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Fucked My Moms Friend

Any women who are unsatisfied and needs to be pleasured can contact me on [email protected] incident took place when I was 19 years old and used to live in mumbai. I used to study in chennai and came for my summer vacation to mumbai. My mom is very social and used to travel a lot. There are three members in my family and my father works in a bank at chennai.One day my moms friend (prema)came to our house who used to my neighbor too. She has married 3 years ago and still doesnt have any child. Her husband used to work in an mnc in dubai. I was spellbound to see her beauty and was staring her all the time. She had so good assets(36,30,38).She was so hot that I had a boner and always used to masturbate fantasying her.

One day she came to our to ask for some groceries and mom was out for some work. I told her to take the things from the kitchen and was staring at her round big ass.She called me for help as she was unable to reach on the upper shelf. I climbed up the chair and gave her the things.Oh my god I could see her cleavage for the top.I was becoming horny and got a boner.She might have noticed that but might have ignored.While going she said agar time mile to kabhi ghar pe aana. I was on cloud nine and was planning for ways to fuck her.I as told that my mom used to travel a lot, she left to bangalore for some work.Next day itself I went to her house and I was surprised to see her in a hot saree with the transparent blouse and could easily see her right colored bra .We both were chatting over with some coffee and sandwiches.She told about how lonely she was as her husband used to live abroad and was very sad. I thought that she would be starving for some hardcore sex. So I took a step forward and started watching the movie Ragini mms 2. She asked about the movie plot and I said its a horror film. I was very horny with that baby doll song and started to imagine prema in that dress.She was also experiencing some change in behavior and started to rub her body.I was very happy to see that as I could see what I wanted. I slowly started to touch her and started to kiss her. She resisted me first, then I started to lick her neck and lips. I could clearly see that she was enjoying it but was afraid of the circumstances. I then put my finger into her pussy and started fingering it.She was so much horny that she removed her pallu and started to rub her busty boobs with her hands.Her cleavage was clearly visible and her navel made me horny.I slowly removed her blouse and started licking her busty boobs.They were so soft and her nipples were so perky that it made my mood. She then held my head and pushed me into her boobs and said le lo inhe apne muh mein.I slowly took my cock out and she was surprised to see my 7-inch dick. She started to give me a handjob and I was feeling very lucky. Then we went ot the bedroom and she started giving me a blowjob and I simultaneously was licking her pussy.

I felt very orgasmic and was licking and eating her pussy with pleasure.She was moaning and was saying yeah lick my pussy and fuck my brains out.

I then started to kiss her lips and caressed her boobs.Then I removed my jeans and started to fuck her.I could feel her wet pussy and slowly started to insert my dick into her hole. I then fucked her slowly and suddenly she said to put it deep into my pussy and fuck me hard. I then into full force fucked her and made her fulfill her wishes. I then started to fuck her ass hole too. I was a little bit hard to put my dick into it but she liked it and wanted it to be done that way.I fucked her and made her feel orgasmic in her first anal sex. She then gave me a blowjob and took my dick deep inside her throat.Then again we started the second round of sex now in the doggy style position.I fucked her for about 30 minutes and then started to lick her pussy as she got tired.I licked her pussy so hard that she felt very orgasmic and squirted on my face. That was the best moment as it made me more excited and started to rub my dick between her boobs.

Then we both went to the bathroom and started to have sex in the bathtub where she was over me and got fucked till she was exhausted. I then cummed all over her face and boobs and she started licking it. She then was very tired and we both slept together naked in her room.Next morning I woke up due to my moms call and saw her sleeping naked beside me.I admired her beauty and slowly inserted my dick into her ass and started fucking her.She felt something in her ass and said subah hi shuru ho gaya badmash(started in the morning only, naughty boy). She then said that she had only protected sex with her husband as he was not interested in having a child now and was thankful to be for satisfying her cunt to the fullest.Then we had breakfast and I came back home. That was the most memorable day of my life. Then we often had sex when my mom was out of the station.

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