking into her taint. She shuddered. I breathed in her scent, tinged with sweat and the perfume of flowers. I groaned.

“You’re fucking Mommy so hard!” she gasped, her body shuddering. “You’re going to make Mommy cum so hard.”

“Good,” I growled. “I’m going to flood you with cum. I’m going to breed your naughty cunt.” I knew she was on birth control, some sort of implant that lasted for years, but I didn’t care. I loved the fantasy of breeding both my mom and sister. “Take it!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, her body bucking. “Breed your naughty Mommy!”

She came.

Her fingernails bit so hard into my t-shirt as she heaved against me. Her pussy went wild about my dick. Spasming, convulsing, milking my plunging dick. The pussy that birthed me was so hungry for my cum. So eager to be filled.

I shuddered, slamming into her depths. I squeezed her ass so hard as the pressure burst out of my balls. I grunted with every incestuous blast. I flooded my mother’s cunt with my jizz. I groaned, drawing back and burying a final time into her, savoring the rush of pleasure through my body.

“Oh, yes, that’s what Mommy needed.”

“Such a wicked Mommy,” I panted into her ear.

“Mmm, yes,” she purred. “You’re Mommy’s big, strong son.”

I shuddered. I wanted to tell her that I was also Jenny’s big, strong brother. That I bred her. But fear held me back. I didn’t want to ruin everything. And maybe, just maybe, their fighting would mellow out in a day or so once Mom came to terms with Jenny being pregnant.

It didn’t.

For the next three weeks they fought all the time. And that made them both horny. I had two women after me, both so eager for my cum, fucking me at any chance they could. I loved it. And yet… yet I wanted more.

But I also didn’t want to ruin a good thing with the two women I loved. I needed advice. There was only one person I could talk to.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

“And your daughter is looking healthy,” I said, moving the ultrasound on Lee’s stomach. The nineteen-year-old wasn’t showing yet. She was only at sixteen weeks, a little early to do an ultrasound, but she was just so eager. But you could tell the sex at this age.

“There’s our baby, Master,” Lee said, sounding so happy.

Clint, holding her hand, gave her a proud look. She returned an impish grin.

I shivered. He was such a handsome son. And I knew he had knocked-up his own mother, too. And, from the way Vicky, his aunt and Lee’s mother, looked at him, she was fucking him, too. I bet Clint was even fucking his sisters, Alicia and Zoey.

Good thing I had my son all to myself. I wouldn’t put it past my daughter to seduce him. I still didn’t know who the father of her child was. She was sticking to her ridiculous lie. I wondered what teacher was fucking her. But I had no proof. She was lying to protect him.

And I bet he was married. Little homewrecker.

I finished my exam and stood up, smiling at the way Vicky gazed at Clint. I looked at James the same way. A hot shudder rippled through me. He had fucked me just this morning, a quickie before his sister woke up. He pounded me hard in my bed and left his cum in me.

I was such a naughty mother, but I loved feeling his cum inside my pussy. Back where he came from. It was so hot.

Vicky sauntered over to me, her black hair falling in curls about her beautiful face. She was a few years younger than me, so beautiful, and with a great figure. She taught at my children’s college, and was both James and Jenny’s professor.

“You’re just glowing, Bernice,” she said. We had been friends for years. I was her and her sister Cheryl’s gynecologist, delivering all five children between the two women.

“Things have been going great,” I answered.

“So…you found the joys of a young lover?”

My cheeks reddened. I nodded my head. I hoped she didn’t think it was my son. Though she wouldn’t judge me.

“Just make sure you’re taking precautions,” she said. “Unless you want to get pregnant.”

I blinked at that.

“You went five years without a lover. It can be easy to get out of the habit of taking birth control.” Her grin grew wicked. “Unless you want that stud of yours to breed you. James is a handsome boy.”

My eyes widened, but not because she figured out that my son was my lover. Her words had jarred a warning voice in me. I should have had my period five days ago. I rubbed at my left arm through my lab coat, feeling the small bump. It was my Nexplanon implant. It was good for another two years of birth control.

But nothing was a hundred percent.

“Don’t worry,” Vicky said. “Your secrets safe. I understand.” Her eyes glanced at Clint. “My sister and I both understand.”

“Thanks,” I said, realizing she misunderstood my fear.

The moment they were out of my exam room, I drew my blood and ran the test, ignoring my other patients. It was simple test. You could tell a woman was pregnant by the hCG levels in her blood or urine. It was what a home pregnancy test indicated. The hormone doubled every two to three days after conception during the early stages.


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