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Fantacies Of 64 Years YoungYellamma

Hi! I am Ravi, there were no responses from readers as I expected. However, one reader wanted that I should go ahead and write not as fantacies but as experiences and watch out the reaction. So I decided to turn out my fantacies as my own expereinces and here I am shooting out my cum. I was born in early 40s and till I reached the age of 6 or 7 I was playing with my little dick (bella kai) holding it and pulling it as far as possible and enjoying the elasticity of it.(Even now I play with my modda).I used to wonder why my sister was not having such a tool to play with. Once my siter asked my mother how is it she does not have a tube to piss and make figures and why is it she could not stand and piss. My mother pacified her by telling that her tube was concealed and would come out when she grows big. When ever I go for pissing she would come and see how far my stream would go, since she was helpless I used to have some sort of ego.She used to tellme “Orei, annayya, nuvvemi goppa kaadu, amma cheppindi nenu peddadaannavuthe naku neelage gottam vasthundata” Later I came to know that girls would have clit (golli or ittikai) inside their pussies and would just peepout when they are in full ecstacy. As normal children would do she used to play with her bujji pooku(little pussy) and I used to meddle with my bella kai (small dick).My mother used to admonish us by telling that it is boochi or paamu, asthamaanu muttukunte karusthundi.

Ours is a moderately big family living with grand mother, father,mother, elder sister, myself and little sister plus my uncle (babai) his wife.Our house was big with beautiful front and back yards. Yellamma and her husband Venkayya used to work for us.They used to live very near our house and come to our house early morning to attend to house hold work and in addition, Yellamma used to give us bath and Venkayya used to take us to school.When ever Yellamma was giving bath she used to give more attention to my bellakai and used to tell me ” China babu, deenni jagartaga choosukovaala, eppudu subhramgaa undaali, telusaa” “Enduku” ani adigithe thanu navvi” neeku peddayyaka telusthadi” le ani cheppedi.Enduko appatlo teliyaledu, Yellamma snanam cheisthunnappudu ame meeda vali nunchovadam ante naaku ishtamgaa undedi. Okasaari, alaage snanam chesthunte thana pamita kindaki jaari poyindi, aame sallani choosi “Yellamma, you have boobs (neeku baailu unnaai) why I do not have(naakenduku levu)” ani adigaanu. Tanu navvi, “ivi mogallakundav, adolla ke untai, mee ammaki, pinniki unnai mee nannagaariki, baabaiki levugaa”(Men do not have them only ladies have them) One day, while she was giving bath, suddenly I asked her “Do you give bath to Venkayya also” (Venkayya ki kooda nuvvu snanam cheisthava” Tanu ye moodulo undogaani, avunani taloopindi, ventane “Venkanna ki kooda bellakai unda, ilaage rojoo sabbu raasi kaduguthaava” ani adigaanu. Naavepu, konchem kopamgaa choosthu, vollantha thudichi battalu vesi Venkayya ki appacheppindi. Thanu enduku all chesindo ardhamkaaledu.

Normally, on Sunday evenings Venkayya used to come by 5pm and we used to play in our court yard. On one mid summer Sunday, at noon my father wanted Venkayya for some work so he told me to go and call Venkayya. It was about 1 in the afternoon. Since they live very near, I went to his house.When I was about to knock the door, I heard Yellammas laughter and talk with her husband. I do not know what made me to stop and see what they are talking and doing.Luckily, there was a hole in the door, and I started seeing what was happenning. That was my first expereince of seeing a live show. I vividly remember the conversation between Yellamma and Venkayya. It has been imprinted in my mind so clearly even today I can recall it. The picture is like this.

Venkayya and Yellamma were sitting side by side reclining against a wall. Yellammas blouse was open and her boobs were out Venkayya put his right hand across her shoulder and caressing her right boob and his left hand was inbetween her thighs. Her saadi was drawnup and her legs were spread apart. Her pussy was fully covered with hair looking like a patch of black velvet cloth. Her eyes were half closed and was breathing very heavily. She was in a state of extreme ecstacy and trying to bite Venkayyas earlobe and sinsously licking the drops of sweat creeping down his neck.Her right hand was caressing her left boob and her left hand was playing with his dick and his balls, sometimes she would caress the hair and some times she would pull it. The conversation went like this. (I am sorry readers,I am not in a position to translate the conversation into English.I may not be in a position bring out its efect in another language)

Ven: Yelli, iyyala nuvvu baaga kypekkichave, yedi nee naalika bayatiki thiyyave, cheeku thaa

He started kissing her lips and sucking her toungue with ardent passion in his approach. Yellamma bent her body in such a way her left boob was completely pressed against his hairy chest. Her hand was simply squeezing his dick.Deep moans were emanating from her throat.

Ven: Naa modda baaga bigusuku payinde,notlonchi ummu theesi raayave, jigata unte naa modda meedi tholu kindaki diguddi, theppi merusthundi.

I do not know what was in Yellammas mind she suddenly bent down and and started caressing the tip of the rod with her toungue and slowly inserted the dick into her mouth and started sucking it. Some times she would spit on it and spread ot on his tool and balls some times she would sniff his rod and balls and release a deep throated moan and look at her husband. Her eyes were glittering with lust and her face showed a sort of joy or happiness.

Yelli: Yera,Maava, chaalainka kaavala?

Ven: Ete, appude ayipaindeti, nee pooku ruchi choodakkarleda, nee golli korakande ninnu dengadam elage, naa pichchi pooka?

Yelli: Ayite, naa pooku naaku maava, neninka aagalenu, naa pooku naaki daani dengu.

She removed her saari, stood infront of Venkayya with her legs apart. Her pussy was wet and her juices were slightly started dripping via her thighs. Her hands were caressing her boobs and the sight was stupendous. Venkayya started sniffing her cunt, and licking the juices from her thighs. He held her buttocks with both hands and started pressing her cunt to his face.

Yelli: Maava, nee naalika thosey, naa pooku jurresey maava, naa aatulu nee notitho peeku, naa gollini nee naalika tho aadinchu. Adi, maava, baagundi inka veganga naaku, aah…amma…bagundi maava aapaku.

Her ecstacy knew no bounds. Venkayya stood up with his face full of Yellis juices and eyes red with lust, his appearance was entirely different to me, I never saw Venkayya and Yelli in such a state of lust and ecstacy. Venkayyas rod was erect, shining with his sweat and his tip showed glimpses of pre cum. Both of their eyes showed a sort of madness and due to heavy breathing Yellis boobs were raising and falling. She was smiling at him, and with a jerk she pulled him near,held his cock and and started caressing it. Venkayya slowly made her lie down, sat in between her legs which were already spread apart asking him to enter her. Venkayya put his cock near her pussy and bent on her and started squeezing her boobs and kissing and teasing them with his tongue.

Yelli: Maava, inka aagalenu maava, naa pooku lo gula ekkuvaipoyindi, inka nannu champaku, dengu maava

Ven: Vundave, nenu maatram aagagalaneti, indaaka nee pooku naakenu, mari nee sallu nee muchchikalu notlo pettakapothey, vaati ki kopam raadeti, okka nimisham opika pattave naa erri pooka, iyyaala nee pooku chimpaka pothe naa peru Venkayya kaadey.

Yellamma started smiling at him, but she was lifting her torso and trying to reach his cock and trying push it inside her. Her fingures touched the tip of his rod and felt the precum oozing from it. She just rubbed his tip with her fingures and had smell of his precum and tasted it.Meanwhile, Venkayya had his sumptous meal of two ripe mangoes, and with utmost satisfaction reflecting in his face, bent down and kissed Yellis pussy and held his cock and directed straight into her pussy. With one push his cock entered her pussy, and Yelli with all her vigour raised her torso and to make his entrance easy. Menkayya was moving to and fro on her body, his cock was moving in and out her pussy like railway engines piston. It was moving non stop.First slowly and later it picked up the speed.

Yellis moans were increasing with the increase of speed of Venkayyas cock.

Yelli: Adi, maava, dengu maava dengu, naa pooku baddala dengu, chimpesey, aapaku, nenekkadiko ellipaothunna , gaalilo thelipothunna, maava, inka gattigaa dengu.

I never knew whether she was shouting or crying, her both the legs were holding Venkayyas bacj and they were pulling him down, her hands embraced him and fingers were digging his back. She was biting him and her eyes became watery and drops were falling on the mat. Venkayya was pumping her like a mad man. He was panting and his mouth was wide open, his saliva was falling on her face and she eagerly lifted her face to kiss his mouth and had the taste of his saliva.

Ven: Yelli,..naa Yelli.. Vachchestunna..daanemma…nee pooku chimpasthane..nee sallu korikesthaane.

Venkayya was swinging his body vigorously and Yellamma was giving thrusts from down. With one big shout, Venkayya fell on Yelli and Yelli with utmost satisfaction reflecting on her face smiled and caressed his back and kissed his neck and cheeks. Slowly, after two minutes Venkayya turned sideways and his limp cock came out Yellis pussy. Yellis pussy was oozing the juices and she touched her pussy and sniffed her fingures to have the smell of nucturnal juices of her husband. She looked at Venkayya, who was lying beside her still panting and his cock was lying limp with threads of his and her juices toching his thighs. She smiled at him. She got up and covered his body with his dhoti and wore her saari, went to nearby room to cleanup her pussy. The entire picture, made me stand spellbound. At that particular time I never knew they were having sex. In fact I was not knowing what sex means. Something peculiar was happenning to me. I was excited and trembling and at the same time I felt I should see it again and again. I felt an urge to go and piss. When I saw down towards my fly, there was an erection.I was not knowing why it happened at that time. I know my dick would stand erect when I get up in the morning. When I pee, it becomes normal. I never knew it can stand suddenly even at noon. These are all the questions which were bothering me. At that time I had no answere and I was not knowing whom to ask. Suddenly I remembered that father wanted Venkayya for some work. I was standing outside and I knocked at the door and pushedit. It seems there was no bolt inside, the door opened. I saw Venkayya still lying naked and Yellamma just entered with a small towel covering her torso and her big boobs open. They were stunned to see me. Yellamma without even bothering to go inside, pulled the saari from the floor and covered up. Venkayya had nothing to cover, Yellamma threw the small towel to him.


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