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he Unspoken Game

“Aaaahhhh” my sister groaned loudly as my fingers blindly found her nipple, rugged and rock hard. I continued licking and sucking her pussy to her growing moans, fondling her other breast now and fumbling around for her hard nipple.

My sister’s breathing became heavier, her moans and groans louder and I could sense she was close to climaxing. I moved my tongue over her slit and searched around for here clit. When I found it, I gave a few soft licks over and around before pressing down on it with my tongue to finish her off.

“Oh God” my sister yelled out as the orgasm hit her with force. My fingers where still over her hard nipple which I pinched hard now. She let out another ecstatic yell and her entire body started shaking violently, the orgasm now surging through her body with full force.

I detached myself from her and got to my knees on the floor, watching my step sister’s body convulse in sexual ecstasy, tears forming in her eyes and uncontrollable moans leaving her mouth as the last waves of pleasure washed over her.

Her intense orgasm finally died out and she lay on the bed panting, her entire body motionless. By now my cock was back to being hard.

“I’ll be right back” I said to my mom and sister as I got up on my feet and left the room. I quickly paced over to my room, opened the drawer under my bed, and took out a wooden box from it. I opened the box and took out 2 condoms, hoping to use both and dashed back to Sam’s room with them in my hand.

I entered the room and saw that both ladies were now seating up on the bed. Sam seemed to be more recuperated but was still breathing heavily. My step mom was rubbing her hand on Sam’s thigh, I assumed helping soothe her body.

They both turned their heads to me as I entered the room and I showed them the condoms in my hand, explaining why I stepped out.

My step mom gave me an approving nod, proud of me for being save, before turning her head to her daughter.

“Are you a virgin?” she suddenly asked Sam still rubbing her thigh.

I was wondering the exact same thing for the past few weeks and all night, but was too embarrassed to ask. I wasn’t sure how deep I fingered her and if it was enough to feel if she was a virgin. By my mother’s question I realized that it wasn’t.

My step sister bit her lower lip and blushed slightly. She had a frightened look on her face and stayed quiet. She looked first at me, making eye contact, before turning to look at her mother and shake her head to signal she wasn’t. Mom looked surprised but said nothing.

This short moment of genuine concern awkwardly turned me on. It emphasized something I hadn’t quite thought of until now. These were not just 2 gorgeous women I was in bed with, these were mother and daughter, my step mom and step sister. My step mom had just witnessed her daughter orgasm wildly after having her pussy eaten, my step sister saw her mother being fingered and her pussy eaten also. These are sights almost no daughter or mother see, ever. The thought of this turned me on even more than I already was. I wanted to fuck them so bad and that was just what I was going to do.

I put one condom on the desk near the bed and looked at my mom, signaling her to come closer. She understood my signal and placed herself at the edge of the bed, laying back down and spreading her legs. I tear open the condom and rolled it over my fully erect cock, feeling my sister’s and mother’s eyes on it.

I grabbed my step mom by the waist and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, positioning her pussy right in front of my dick.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked my mom looking at her.

“Fuck me Bryce” she answered. I could tell she wanted me bad.

I gave the outside of her pussy a few rubs with the tip of my cock and then positioned it just below her shaved landing strip. I slowly pushed it in until the full length of my condom wrapped cock was deep inside my step mother, all the while of me penetrating her she was silent. I on the other hand, let out a loud moan.

Sliding into my step mother felt amazing, her pussy swallowing my cock deeper and deeper while pressing in around it. I stopped when my cock was all the way in, savoring the sensation of her cunt, enjoying the arguably most intimate act two people can do. I then pulled it out slowly and this time quickly thrust my cock all the way in, making my step mom moan loudly just like I hoped.

I started really fucking my mom now, pulling my cock almost all the way out and then thrusting back in quickly, letting her feel its entire length with each thrust. Her moans just increased in volume as I penetrated her continuously. I was fucking my step mom blissfully while she was on her back and looked down at her. I saw my cock disappear into the entrance to her cunt, marked by a shaved strip of bush hair, I saw her pleasure filled expressions as she moaned and I saw her heavy breasts bounce front and back with every plunge of my dick inside her. I reached down while fucking her and started playing with her tits, fondling them gently.

Meanwhile, my step sister calmed down and was watching lustfully as I fucked her mother, the image turning her on. She moved down on her bed and was now laying in the same position as her mother, making it perfectly clear she was ready me.

I was ready for her too, and although I enjoyed fucking her mother’s pussy immensely, I was dying to know what my little sister’s tight teenage snatch felt like.

I slowed down the pace of fucking my step mom until stopping completely and pulled out. The moaning stopped and my mother sat up as I stepped over to my step sister. I stood over her and before doing anything with my cock, I bent down and sucked shortly on each of her erect nipples, something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks. Sam let out a giggle and a small moan, apparently she was ticklish when it came to her nipples.

“Are you sure about this Sammy?” I asked my younger step sister.

She looked over at her mother who didn’t say a thing, and then back at me and nodded. I placed my cock, still in a condom, to the entrance of her vagina and very slowly pushed it in.
I now knew she wasn’t a virgin but I didn’t now with who she had sex and how big a dick it was. Chances are it was smaller than mine, so I took it slow.

Sam let out a moan as the tip of my cock entered her and I looked over at my step mom, sitting and watching with an incomprehensible expression on her face as she saw her daughter being breached for the first time, and by her own step brother no less.

My step sister’s pussy was soaked with her juices which helped my cock slide in easily. I slowly inserted my cock deeper inside her, getting used to her tight cunt while she was getting used to my large cock, until I was all the way inside her. I stopped and let her pussy get used to the presence of my cock, its incredible tightness pushing down on me.
After a few seconds I pulled it out slowly, both Sam and I moaning in the process. After only the tip of my cock remained inside her I repeated the action twice, inserting my cock and then pulling back very slowly, hushed moans escaping our lips. After that, I could feel her pussy get accustomed to my dick and on the fourth time, I quickly plunged my dick inside her tight pussy. The feeling was amazing.

“AAAAHHHHH” my sister screamed out in pain at my quick plunge into her pussy.

“Bryce stop, pull out” my mother yelled at me.

I obeyed alarmed, and pulled my cock out of my sister’s pussy completely.

“Are you okay baby?” my mother asked first, looking alarmed as well. She reached over with her hand and started rubbing her daughter’s pussy.

“Yeah sis are fine?” I asked shortly after, “I’m really sorry”.

“I’m ok” my sister answered looking a bit shaken, “I don’t want you to stop, it felt so good. Just don’t push it in fast like that until I’m ready, that really hurt”.

“You got it sis” I answered pleased. Moving back towards her pussy.

“Wait” mom said, “I have a better idea. Bryce lay down on the bed”.

I didn’t know what she had planned but did as she told, laying flat on my back on the bed between my mother and sister. My hard dick pointing up.

“Now honey, sit on top of your brother’s cock” mom said, “this way you control how fast he is fucking you”.

You got to hand it to her, she knows her way around the bedroom. Sam also seemed to like the idea, especially the part of her controlling how fast we fuck.

She got to her feet and climbed up on the bed. Then, she stood towering over me and slowly lowered herself down, facing me. She looked me in the eyes as she impaled herself upon my erect cock all the way down. I let out a loud groan.

My sister lifted herself off my cock and then impaled herself once more. She lifted herself up and down slowly from my dick a few more times, each time her tight beautiful pussy swallowing my dick and clamping around it.
After a bit of going slow she started to quicken the pace, until finally her pussy and my cock were used to each other enough for her to start quickly bouncing up and down on my cock.

She was going at full speed now, jumping frantically on my cock, making her amazing tits jiggle and bounce in all directions, feeling the full length of my cock glide inside her with every insertion until she brought herself to an orgasm. The feeling was amazing, the tightness of her pussy hugging my cock every time it entered her.

“Ooohhh fuck” my sister’s announced “I’m cumming”.

I grabbed her by the waist with both hands, her knees on the mattress and her pussy over my cock and then started thrusting my cock into her from below.


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