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Hot Son Bangs Hot Mom

Hi iss lovers.This is aaliya sri. I would like to share my experience with you guys. Please do feedback and comment. Ok lets go. I am 46. Average color. I am a beautiful lady with a stunning figure of 38-34-42. Both me and son are very friendly and they care for each other a lot.I am used to wear only sarees.I live in bangalore. My son’s age is 18. He is athletic and not so beautiful. My husband works in dubai. I have one daughter who is married and settled in us. Son (anil) was left in a boarding school till 10th std.Now he is studying 11th and now in a day scholar school.

I used to feel lonely in my house because my husband has been working there for 5 yrs and not still returned.My son and daughter were also not there. I haven’t had sex for 10 years. I used to have self satisfaction at home. But now my son is in home so I cant masturbate. He was a good boy and also a study scholar.

One day I was washing clothes when he came home. My saree was all wet and my nipples visible since I wore no bra that day. He was starring at that and talking then he went. He used to lock his room during studies. Then next morning when I went inside the bathroom he was bathing without closing the door. I was shocked to see his cock which is long. I have seen it after 5 yrs. I then said sorry and moved away. I had some feel and felt horny because of that cock.I thought that I should not think of my son like that. He went school.

Then after two days he said that he was having some test and gonna study till late night. I woke in the middle accurately 12.30. When I walked in the kitchen to drink water I saw some light over his room through the key hole. So I thought he must be studying. I heard some sound from his room. When I looked in he was playing in the computer. I was angry. I thought of beating him. But I kept silent and went to sleep.

Next day he had no school. I wanted to go to my relatives wedding. I asked whether he was coming he said no.At evening I came home and he said he is going out to play. When I entered his rooms bathroom I felt sperm smell. And I was shocked when I saw my bra in the bucket. He must have masturbated and forgot to throw it away.But I waited and watch what’s happening. That night when he returned I told him that I was going to bath. I went in and placed my phone recording in my room which he did not know. After bathing I came back and took my phone and saw that he came and watched my bathing through the door hole.

I told about this to my close friend. She told me that her son is also doing the same. I asked her what to do. She said dont do anything. This is common for these boys. She then went. That night I was thinking what to do? I was shocked when I heard my door open it was my son. I was acting like sleeping. He came near me and lied on the bed near me and checked whether I was sleeping or not. He kept his hands on my boobs and pressed it. I felt horny and he tried to remove my blouse but he couldn’t so he put his hands inside my boobs and when he pinched my nipples I slapped him and I m your mom dont do this. Where have learnt all these ?K?? I tried to escape.

He suddenly came behind me grab my waist tightly and started kissing my neck like anything without showing any mercy and was squeezing my boobs in one hand and was lifting my saree in other hand and he found that I was not wearing her panty and started fingering my pussy well but I was resisting but he put more power and removed his shorts and took my 6 inch cock and ram it inside my pussy in one shot tears roll from my eyes he tore my saree and made me nude completely
Then he carried me and throw me on bed and started licking my pussy for few mins as he have not experienced the licking then my resistance got slow and then he make me to turn then insert his thick cock in her ass and started to fuck my ass like a horse with full power then I was not able to stand up I almost passes out.

Finally I submit herself to be his sex slave as there is no other go and starts enjoying my fuck he was fucking my ass and was pressing my boobs in other hands and was fingering my pussy with his other hand I was moaning like ahhhh ahhhh faster dear faster dear hmmm.. Ahhhh.. Yesss tear my ass I am all yours ahh yeasss make my ass bleed like that I was shouting than after a vigorous fucking for 20 minutes he shot his huge load inside my ass then we both laid and hugged each other then we slept for an hour then I woke him up and said ill be your sex slave for ever

I think you would have like my story. Please do comment. If can contact me at [email protected] I can ideas to have sex with any one because I am a horny mother who knows about all. And also for anything please do contact.


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