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he Unspoken Game

“What just happened” I thought to myself continuing to the shower. I turned the water on and took my clothes off as I realized my cock was completely hard from the little show I just saw. I couldn’t help but masturbate to the recent image branded in my mind and I came hard while the warm water flowed over me.

I knew she did it on purpose, because of what happened two days ago, only I couldn’t understand why she would do that. I decided to repay her the same way, and even though I had a towel today, I dried myself off, opened the door as loud as I could and walked out naked. My sister got out of her room dressed and observed my naked body until it disappeared inside my room.

This odd encounter became a hot unspoken game between my step sister and me for the weeks after. I would come home at the end of the day and she would usually be home. One of us would go in the shower and come out naked while the other watched from his room and then the other would go take a shower and come out naked.

Whenever Sam would take a shower first I would always enter the shower just after her and masturbate wildly to the picture of her amazing naked body.

On the first time I was the one to take a shower first, I refrained from touching myself and walked out the bathroom with my cock fully erect. The moment I got out of the shower, Sam was already standing outside her room waiting. She went wide eyed when she saw me and I noticed her bite her lower lip and stare at my cock intently until it disappeared along with me inside my room.

That day she showered longer than usual and looked more flustered than usual when she walked out of the shower, giving me the daily dose of her nakedness. The relief I gave myself that day after she saw me completely hard for the first time and I saw her in return was one of the best I ever had.

The days after that we would each try and do something to turn the other on when putting on the post shower show.
Sam would spread her legs to give me a look at her sexy pink pussy on one day, the next she would enter her room but wait for a few seconds before closing the door to give me a good look at her ass as she gave it a sexy wiggle. One day she pulled her middle finger over her slit while looking me in the eye, and another day she fingered herself then took the finger out and licked it just as she was closing the door to her room. That almost made me cum on the spot.

I in return wood try to make my cook as hard as possible for her to see, sometimes stroking it, sometimes playing with my balls and once I just gave myself a trim down there.

We would never talk about those blissful few minutes each day whenever Sam and I would talk, we would just know they would come and wait for them craving, like a junky waiting on a fix.

The first few times we did this, our parents were out of the house, but on the fifth or sixth day, mom was home and Sam hit the shower first. I was very curious to see what she would do and opened my door as soon as I heard the bathroom door open.

Just like the days before, Sam exited the shower naked and put on a show as she walked to her room and closed the door. It was my turn to shower and I pondered on what to do.
I thought about it throughout my shower and when I finished drying myself off, I listened closely for my mother through the door but didn’t hear a thing. I knew my mother hardly came up to this floor, her room and bathroom being on the bottom one and followed my sister’s lead, walking to my room naked as my sister watched from the sideline.

My father was even less of a problem, whenever he wasn’t away on business, he would come home late, long after Sam and I would shower. On the weekends when he was home he almost never had a reason to go upstairs.

We continued our unspoken game for the first week, then the second week, not skipping a day even if our parents were home which to me only made it hotter. On the third week disaster struck, or so I thought. My sister showered first and after her walk of exposure I went in. I thought I heard a knock on the door while I was in the shower, but paid it no attention. I dried myself off and everything seemed quiet, both parents were out of the house when I entered. I opened the door, stepped out and when I turned to my room, I was surprised to see my sister wasn’t there. I walked over to my room confused when suddenly the door to my sister’s room opened and out comes my mom holding a laundry basket in her hand and in close range view of my unconcealed body.

“What the heck are you doing Bryce?” my mother blurted out upon seeing my naked body.

“I just finished taking a shower” I said trying to sound cool but on the inside wanting to search for the tallest building and jump.

“And?” my mom continued still shocked.

“And I’m going to my room to get dressed” I continued in the same confident tone, or so I hoped.

“But why are you naked?” mom asked sounding more annoyed.

I tried to think of a clever answer and this is what I came up with: “Instead of wearing the towel to my room, getting dressed and bringing it back to the bathroom to hang, it’s much more convenient to leave it there and go to my room”. I continued on the offensive side hoping it will help “I don’t see what the big deal is, I’m just getting out of the shower and going to my room to get dressed “.

By the expression on her face it looked like she bought it but she continued to gaze up and down my naked body. The only thing I was thankful for was that Sam took a shower before me today. Because of that I masturbated in the shower and my cock was limp, hanging in front of me for my step mom to examine. If I would have walked into my mom with a fully hard cock I would consider changing my name and moving to another country.

She looked at me for a few more seconds, and finally said “Ok Bryce relax it’s just not something you have ever done before and it’s not something common in every house, but if you’re fine and not embarrassed by it, then I guess I don’t really mind”.

“Ok” I said, and with that walked passed her and entered my room closing the door behind me and feeling the most embarrassed I have ever been.

Sam and I continued our game, after the speech I gave mom it would be even more suspicious for me to stop walking out of the shower naked. She “caught” me twice more over the next week and a half. The first of the two times, she was walking out of my room with a laundry basket again and said nothing about my absence of clothes, only examined my naked body with her eyes.
The second time was much worse. I got into the shower first and just before entering, I went down stairs and saw that my mom was preoccupied with her laptop. I seized the opportunity to give my sister a glimpse of my erect cock, something that I was somewhat frightened of doing after the second time mom saw me. I finished taking the shower and stepped out after drying off, making sure my cock was extra hard for the exhibition.
I turned to our rooms but she was not standing there like usual, I looked to my door, dreading that my step mom would walk out but she didn’t, so I walked over to my room quickly. I walked in to find my mom sitting on my bed with her laptop on her lap.

She looked up when I walked into the room and her gaze was instantly glued to my very swollen member, a look of awe on her face.

I could see her blush even though she was trying to hide it, and started talking, her eyes on my penis all the while, “Bryce, I really need your help with something on my computer”.

I was so embarrassed but tried to hide it as best I could, “Sure mom, I’ll just get dressed first” I said and walked over to my closet, putting on boxers, a shirt and shorts, feeling my mother’s gaze on me as I dressed and realizing that the clothes did little to hide the raging hard on I put on for my sister.

I walked over, sat down on my bed next to my mom and heard my sister’s door open and the bathroom door close just after. My mother started explaining her computer trouble to me, all the while I thought she was stealing glances at my crotch which slowly subsided and finally disappeared. Shortly after, I finished helping her with the last issue she had and she finally got up to leave.

She headed out of my room thanking me for helping her, which took quite a while, and just as she got to the door, I heard the bathroom door open loudly.

“Samantha, what in god do you think you’re doing” I heard my mom yell from my room.

“What mom, I’m just going to my room to get dressed”, Sam said and I couldn’t help letting out a quiet chuckle.

The talk they had continued similar to my mother’s and mine the first time she caught me, only Sam had a trump card I didn’t: “Bryce does it all the time and you don’t have a problem with it”.

My mother didn’t know how she knew but couldn’t say very much to that. “Ok, Sammy” she said defeated “I didn’t know my children were so liberal all of a sudden” she finished with and walked off.

We continued playing the game all the same, but without saying a word, brought it down a notch. I stopped getting hard and stroking my dick for my sister’s pleasure, and she stopped fingering herself and fondling her breasts for mine. Still, I enjoyed and awaited it every day, a few blissful seconds of ogling my step sister’s gorgeous naked body.


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