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he Unspoken Game

I was quickly plunging my cock into her when she climaxed. She let out a loud high squeal which didn’t stop me from fucking her. Then continued with a series of moans and groans that turned into her body shaking wildly. I stopped fucking her at that moment, my dick still inside her as her whole body trembled with the pleasure of a female orgasm.

It was lucky that I was holding her by the waist, because at the peak of her climax her body gave out on her and she could not hold herself up anymore.
I slowly lowered her down onto me and held her naked body tightly against mine, putting her head against my chest and letting the last of her convulsions pass as she let out little sobs from the overwhelmingly ecstatic pleasure.

After the last of her orgasm died out, I rolled her over to her back, pulled my cock out of her carefully and got to my feet. After I myself came twice already, my ability to last was high. Combine that with the condom I was wearing that dulled the sensation, and that was what made me last this long, fucking my step mom and step sister and making the second cum while my dick stayed rock hard.

I looked over to my step mom who was fingering herself intensely, so turned on by seeing her baby girl’s climax. A sexy smile formed on her face when she noticed my cock was still very much erect.

“Come on honey” my step mom said enticingly, “come fuck mommy”.

My step mom moved around the bed, she got on her hands and knees facing her sexually exhausted daughter, her firm ass held up invitingly, calling for me to fuck her doggy style.
I walked behind her and grabbed her luscious behind, squeezing and kissing it. I then got on my knees on the bed behind her and prepared myself for penetration.

“You can go ahead and take the condom off” my mother said to my delight, “you don’t need it with me”.

I peeled the rubber off my hard dick enjoying the air on it. I then repositioned myself behind her, holding her by the waist with both hands and looked forward viewing my step mom’s bare back, her matted hair and in front of her, my sister gazing at me as I entered my uncovered cock into her mother.

My mother let out a moan and arched her back as the full length of my cock penetrated her. I also let out a loud groan as my cock came in direct contact with the walls of her pussy for the first time. I pulled my cock almost all the way out and inserted it back in to the sound of another moan.

Slapping sounds echoed in the room between moans as I was fucking my step mom rhythmically, each thrust causing another slap as our bodies collided and I crashed against her ass. I was fucking my mom so hard now trying to make her cum and ready to climax myself.

“Oh God Bryce don’t stop” mom screamed out after a series of loud moans.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK, keep going” she said as she was finally overtook by an orgasm.

She let out a shriek and her entire body spasmed as the pleasure hit her. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as I held on to her and continued to fuck her throughout the orgasm. As the power of her orgasm increased, her hands gave out on her and she slowly dropped, falling onto her daughter’s lap.

As the last waves of her orgasm rushed through her, the most amazing thing happened. My step mom, resting her head on her daughter’s lap, suddenly took her tongue out and started licking her own daughter’s pussy.

Sam was completely astonished by this as was I. It was too much for me.

I let out a loud moan and called out “I’m gonna cum” to my step mother who was still buried in my step sister’s pussy.

I fucked her as fast as I could using the last of my strength as the orgasm hit me at full power. My cock burst inside my step mom, making me call out in pleasure as I shot my load inside her. I continued pumping her cunt as I was cumming inside her with all my might.

She stopped licking Sam when I climaxed, maybe experiencing another small orgasm herself and moaned hoarsely with the last of her strength.

This was the longest orgasm I have ever experienced, wave after wave of sexual pleasure hitting me while I was still inside my mom. Finally it stopped and I fell over onto the bed holding my step mom.

We lay on the bed all three of us, covered with sweat. My mom was in the middle and Sam and I on both sides. We were all quiet, laying there exhausted, taking in the sexual ordeal we just had. My mom had her back to me and was looking at Sam when I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later looking outside at the first light of dawn. The light in the room was still on, two sleeping females were still next to me on the bed and a heavy musk of female pussy was in the air. I got up to turn off the light and just before clicking the switch, I looked at my mother and sister. They were both so beautiful, sleeping there naked. My mom had her hand placed tenderly on my sister’s thigh.

I finally turned off the light and got back into bed. I lay there for a few minutes, pondering on the unique sexual experience I just had, fucking both my smoking hot step mom and my gorgeous step sister. I looked over to the side to make sure they were real, to make sure I hadn’t dreamt the entire thing, but they were as real as it gets. I knew that from now on things around the house would get a lot more fun.

Hope you enjoyed.

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