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Haunted by the Futa Ghost 1: Virgin Taken by the Futa Ghost

And here she was being fucked. Hard. And she loved it. Her hips rocked back into Ms. Lindon’s thrusts, the cheeks of her ass rippling with each stroke of the teacher’s hips, slamming her dildo into Kat’s cunt.

Heat burned between Yoshiko’s thighs as she watched. The faint itch that plagued her during PE swelled. Her hips squirmed as her juices flooded out into her pussy. She shuddered, blue eyes so wide as she watched in envy.

Her virgin pussy clenched. Why didn’t you choose me, Ms. Lindon?

Yoshiko would love to lose her virginity to Ms. Lindon, to finally go all the way with the beautiful, sophisticated woman, to learn how to a please another girl at the hands of her teacher. She stared at Kat, wishing she was in the bully’s place. Yoshiko’s hips shifted, her clit throbbing.

“Fuck me,” Kat hissed. “Fuck me so hard.”

“You like it, you dyke slut?” demanded Ms. Lindon, her voice so commanding, so authoritative. “Huh? You like it when your Mistress fucks your dyke cunt?”

“So much,” moaned Kat. “I love it. Ream me. Fuck me. Pound me to oblivion, Mistress.”

“Dirty dyke,” moaned Ms. Lindon. “I know all about you perving on the girls in the locker room. Ooh, those naughty videos you record of them showering. How often do you jill off to them at home?”

“All the time,” gasped Kat, throwing back her head.

“And who’s your favorite?” Ms. Lindon leaned over Kat, the teachers large breasts swaying.


The watching Yoshiko let out a shuddering groan. She shifted her hips, her pussy lips burning, tingling with the excitement. She squirmed, savoring the sensation racing up and down across her pussy lips, like finger stroking her, driving her to wilder and wilder heights of excitement as she watched them fucking.

“Oh, yes, she’s a tasty girl,” moaned Ms. Lindon. “Looking so cute and adorable with those blue eyes and Asian features. I bet you cream your panties every day because of her.”

“Yes,” hissed Kat. “Yes, yes, yes, Mistress. Oh, you should see the video I got of her today. In the shower, soaping those lush tits, her eyes staring at her redheaded bitch of a friend in the next stall.”

“Another girl you masturbate your filthy, dyke cunt to?” demanded Ms. Lindon.

“Yes!” Kat’s head threw back. “I’m going to cum, Ms. Lindon. May I, Mistress? Please?”

Ms. Lindon slapped her hand down hard on Kat’s ass. Yoshiko jumped, her pussy burning worse, the teasing, itching trembles stroking up and down it driving her wild. She bit her lip, about to cum along with Kat.

In the middle of the hallway.

“You may cum, you worthless slut,” Ms. Lindon groaned. “Then you’ll show me all the naughty videos you took of those nubile, barely legal girls. Mmm, their eighteen and ninteen-year-old bodies glistening with water and covered in soap. Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

Yoshiko’s knees quivered. She was about to cum. In the middle of the hallway. In the middle of her school. People could walk down the hallway and see her at any moment. She cast a gaze around. The girls’ restroom was only a few steps away.

Gasping for breath, she raced for it, Kat’s moans echoing through Yoshiko’s ears. She crashed through the swinging doors, her footsteps echoing through the tiled room. Like the rest of the school, the bathroom was ornate, porcelain sink stands with delicate faucets, the stalls made of carved wood stained a light brown, an almost yellow tone to the wood. She raced down them to the last stall, throwing open the door. The sensations on her pussy drove her wild.

She plopped down on the toilet seat. “Oh, god,” Yoshiko groaned as she shoved her hands beneath her skirt. Her eyes squeezed shut as she rubbed on the crotch of her panties directly. She didn’t pull them off.

Her gusset was soaked by her juices. She could smell the spicy musk of her pussy bleeding through the fabric, adorning the air. Her back arched as she stroked up and down her grove, mimicking the electric tingles racing up and down her slit. She let out a groan, her fat nipples tenting her blouse, so hard they poked through her thin bra and top.

“Oh, yes,” Yoshiko groaned, her eyes squeezed shut, picturing Ms. Lindon’s thrusts fucking the strap-on into her virgin cunt, the teacher’s big breasts bouncing over her head. “Take me, Ms. Lindon.”

You are such a delicious thing. Not like that horrible, slutty dyke, Kat. No, you are so sweet and beautiful. Oh, yes, my delicious, Japanese delight.

The toilet seat creaked as Yoshiko shifted on it, stroking up and down her panties faster and faster. She pressed the cotton into the folds of her pussy, warm juices bleeding through, coating her fingers. She shuddered, finding her clit, rubbing it, making her legs spasm, her feet brushing the stall door.

The pleasure rippled through her while her orgasm built in the depths of her cunt. She could see Ms. Lindon’s busty breasts bouncing over her, the delicious desire on the teacher’s face, the feel of her nylons rubbing on Yoshiko’s inner thighs.

It’ll be so magical if she makes love to me, Yoshiko moaned. She can teach me everything, then I can show Lori. I can love her body.

Yes, yes, yes, Lori moaned in Yoshiko’s thoughts. I can ditch Chris. We can date. Oh, we’ll be such amazing lovers.

Right now, Yoshiko didn’t care about betraying one of her best friends to be with the other. Her lusts were driving her wild. She frigged her clit hard with one hand, the other stroking her pussy lips through her panties as she pictured loving her redheaded friend, giving her every wonderful sensation she could.

“You’ll love it so much,” Yoshiko groaned through clenched teeth, so close to cumming.

I will, Lori moaned. Tingles ached Yoshiko’s nipples and she imagined it was Lori’s fingers pinching and rolling them. You have such lovely tits. So big and soft. And your nipples… I have to suck them.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck them,” moaned Yoshiko, her body trembling, on the verge of cumming hard. “Lori, yes!”

Yoshiko came.

Her body spasmed on the toilet. Her feet kicked the stall door, the wood groaning, the metal latch rattling. She tossed back and forth, her eyes rolling back into her head as she hissed out breath after breath through clenched teeth, ecstasy boiling through her mind.

Her pussy convulsed. Waves washed through her body. It electrified her. She moaned, eyes fluttering. Her hips bucked up from the toilet seat and then crashed down as she let out a long, low groan of delight.

“Lori,” she sighed, her eyes fluttering as the pleasure peaked through her, picturing her redheaded friend’s smiling face.

Yoshiko lifted her fingers from her crotch, coated in her clear cream. She smeared them on her lips, closed her eyes, and imagined her friend kissed them as she sighed, with such longing, “Lori.”

Lips kissed Yoshiko back.


Lori sneezed.

“Bless you,” Chris said as Lori squirmed on his lap. She sneezed again, her head snapping back.

Lori opened her mouth to say something when a third sneeze racked her body, her collarbone actually aching from the force. She blinked, reaching for a napkin on the table to clean off her hands. She wiped them off, wondering at her sudden sneezing attack.

“Someone’s masturbating to you right now,” Chris laughed.

“What?” Lori gasped, twisting around to stare at her boyfriend, her red curls brushing across his face.

“You know, in Anime, when someone sneezes it means someone’s talking about you. One sneeze, you’re being praised; two sneezes, you’re being badmouthed; and three sneezes means someone who loves you is speaking about you. While masturbating.”

“Right,” Lori said. “I don’t think the masturbating part is accurate.”

Chris shrugged. “Well, where is Yoshiko?”

“Speaking to her English teacher,” Lori answered, giving her boyfriend a hard look. “And she’s not masturbating to me. We’re friends. And while I know your pervy mind wants to see us go at it, not happening. She’s like a sister to me.”

“Fine,” Chris groaned, shifting. “Next time you sneeze three times, text me. Maybe it’s me masturbating to you.”

“Do you do that?” Lori asked. “I mean, we have sex. I’d think you’d jerk off to another girl or something.”

“I do.” His arms tightened on her. “But those last set of pics you sent me had me stroking my cock hard.”

Lori giggled, her pussy clenching. “Maybe I’ll send you a few more. You do have to stay late with that project tonight. Something to distract you.”

“You are cruel,” he groaned, his cock hard against Lori’s ass.

“I know,” she sighed and gave her boyfriend a kiss over her shoulder.


Yoshiko froze, her eyes wide. Lips kissed at her mouth, tasting her spicy pussy juices she had smeared on her lips. But there was no one in the stall, no one who could kiss her. And yet she could feel soft, feminine lips nibbling on her lower lip, a tongue lightly licking.

A soft feminine voice sighed: Ōjo-sama.

Yoshiko tried to speak, but she couldn’t. She was being kissed. A body was straddling her. Yoshiko could see her skirt pressed down to her crotch by someone unseen. Hands stroked down her shoulders. Panic shot through Yoshiko as the soft hands gripped her breasts. Someone unseen was in the bathroom.

A girl.

A ghost girl.

A lesbian ghost girl.

The fingers moved across Yoshiko’s blouse and found the buttons. They popped open one by one, her blouse parting, revealing her breasts straining a white bra, youthful flesh jiggling as Yoshiko struggled. The fingers stroked her bra, exploring, feeling her hard nipple through them.

Ripples of pleasure shot down Yoshiko’s body. She groaned, struggling to move as the ghost played with her nipples through the bra, pinching and rolling the nubs. The lips broke the kiss, and Yoshiko gasped for breath.

“Who are you?” she called out to the ghost. “What are you doing to me?”

…Mitsuko-hime… the voice sighed again, a distant echo.

The cups of Yoshiko’s bra pushed up. Her large breasts spilled out. She gasped, eyes bugging as unseen fingers pressed into the flesh of her pillowy tits. The female ghost massaged them. A wet tongue licked at Yoshiko’s right nipple then sucked on it.

“Oh, god,” Yoshiko groaned, the pleasurable sensation on her nipple shooting right down to her pussy. She squirmed more, her hands trying to seize the ghost, but they phased right through her body. “What are you doing to me?”

The answer was soft, whispering in a musical tongue which was vaguely familiar. Japanese? The ghost is speaking Japanese.

The lips sucked harder. Teeth lightly nippled Yoshiko’s nipple. She watched her turgid nub move and wiggle as the ghost loved it. Yoshiko groaned, her pussy clenching. She couldn’t believe this was happening. It was crazy.


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