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he Unspoken Game

It was just another regular morning of me getting ready for school. Today, I needed to bring with me a specific book I knew we had in the house, but after searching around for it for a while, I just couldn’t find it. I went over to the entrance of my parents’ bedroom in hopes that maybe my step mom would know where it is.

“Hey mom” I called from the entrance, “do you know where the book I asked you about for school is?”

“I can’t hear you sweetheart, come in” I made out from her call back.

I entered the room but it was empty, the door to the adjoining bathroom was open and the light was on as I repeated the question.

“I put it in the den’s bookshelf” she answered as she walked out of the bathroom to her bedroom, her figure now fully visible.

She was standing in the doorway in front of me, apparently just finished taking a shower, and she was completely naked.

I looked at her body admiringly, taking it in, her wet hair, ridiculously fit figure, smooth legs, stunning pair of large round boobs, a bit larger than her daughter’s yet still perky, with beautiful pink areolas, small nipples, and a vagina that wouldn’t shame an 18 year old catholic school girl, the last decorated with a sexy strip of shaved golden brown hair just above it.

“Bryce, did you hear me?” she said snapping me back to reality after I lost myself in her beautiful body for longer than I should have.

“Yeah, thanks mom” I answered while turning around, my cock getting hard from looking at her.

That evening, our game took an even more inappropriate turn. Sam took a shower first and stepped out. I waited for her to put on her daily show, and wanted to get a drink of water before entering the shower. I ended up standing right next to the entrance to her room when the she came out of the bathroom, instead of at my door which was further away.

She stepped out, sexy as usual, and headed to her room, I couldn’t help but think of her mother’s naked body while looking at her, both turning me on so much. She walked up to where I was standing, and turned to her room, awarding me with a close up look at her luscious ass.

I don’t know what took over me, but I just couldn’t help myself. Just before she entered her room I gave her ass a playful slap.

My sister let out a very surprised sound, part gasp part moan as my palm met the soft white skin of her tight ass. She quickly entered her room and closed the door behind her, an astounded look on her face.

I turned around and headed to shower, the slapping sound still echoing in my head. There I masturbated frantically to the images of both my step mom and step sister, mother and daughter, and the sensation of my sister’s ass on my hand. I came in seconds, shooting a great load down the drain.

When I got out of the shower, my sister was in her usual place watching me intently. I walked towards my room like I do every day, my cock far from its peak after my shower session. I couldn’t look Samantha in the eyes after the slapping incident but when I walked passed her, instead of just passing, I felt her hand shoot out from her side and very gently brush my cock with her fingertips.

From that day on a new rule has been added to the game: one quick intimate touch allowed. It made the game however hot it was, so much hotter.

We now started touching each other’s naked body every day. I was brushing her back, stomach, ass, boobs, thigh, and she was touching my ass, chest and testicles.

During this time, my mom completely embraced our naked out-of-the-shower routine and took it even further than we had. She would take a shower and then stay naked after, usually just in her room but sometimes around the house too.

One day I even heard my dad make a remark to her about it: It was pretty late and I’m guessing my mother just finished taking a shower. I went downstairs for a drink of water and couldn’t help but overhear my parents talking, their bedroom door open.

“Babe, do you want something to drink from the kitchen, I’m going to get some water” I heard my mom say to my dad.

“No thanks hon” I heard my father answer “but aren’t you going to put something on?” he asked.

“No, I’m just going to the kitchen for a sec” she answered.

“But what if one the kids comes down?” my father continued.

“So they’ll see me naked” she answered, “who cares?”

My father didn’t answer as far as I heard, but I wouldn’t push too much if I were in his place, I don’t see any point in complaining about your beautiful wife wanting to walk around naked.

I tried to look like I haven’t been eavesdropping and walked to the kitchen after hearing my stepmother’s footsteps. I entered the kitchen and was greeted by a view of my mom’s sensual tight ass while she was pouring herself water. She turned around when she heard me step in the kitchen and smiled her usual smile at me, not saying a word and giving me a great sight of her lovely breasts and pussy, her golden bush a bit more wild than the previous time I saw her naked. I took a glass, poured myself some water and drank in silence, stealing glances at her incredible naked body before putting the glass in the sink and climbing back upstairs without saying a word.

I kept on seeing her naked every couple days. Sometimes just glimpses, like of her going into the laundry room and then quickly back to her room and sometimes she would walk around, organizing the kitchen or bring up laundry enjoying the naked freedom and not caring if Sam or I saw her. Maybe she even enjoyed it when we saw her, showing off her spectacular nude body.

Sam and I continued our unspoken game, the sight of my step mom naked every couple days in addition to the daily viewing of my sister made me horny all the time.

I’m pretty sure it affected Sam too and the new touching rule we added got bolder as we got more comfortable with each other. At the start, we would only touch the other lightly but it increased gradually.
Sam would now squeeze my ass, play with my balls and stroke my cock, which I would get up for her enthusiastically.
I in turn, would fondle her breasts, pinch her nipples and graze her slit, all drawing soft moaning sounds from her.

One day, after seeing my mother wash the dishes naked a few minutes before, I did the most extreme thing up until now. As Sam was walking out of the shower, awaiting her daily treat, I held out my middle finger and just as she stood beside me, I slowly inserted it into her warm tight snatch, fingering her as she let out a low, pleasure filled, close eyed moan before barely continuing into her room.

With the sensation of her warm pussy and its smell still radiating from my finger, I quickly entered the bathroom, undressed and let the warm water cascade over me. My cock was rock hard and I masturbated to the recent image, sniffing her scent on my free hand.

I came fast and hard. After, I kept standing in the hot water trying to calm myself from what I just did to my step sister. I couldn’t get the image and sound of her moan as I fingered her out of my head, and it drove me crazy.

I knew what we did until know was naughty but what I just did to my sister was in my opinion just wrong. Still, after getting this little taste of her, I had to get more.

The shower started turning cold. I turned it off and dried myself, thoughts of Sam still running around my mind.

I stepped out of the bathroom and just as I did, I heard footsteps climbing up the stairs. After a second, I saw my step mother carrying a stack of clean sheets that seemed to block her vision of me. She got to the top of the stairs and placed them in a closet in the hallway. Just then she noticed me. We were both as naked as the day we were born.

I looked at my step mother, my cock mostly limp. She was wearing her hair into a loose ponytail, her tits as lovely as always and her pussy freshly shaved, the well-trimmed strip of hair I saw the first time back in place. Probably a surprise for my dad who was coming back tomorrow from a week and a half long conference.

My mother looked at me back, focusing on my dick as it grew to its full length from the view of her naked body. She seemed shocked that her body could make my cock hard, switching her gaze between my eyes and my cock.

This was too much for me and I just lost it. I grabbed her by the shoulder and waist, and pushed her against the wall.

“Bryce what are you doing?” she said alarmed but without showing any physical resistance.

I slowly moved my right hand from her waist to her thigh, brushing and caressing her soft skin as I kept my left hand on her shoulder. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh and started rubbing my palm over her pussy.

“No Bryce, don’t, you can’t” she said when I started rubbing her pussy, but still she did not resist even a little.

“Ooohh oooohhhh, God” my stepmother moaned as I penetrated her cunt with my middle finger. I pulled my finger out slowly, feeling her wetness on it just before I pushed it back in.

She surrendered to me completely, only soft moans and sounds of pleasure leaving her mouth as I finger fucked her lustfully.

“Ooohhh”, “Sam!”, “Aaahhh” my mom suddenly blurted out between moans, trying to stifle the second one without succeeding.

I stopped fingering my mother, my finger inside her and I looked to my left, where my mom was looking. I suddenly realized that my sister was standing there, at her usual spot in the entrance to her room. She was naked and watching us, rubbing her pussy with her hand.

How long was she standing there? I thought to myself. Was she there all along? Did she stand there waiting for me when I exited the shower?


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