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Fucked Tuition Sir’s Wife

Hi friends, how are you? I am Nishant from Ahmedabad and today I am here to tell you about a hot aunty. This hot aunty was our tuition teacher Ajay Patel’s wife Neha Patel. Neha is a hot aunty who seduced me and got her pussy fucked at her home only. So let me tell you the entire incident which took place last year.



I failed my Maths paper in 12th science so my dad asked me to join Ajay sir’s tuition. He does not run any centre; in fact he teaches in his home only. He is not that famous but my dad had trust on him. And he was good in teaching, which I experienced in few days only. And one more thing I observed in his home was her horny wife Neha. Neha aunty would come to the main hall with one or another reason. She would go for pee at least thrice in 2 hours. And every time she would show her big ass to the class.

I always wanted to grab her ass and bang in her pussy. She would also stare at me from other room some time. But because of Ajay sir; I had controlled myself a lot.

In between I had fever and could not go to tuition for 3 days. Fourth day I reached and found that no one was there. No bicycle in his waranda made me think that only. I went upstairs and Neha aunty was cleaning vegetables. She looked at me and I asked.

Is it off today aunty?

Yes, your sir’s uncle has expired in Boriwalii and he has gone there. Come upstairs and have some water, it is scalding hot outside.

She was right, Ahmedabad fucking boils in month of may. I sat in wooden sofa and she went to fetch some water. I saw no one else was there. While giving me water she bent enough to show me her big cleavage and a big part of her tits. Her blouse was loose which let me see there. I took water with shivering hands. She looked at me and asked, What happened Nishant? You look tensed.

No, no aunty nothing!

Are they big?

What the hell, she asked directly.

Don’t be innocent, I know where were you having look at. It is okay I am not orthodox type…And she smiled.

That eased me and I took water. I was saying her that I will go now, but she started to engage me in talks.

So, how is study going on?

Study is okay, this time I need to clear my paper so I can go to college.

So you will go to college and get a girlfriend for you, she winked at me saying this.

No aunty, I don’t want to have girls who make dent on pockets.

So, how will you survive?

I looked at her and said, no idea as of now.

How old are you Nishant?

I had my 18th birthday 3 months back.

So, you can have sex technically now! Have you ever had it? This hot aunty was trying to seduce me now. And I knew what this hot aunty was up to.

Not yet aunty.

Want to do?


You want to fuck me today! She said it to openly and bluntly as if she was asking me to have one more glass of water.

I said neither yes nor no. But this hot aunty grabbed my hand and put it on her tits. Those tits were so big and I could feel the perspiration in her blouse. Aunty looked around and stood up. She pulled the curtain and room became little dark now. She neared me again and put my hand on her tits again. I pressed it now and she moaned a little.

You like my boobs, Nishant?

I like them aunty. By the way I love your big ass.

I know, you stare at it daily.

And I know you like me to stare at it, which is why you come in the hall for pee. I know you have one more bathroom upstairs but there you cant show me that big ass of yours.

You are so naughty Nishant.

Saying this aunty pulled her blouse one side and asked me to suck her tits. Her brown nipples were looking hot on her fair skin. I grabbed one of the tits and started to suck the nipple on second one. Aunty moaned and she pressed my head more on her body. I sucked her boobs well and she slowly removed all her clothes while I sucked her. She then asked me to remove my clothes as well. I was also nude now. She looked at my junior and said, you have man like dick Nishant, Let me suck it now.

And she immediately took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it like a porn star. She was shaking the shaft while she licked my balls and head. And after that she would suck entire dick by placing it fully in her mouth. That felt fucking awesome and this hot aunty was making the things much more hornier now…! I was about to lose the battle so I took put my dick.

And now I turned towards her armpits. Those armpits were nice hairy and smelling. I like that armpit aroma. I started to lick her armpit and aunty was over the moon. She lifted both her arms so I could lick on both the sides. I licked it well and drank all the perspiration gathered there. My dick was touching aunty’s thighs at that time. Aunty took my dick in her hands and guided it on her pussy. She placed it on her cunt hole. I gave one thirst while sucking her armpits and my dick penetrated more than half in her pussy. Neha aunty moaned with pleasure now.

I started to stroke my dick in and out of her pussy and she kept on moaning. I was making front and back movements to make my dick fuck her pussy well. And this hot aunty was moving her ass front and back to make me feel much better. Aunty and I fucked in that position for 10 minutes and then I took out my dick.

Now aunty positioned herself in doggy and I started to fuck her from back. In doggy style my dick was penetrating her pussy more nicely because it was more open and wide. Aunty was moaning much more now and I was fucking her more rapidly.

Nishant, fuck aunty’s pussy hard my son. I feel so good when your cock brushes my clitoris. Fuck me like bitch, I am your wife now. Fuck me harder son…!

This gave me instant sensation and I grabbed both her hands with my hands. I started to fuck her more rapidly and she was also moving her ass more nicely. We fucked for 5 more minutes like that and then I cummed in her pussy. Neha aunty took all cum in her pussy only. As I took out my dick she licked it and cleaned it nicely. She then gave me Ruhafza sarbat and we rested for 20 minutes. We had one more round of sex after that. She did not allow me to go home till I fucked her 4 times. And she also said me she will give me chance in future as well. No doubt I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach when this hot aunty goes for peeing when we are at tuition…!


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