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Having anal sex with daddy’s best friend

Catherin awoke early, she yawned and stretched. She climbed out of bed and sleepily walked down the hall to the bathroom. When she got there she opened the door and was shocked to see someone was already there – sitting on the toilet seat completely naked was John.

John was daddy’s best friend. He was a divorcee, and often stayed at their house. He was handsome with chiseled good looks. Daddy always said he had a way with the ladies. His deep blue eyes pierced at Catherin and she instantly felt the heat rise between her legs.

“Hi there Catherin, my you do look sexy in those lil’ panties.”

She blushed, she could not help but stare at his hard cock. Looking a few seconds more she saw the nudie mag on the floor, open to a pretty girl displaying her pussy wide open.

John saw her and smiled. “Come here Catherin, do you like the pictures? Would you like to see more? Come sit on my lap.”

Catherin walked over and sat on his lap. She was very much aware of his throbbing cock against her thigh. John picked up the magazine and rested it on his other available knee. She was quite aware that his arm had slipped round her waist and had his hand flat on her belly.

John turned the page, a picture of a beautiful woman having sex with handsome man. Catherin’s pussy felt like it was on fire, John seemed to know this and, with a kiss on her shoulder, told her to take off her vest and panties. She did as she was told and John whirled her around as he looked her up and down.

Catherin had secretly wanted to be with John ever since she knew about sex, she loved that they were now naked together.

John stood up and kissed young Catherin on the lips. She knew that she would do anything for him and he knew that she was his to enjoy, for now they both kept up the semi-innocent game going. Catherin sat back down on John’s lap, gently rubbing her already wet pussy against his knee.

As John flipped the page, his hand rested on her inner thigh and she could not help but open her legs for him. Looking this new page made Catherin overly excited and her pussy started to drip quite substantially. The picture was of the same pretty girl and guy but in this picture, the guy had his cock buried deep into the girl’s ass.

“Catherin does this picture excite you?”

It was a rhetorical question. He took her hand and placed it on his hard cock. She knew what she was meant to do. She may have looked and acted innocent but, at nineteen years old, she’d had a few boyfriends.

Her hand gently glided up and down John’s cock as they carried on looking through the pictures. After a minute or two John threw the mag to the floor and made Catherin stand up. Standing in front of him, he leaned forward taking one of her soft teenage breasts into his mouth. She groaned as he suckled on it, flicking his tongue over her erect nipple. He pulled her close to him making her sit back on his lap, this time her legs were on either side of his.

He lifted her gently by her ass with one hand and positioned his hard cock with the other. She groaned and gasped as he gently lowered her onto his huge cock. She wrapped her arms around his neck, just getting used to the feel of his hard cock.

John pulled the young girl tight. Her young breasts squashed against his chest. His lips pressed against hers and she opened her mouth. They slowly made out as his held her body close. He did all the work slowly sliding up and into her tight young body.

She felt his cock up against the walls of her pussy and she loved every second of it. Her body shook uncontrollably as his cock slid deep inside her. To Catherin’s shock, John lifted her up by her ass and stood up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he started to pound her furiously. She could not help but scream as he grunted while he fucked her.

After a minute of furious fucking, John lifted Catherin off his cock. They kissed for a minute, their tongues fighting in each other’s mouths. John then pushed Catherin down to her knees, she knew what he wanted and took his cock into her mouth. She took as much as she could in and sucked and slurped hard on his engorged member. Her hand rested on the base of his cock and jerked him off as she sucked the tip. After a minute he stood her up.

“Catherin, you got so wet looking at that picture of the girl taking it up the ass, do you want that too? So you want me to fuck your ass as hard as I fucked your pussy?”

She blushed and nodded to him. He turned her around and he got to his knees. She felt him spread her ass, and then felt his warm, wet tongue on her sphincter. She groaned as his tongue started lashing at her butt making her hole all wet. He then stood up and spat on his hand before pushing his cock up against her butt. She could feel his cock push up against her butthole, and with a short push, he was in.

Slowly John eased his clock all the way up her ass till he was inside her butt to the hilt. He wrapped his arms around her waist and then gently cupped both her young breasts. As he held her like this he pulled his cock out most of the way before pushing back deep inside her. She squealed in delight and soon he had got a rhythm going. He was holding her tight and slamming his cock into her ass.

He was kissing her neck as he fucked ass, he whispered sweet things to her too.

“Catherin I love this tight ass, you are my little ass whore, aren’t you?”

With every word she groaned yes. And soon she was pushing back as hard as he was pushing forward. The sound of his hips against her ass echoed around the room. John walked slowly back to the toilet seat and sat down, all the time bringing Catherin with him, his cock still buried deep into her ass.

As they sat, John made Catherin slowly bounce on his hard cook. She bounced slowly, whimpering and groaning with every inch. John’s hands cupped Catherin’s soft breasts, squeezing and kneading them as she bounced. John’s groans started to get deeper his hands wrapped around her waist. She knew what that meant and could feel her whole pussy pulsating as she knew she was about to cum too.
Again John stood up with his cock still in her ass. He slammed as hard as he could, being egged on by Catherin’s whimpering and moans. Catherin’s body started to shake uncontrollably, her pussy flooded and her ass tightened as orgasm overtook her. Her ass seemed to clamp tightly around Johns cock and pushed him over the edge. He groaned loudly as he flooded her ass with jet after jet of his hot semen. His cum in her ass did something to Catherin as her body seemed to lose control all over again. They stood there together for a minute calming down, before John gently edged his cock out of the teenagers ass. She could feel his cum oozing out of her butthole as he turned her around to kiss her. They kissed for a long minute before they heard a loud bang at the bathroom door.

“If you two have finished fucking, I need a piss.”
It was daddy.


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