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he Unspoken Game

My mother started squirming, looking at Samantha with an embarrassed look and trying to get my finger out of her.

My sister closed the gap between us in a few quick steps and was standing inches away from her mother and me. Then, without saying a word, she took my hand from her mother’s shoulder and guided it with both hands towards her pussy.

I instantly understood her intention, and just as her mother managed to pull my finger out of her, I simultaneously entered my fingers into both pussies, raising cock hardening mother – daughter moans.

Samantha’s cunt was so wet and I pushed her a little so her back was against the wall, just like her mother.

I stood there feeling god like, my cock raging hard, each hand fingering a different pussy, one mother, one daughter, one in my stepmother and one in my stepsister, both smoking hot.

I inserted a second finger into each, now pleasing them with both middle and index fingers as their moans increased.

They both had their eyes closed in pleasure, and now, seeing both of them naked together and so close, I could note the differences between them. Melissa, my step mom, had a pretty but much more grown up face than her daughter, which had an innocent teenager’s face. They both had beautiful large round firm breasts, Sam’s being a bit smaller than her mother but with larger harder nipples and the skin more tight. They were both the same height but Sam was much skinnier where Melissa’s body was athletic and fit. Finally, they both had the most amazing pussies, my mom’s astonishingly almost as tight as my sister’s only topped with a darker strip of trimmed hair, where Sam had a teenager’s recently blossomed bush of soft blond hair.

A loud groan from Sam woke me from my mesmerized gaze over their naked female bodies.

I gave each a last deep thrust with me fingers as I slowly pulled them out, the two women floating back to earth and my fingers soaked with their sexual juices.

“Come on” said my sister, regaining her senses. She held us by the arm and pulled us through the nearest bedroom door to her room.

We entered Sam’s well lit room, my mother and sister looking hungrily at my erect cock, the sight and feel of their bodies only encouraging it to get harder and harder.

“Lay down” my mother commanded, speaking for the first time in a while.

I obeyed instantly and fell on my back on my sister’s queen size bed, taking one of her big pillows and placing them behind my back, my cock pointing up invitingly.

The girls sat down on both sides of me as my step mom took control. She grabbed my dick with her hand and started stroking it slowly. After a few strokes she drew her face closer to it and gently put the tip of my cock into her mouth. She gave the tip a warm lick and then removed her hand, slowly inserting more of my shaft into her mouth until it was over halfway in. She then started bobbing her head up and down, my cock being pulled out almost all the way and then pushing back in, sliding on her warm tongue almost to her throat each time.

I let out a quiet groan as my step mom sucked me masterfully, my step sister watching intently from just inches away.

After a few more times, my mom grabbed the base of my cock again and pulled her mouth off creating a large suction sound. She then tilted my cock, towards my sister, offering it to her.

Sam took my cock in her mouth eagerly and started sucking on it while my mother held it for her. She was not as good as mom, but what she lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm, trying with each blow to take it in a bit more until at one point I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her mouth.

Sadly, that was too much for her, and she made a gagging sound as she pulled off quickly, breathing in deeply.

I could see a sympathy filled smile on her mother’s face, maybe remembering back to a time she gagged on a guy’s cock, and continued sucking my dick herself.

Even though my mom gave a better blowjob, my sister’s was great and did most of the work. It only took a few more blows from my mother for me to feel my orgasm building up.

“I’m gonna cum” I called out.

My mother knew exactly what to. She gave me two more quick blows before pulling off my cock and reaching for something besides her. She grasped my cock tightly and started stroking its full length in circular twisting motions. “This is what you want to do when they cum” she told my sister, bringing over her other hand, holding my sister’s white bra.

She wrapped one of the bra’s cups over my cock while she continued stroking me.

I let out a long loud moan as the orgasm hit me, shooting my load into the cup of my sister’s bra as my mother stroked me, my sister looking fascinated by the whole ordeal. I moaned loudly to my mother’s strokes, pleasure rushing through me until the orgasm subsided.

“She can also let the guy cum in her mouth, and swallow it” I said jokingly after I finished cumming.

“Don’t listen to him” my step mom said to Sam, giving my drained cock a few more unnecessary hard strokes. Hurting me a little as a reply to my remark. Probably not what you want your daughter to be doing.

My mother wiped my cock with the other cup of my sister’s bra, and tossed it on the floor, my cock now limp.

I sat up on the bed between them, noticed Sam rubbing her pussy with her hand, and got up on my feet.

“I think it’s my turn now” I said looking down at them, “lay down next to each other”.

They moved around on the bed without saying a word and got comfortable. They were now both laying on their backs, looking up at me with lust in their eyes, their womanly mounds raising and falling to the rhythm of their breathing.
Their nipples were visibly hard and I noticed each had a different shade of pink.
As they finished getting in place next to each other on the bed, their legs towards me, they both gradually spread their legs, allowing me access and showing off their perfect pussies.
Sam’s was a bright pink while mom’s was darker but they both looked incredibly inviting.

I got on my knees on the floor in front of them and reached with my hands to both. I brushed each thumb over their pubic hair, mom’s shortly trimmed and prickly and Sam’s thin and wild. I continued moving my thumb down, rubbing the top of their pussies while trying to decide who’s to taste first.

I finally decided on my sister’s, the thought of her teenage pink cunt helping me make my final decision. I moved my head to between Sam’s legs, examining her enticing 18 year old pussy from mere inches away, inhaling her intoxicating aroma, all the while my left hand still rubbing my mother’s vulva.

Sam let out a long moan as my tongue made contact with her pussy lips. I ran the tip of my tongue along her slit all the way up and gently touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, causing her to let out another pleasure filled moan.

I took my hand off my step mother, not able not concentrate on rubbing her while working on my step sister. I put my hands on Sam’s legs and slid them up, caressing my sister’s soft thighs all the way up until I reached the outer folds of her pussy. My sister was so sensitive to my touch, moaning constantly as I caressed, touched and licked her. I used my thumbs to spread her pussy apart, inserting my tongue deeper as my palms still held her smooth white thighs.

I pulled my tongue out of her cunt as she released another moan and raised my head up from between her legs, looking up. Sam had a sexually entranced expression on her face, part shock part pleasure. My mom was looking at us wide eyed, apparently very turned on by the whole affair, touching herself on the same spot I did.

My step sister’s pussy tasted amazing, slick with her juices and sensitive to my touch, but now I wanted to taste a more mature one, my step mom’s.

I extracted myself from between my sister’s legs and placed myself in between my step mother’s. She stopped rubbing herself and moved her hand away, lustfully awaiting for me to eat her pussy.

I caressed her womanly thighs, thick and athletic from sports. I breathed in her feminine scent, noticing the difference between her and her daughter, before finally inserting my tongue into her vagina and getting my first taste of her.

My mom exhaled heavily, making me look up at her as she watched me intently, my tongue studying her private parts in the process. Her pussy was wet but nowhere close to as wet as Sam’s was and the skin around it not as tight, but I was extremely enjoying eat it nonetheless. I spread her lips apart and continued licking, inserting my tongue deep inside her, grazing her slit and licking her clit in circular motions with the tip of my tongue.

She let out a few quiet moans while I was licking her, but the effect of me eating her pussy was much less powerful than with Sam. Sam was so sensitive everywhere, moaning constantly as my tongue slithered around her cunt. My mom on the other hand, was an older much more experienced woman, judging by her looks and body, I was sure she had men go down on her more than a few times.

I tried to find her most erogenous spot, trying to stick my tongue deeper, trying shallow licks near the edge of her pussy and finally licking and sucking where her clit was, the area unsurprisingly seeming to bring out the loudest moans.

After thoroughly taking care of my mom’s vagina, I decided to go back to my sister’s. I raised my head once more and moved it back to between my sister’s legs. I kissed her soft thighs and the outer folds of her pussy before plunging my tongue back inside her, tasting once again the now familiar taste that was my step sister.

Samantha let out a high pitched moan, a wonderful sound I hoped I would cause my step mom to make, as my tongue entered her and started snaking around, exploring the interior of her feminine part once more. I slowly reached my hand up her body until I found one of my sister’s boobs and started fondling it, feeling her breast’s soft skin and running my finger over it.


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