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Haunted by the Futa Ghost 1: Virgin Taken by the Futa Ghost

“There’s the dyke,” she said as she sidled up to Yoshiko. “Got it?”

“Yes,” Yoshiko said, her insides squirming. She unslung her backpack. “B work, just like you requested.”

“Good, good,” Kat said, light glinting off the spike collar she wore about her neck. Kat dressed in a punk style, her tights artfully slashed, the hem of her skirt frayed, her top transparent, revealing a hot-red bra beneath.

Yoshiko unslung her backpack and fished around in it. She pulled out the answers to the physics homework and handed them over, trying not to glare at Kat. Why did you even choose the class if you’re not going to do the work?

Kat grabbed them and grinned, flipping through the notepaper. “Good, good. And I have a feeling you’ll be doing my history homework tonight. Mr. Page is going to assign us something annoying. I can feel it.”

“I thought it was just this once,” I protested.

She rounded on me, pushing me against the wall, looming. “Listen, little dyke. I own you. Unless you want the pictures on my camera spread across social media. And the video. You can hear the other girls showering on it.”

Yoshiko’s cheeks burned hotter.

“It’s so obvious that you’re in the locker room masturbating while your classmates were washing up after exercising. Got excited by their bodies, huh?”

“Please, don’t do that,” Yoshiko squirmed, mortification writhing through her stomach.

“So I own your dyke ass. You do my Physics and Ancient History homework, and no one will know that you like to play with your clam during PE.”

“It was just that once,” Yoshiko said, lowering her eyes.

“Right,” Kat sneered before pulling away.

Yoshiko squirmed. She shouldn’t feel ashamed for being a lesbian. Not in this day and age, but being caught masturbating in the locker room was too much. The other girls would start to look at her weird, wondering why she had to masturbate. Wonder if she was lusting after their bodies. All wet and soapy and beautiful, a sheen of water over their silky skin.

Heat burned between Yoshiko’s thighs, that naughty itch which had gotten her in trouble. She didn’t even know how Kat had caught her. She didn’t share PE with Kat. Why was she even in there to begin with?

“I just showed up early for PE,” was Kat’s excuse. Maybe it was true. But Yoshiko found it so horrible that she had been caught. How could I have been so stupid?

Yoshiko headed to her first class, math, and struggled to focus as they covered calculus. The math was challenging, and normally she excelled at it, living up to her Asian stereotype. Of course, her Asian mother was dumb as a brick when it came to math while her father was the smart one.

Next she had Physics. With Kat. The bully had a huge smirk as she turned in her homework to Professor Moore, an African American man who looked nerdier than most of the school’s chest club. Kat sat by Yoshiko, playing with her phone, using her text book to hide it, not even paying attention.

Why should she? I have to share my homework with her now.

Lori failed to run faster than Yoshiko in PE, her next class. The pent up frustration from Kat’s bullying kept Yoshiko running fast, unwilling to slow down and let her friend keep up with her as she raced around the track, running her mile.

“Damn, what devil is chasing you?” Lori asked when she finished a half-minuted after Yoshiko, the redhead clutching her side.

“Nothing,” Yoshiko said with a dismissive wave.

“Nothing?” Lori arched an eyebrow, planted her hands on her hips, and, despite looking like she was about to run out of air, she said, “Don’t say that to me. It’s not nothing. Come on, spit it out. Your parents fighting again?”

“No,” Yoshiko shrugged, her cheeks burning. She couldn’t admit it to Lori that she was masturbating in the bathroom. Thinking about Lori herself. Just seeing her friend strip naked, bending over before her, had set off Yoshiko’s lusts. That ass was too gorgeous. Yoshiko just wanted to love it and…

No, she’s with Chris. She’s not gay. We’re best friends. Don’t ruin it by doing something stupid. Something we’ll both regret.

“Then what is it?”


Lori’s eyes narrowed. “Is it Kat? Is she messing with you again? I’ll go kick her ass.”

“Don’t do that,” Yoshiko groaned. “That’ll just get you in trouble.”

“So it is Kat.” Lori spat. “Just because they named the school’s library after her dad last year doesn’t mean that rich bitch can strut the school like she owns the place.”

“I think it does,” groaned Yoshiko. “Her dad donates a ton of money. And she knows it. Look at how she dresses. That’s not appropriate at all for school, but none of the teachers care. She’s just copying my homework, okay? Nothing else.”

“Why are you letting her?”

Yoshiko shrugged. “Easier than putting up with her bullshit.”

“Oh, Yoshiko, don’t be like that. Don’t let that cunt—”

“Lori,” gasped Yoshiko, her cheeks reddening.

“Well, she is a cunt. A cunty cunt cunt cunt,” Lori said and Yoshiko found herself giggling at the obscene word. “So don’t let that cunty cunt boss you around.”

“It’s fine.” She put her arm around Lori, loving the scent of her friend’s shampoo and the smell of salty sweat. Naughty ideas surged through Yoshiko as she tried not to look at her friend’s gray tank top molding to a round pair of boobs.

“Just say the word,” Lori said, leaning in closer, “and I’ll kick her ass. Let them expel me.”

“No,” Yoshiko said firmly. “Then I would have PE all by myself.”

Lori grinned. “You just like looking at my ass in these gym shorts.”

Yoshiko blushed and said, her voice tight, “Maybe.”

Lori laughed louder. “That’s why you have to let me win. So you can stare at my ass as I run before you. I don’t mind if you look. That’s what friends are for.”

Yoshiko joined her friend in laughter. It was hard to stay glum around Lori.

After their laughter died down, they had to run the mile again. There didn’t seem to be much of a point in doing it, but it was exercise, and after two hours of sitting in class leaning, PE was a welcome change of pace.

Yoshiko let Lori win. She did have a great ass.

They showered in the locker room afterward, and Yoshiko did her best not to ogle her friend or Annis Shaw or Polina Pajari, the two other girls that had great asses. Especially Polina. The Russian beauty had an ass that was made to be grabbed, and Yoshiko thought about it a lot.

Maybe she’s gay or bi, Yoshiko wondered as she washed her body, staying away from her pussy. All she needed was to masturbate in the showers this time.

Kat came in early, lounging by the lockers, a smirk on her lips as she watched Yoshiko. The half-Japanese girl shivered. Those eyes were so possessive. It was like the homophobic girl thought that she owned Yoshiko now because of those pictures.

Lori shouldered into Kat. “Whoops, didn’t see you,” Lori said as she strolled past. “I don’t see bitches that well.”

Kat just grinned at Yoshiko.

Yoshiko and Lori headed to their social studies class, meeting Chris on the way. It was their last class before they had an hour break before lunch. Then they only had two more classes to go. Yoshiko liked that schedule. It made the afternoon more bearable knowing there were only two more classes left after lunch.

She ate quickly. Lori arched an eyebrow. “You’re an eager beaver.”

“I want to talk to Ms. Lindon about my English paper,” Yoshiko said. “I’m a little stuck. She has the hour free, I think.”

“Afraid you’ll get a B?” laughed Chris.

“No, an A-,” giggled Lori, sitting on her boyfriend’s lap. “Just try to chew your food before swallowing.”

“I am,” Yoshiko said.

She finished eating and darted off, excited to talk about her paper. She had a great take on Pride and Prejudice, and she was hoping Ms. Lindon would agree with her about it. English was by far Yoshiko’s favorite class, mainly because Ms. Lindon was such a beautiful woman. Tall, sultry, a brunette with beautiful curls that fell in waves about her face. She was always wearing such short skirts.

With nylons.

Yoshiko loved nylons. Especially stretched over a girl’s ass. She didn’t watch traditional porn, preferring to look at sexy drawing of Anime characters instead, but if she found a picture of a woman in pantyhose, she could masturbate to it for hours, stroking up and down her virgin flesh, bringing herself to gasping orgasms.

Her feet echoed down the empty hallway. She passed classes occupied by other students busy at work, a tingle shuddering through her. Nipples were hard in her bra, her pussy feeling nice and juicy. Fantasies of something wonderful, something intimate, blossoming between her and her teacher danced through her head.

Yoshiko had her suspicions that Ms. Lindon might be gay, too.

She stopped before her teacher’s door, taking a deep breath as she peered through the small, rectangular window set in the door, glass sandwiching chicken wire. She could see Ms. Lindon’s desk. Yoshiko blinked at what was on the desk. Kat Rollins was bent over it, her face twisted in pleasure.

“What?” Yoshiko gasped, watching her bully shudder on the desk, head thrown back in obvious pleasure. She could just hear the girl’s faint moans through the door.

Her stomach twisting and pussy burning, Yoshiko leaned to her right. She had to see what boy was with Kat. It angered her that Kat and some guy would have broken into Ms. Lindon’s classroom so they could fuck.

“She is such a bitch,” Yoshiko murmured. “I should…”

Her words trailed off. Ms. Lindon fucked Kat. With a strap-on.

Heat flushed through the lesbian schoolgirl as she watched in shocked awe. Ms. Lindon was as beautiful and regal as ever, naked save for her pantyhose which clad her thighs, hips, and the curving swell of her ass—Yoshiko could just see that if she leaned to the right. Ms. Lindon wore the strap-on over it, purple vinyl harness, a dildo of matching rubber reaming into Kat’s cunt. Ms. Lindon’s large breasts bounced up and down as she reamed the homophobic girl, fucking Kat so hard, ramming her dick into the girl’s dripping snatch.

What is going on?

It didn’t make any sense to Yoshiko. For the last year, ever since she met Kat on her first day attending the Redwood Academy, the bitch had bullied her for being an open lesbian, calling her dyke and muff diver, sneering down her nose.


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