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Her Name Was Lilly

“No, I’m sorry. I should have knocked. I though you were finished,” Lilly replied.

For a reason that I cannot explain, neither of us did anything but look in each other’s eyes. We didn’t move; we didn’t speak. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. What happened next was beyond my control; my mind and its actions were driven by teenage hormones.

Breaking the awkward silence, Lilly leant toward me and put her soft lips against mine. My mind raced, panicked and confused: “she kissed me! She’s kissing me! What do I do?” But I let it happen. I didn’t pull back or refuse. We kissed, and our tongues danced. I’d never felt such a sensation before. She was warm; her lips were inviting. We fell backward onto the bed and lay beside each other, continuing to kiss. Her left arm wrapped around my back, and her right hand reached for my breasts. I wrapped my hands around her head.

She briefly pulled away and stripped herself of her clothing, but resumed kissing me immediately. I rubbed her breasts, and she rubbed mine. After what seemed like hours of our lips together, we separated. We just stared into each other’s eyes. My emotions were torn. I was scared and nervous, but also thrilled and excited. My pussy was wetter than it had ever been before.

Lilly’s body was better-looking in person. Her breasts were perfect, and her pussy was smooth and exotic. She asked me to move my head to the pillow. I did, and after having lain on my back, Lilly crawled to the bottom of the bed and played with my senses. She kissed my lips once again with tenderness, thence my neck, thence my shoulders, thence my breasts, thence my stomach, and thence my thighs. She rubbed her soft hands over my breasts, whose nipples stood erect. She moved downward, tickling my stomach. She rubbed my inner thighs and ran her fingers all the way down my slick legs and up again. She was driving me crazy. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

She grabbed my legs and spread them wide open. She moved one, and only one, of her fingers just above my saturated, shaven pussy. She rubbed the area around my pussy, and when she touched it, that’s when the unfathomable sensation of pleasure erupted throughout my body. She began wiggling one finger in and around my pussy. The sloshing noises that only one finger made were incredible. Then, to my eyes, her head disappeared. I felt a new gratification on my pussy that I had never felt before — a tongue. It felt great; every part of my body was tingling. She licked me like a cat licks its fur: up and down, up and down. She’d only just begun, and my body could hardly stand the pleasure. I began to move uncontrollably. I tried my best not to squish her head between my knees.

My heart raced as fast as a Corvette. My breaths were short and quick, but deep. Lilly began moving her tongue in and out of my pussy, and that felt even better. My knees began to quiver. I clinched my eyes as tightly as possible. I was breathing like I was about to win a marathon. My hands grabbed the sheets and nearly ripped them from the bed. The pleasure was building in me. I began quietly moaning, every second becoming slightly louder. Suddenly, I no longer had control.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whispered.

After hearing that, Lilly sped up. My toes curled, my legs shook violently, and I let out a loud squeal. I was cumming. From my head to my toes, my entire body felt amazing, and it shook without restraint. From my pussy, a clear liquid shot forward directly onto Lilly’s face, and a thick, white liquid oozed downward toward the bed sheets. I lay for several minutes, without saying a word, enjoying that wonderful feeling after an orgasm, and trying to comprehend exactly what just happened. Lilly didn’t say anything either. She gently rubbed my thighs.

I regained my breath and sat upward. I looked toward Lilly, whose face was wet with my cum. She smiled, and I smiled back. I looked at my pussy. There was a small stream of gooey cream flowing. I touched it. It was sticky and slimy. The bed looked like someone had spilled a cup of water. Without much time wasted, we quickly changed positions, and I returned the favor. I didn’t give Lilly the suspense of rubbing her entire body. I went straight in; I immediately started licking away.

It felt weird. It was smooth on my tongue and very wet. Her juices mixed with my spit. I slid my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy just as she had done to me. It tasted salty, but somehow sweet, and it was very warm. I could already tell that Lilly was getting close to an orgasm. With every stroke of my tongue, her juices multiplied. Eventually, I felt like I was sticking my tongue to the end of a water spout. She was quickly approaching an orgasm; I could feel her getting closer. Without much warning, she moved her hips violently. I could hardly keep my mouth on her pussy because she was squirming so much. She wrapped her hands around my head to hold me in place. She moaned and squeaked and, just like me, squirted quite a bit onto my face. After Lilly finished cumming, I wiped my face on the sheet. I moved beside her; we lay side by side. Our pussies exhausted and relieved.

Neither of us said a word for the better of ten minutes. The bed had wet spots, the room smelled of sex, and we were dirty and sticky. After having regained our heart rates, breaths, and minds, we spoke.

“That was fun,” Lilly exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“I don’t know what came over me, but I just started doing stuff…stuff I’ve never done before,” Lilly admitted.

“Me too,” I replied. “There is one thing, though, Lilly: you’ll have to show me how to use that dildo.”

Lilly smiled. Lilly laughed.

That event changed my life, and certainly my perspective on life. From there, Lilly and I became even closer. We had many more ‘fun’ occasions. I don’t regret any bit of it. Nothing at all.


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