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Losing My Virginity To Sexy Neighbor

Hi, my name is Sakshi and like most young girls in India, I work in an IT company. This is my real sex story. Thankfully, I work in an international MNC and have a very good pay which allowed me to relocate from my hometown, the wonderful city of Bangalore. I am 23 years old and this was my first taste of freedom!

I enjoyed Bangalore because no one bothered anyone here and no one knew me. I was hoping to get into some adventures here on my own. I was a virgin and I was hoping that I would have sex soon enough. I had been flirting with a colleague, another young fresher guy like me and I was hoping he would be my first. But life had other plans.

I was staying in a 2BHK in a large apartment complex with over 500 flats. It was a secure place and perfect because it was filled with people like me who didn’t mind each other’s business. While Bangalore is generally open-minded, my flat owner was still a bit conservative and he told me not to bring too many guy friends. I was a bit angry at the request but then he lived abroad, so he wasn’t here to check! And little did I know that I didn’t need to bring any outsiders, there were many men in my own complex!

I lived with another girl Namrata, who was a nice person to live with. She was older, 25 and very beautiful. She almost always had her boyfriend coming over and I didn’t mind it much. Sometimes, I would hear them have sex, man, she used to moan and scream a lot! But they usually kept to themselves and we often hung out at home and also outside.

Now, right beside my flat lived a couple in the adjacent flat. Their master bedroom window was right opposite my bedroom. This was a slightly older couple, but super sexy. They were one of those globetrotting couples always flying here and there. Their names were Rajeev Verma and Maitir Verma, she was about 32 years, I think and had a very good figure.

She was tall, dusky and had curves in all the right places. I envied her, she looked like a model. He was also very smart and had a muscular body. I knew he went to the gym whenever he was in the city. He seemed a bit older, 36 probably and had nice grey hair which I found irresistible.

As you might have guessed, this couple is the stars of this sex story. Well, not the woman, just the man. I knew them casually, always often meeting in the lift. And that day was no different.

It was a rainy day as August days are in Bangalore and I used to ride on a scooter to the office. While returning, it was raining heavily and I had forgotten to carry my raincoat. So I got fully drenched, even as I was riding, I could feel the water trickle down space between my breasts and my back. I was feeling very sexy and could feel my nipples grow hard and straining against my bra. I was wearing a simple cotton kurta and anyone could see my bra make an outline on the kurta with my nipples sticking out. I could feel the stare of the watchmen at my complex as I got into it.

I was completely wet and rushing to get into the lift when I met Rajeev and Maitri in the lift. I said, ‘Hi Bhaiyya, hello Bhabhi!’ and gave them a charming smile. I had taken to calling them bhaiyya and bhabhi to avoid any gossip. They smiled back and I saw there was a suitcase beside Maitri.

‘Coming back from a trip Bhabhi?
‘Arre no! I have to go on a trip but I forgot to take my laptop charger so just going back in to get it’
‘Oh okay! Where are you off to?’
‘I am going to San Francisco for the week, will be back only next Friday!’
“Nice! I love San Francisco!’ I was feeling very jealous of her right then. Just then the lift came to a shrill stop and the lights went out! It was pitch dark.

‘Oh god! I don’t want to miss my flight. Rajeev calls the maintenance guy please!’ Maitri was visibly upset and immediately Rajeev called the maintenance guys through the lift phone who informed the lift would be stuck for 5 minutes more. Inside the lift, there is no network and hence no phones worked. We just stood there in the dark, no one was bothering to switch on their flashlights.

I had some dirty thoughts in my mind and that’s why I didn’t switch it ion. I was standing beside Rajeev and his wife on the other side. I decided to take the moment and put my hand on his pants.

Immediately, he jerked but he didn’t make a sound. My touch had woken up the beast inside his pants! His penis that was resting woke up and was getting harder by the second. I could feel it was so big and long, I was already wet but now I could feel my pussy getting wet too.

To deviate his wife, I asked her how her previous trips were and the conversation kept going as I kept stroking his hard cock. In between, he let out a moan which he quickly covered with a bout of coughing! With his left hand, he started grabbing at my butt and started squeezing it. I loved his strong hands, he had such big hands too.

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I wanted them to caress my entire body. Thankfully, I came to my senses and I stopped stroking just before the lights came back on.
We reached our floor and said our goodbyes. Rajeev said ‘See you around soon’ and they went to their flat. I got into mine but my mind was still into Rajeev and I needed some release. So I got to my bedroom and peeled off my kurta exposing my black lace bra.

My fair skin was a nice contrast to the black bra. My full boobs made a nice cleavage in the bra, my bra size is 36C quite big for my small body. I then peeled off my leggings to reveal my matching black panty. I stood in front of the mirror looking at my reflection wondering if Rajeev would like to fuck me. I knew he would.

I then went and opened the window curtains, no one except anyone from Rajeev’s bedroom could see me. I was disappointed to see no one in the room. But I left it open and went and sat on my bed. I removed my bra and panty and lay back down on the bed. I needed some release.

I started touching myself all over, squeezing my soft boobs with both my hands. I needed a strong man to squeeze them for me. And then I slowly slid my finger in my pussy rubbing it up and down all the way from my clit to my pussyhole. I was so wet, my fingers were making a squishing sound.

Just then Rajeev had entered his bedroom and seen me pleasuring myself. He just stood there and for a minute I was shocked to let him see me like this but this is what I wanted. I showed my hand and asked him to come over.

I quickly put on my robe and went out to see him waiting at the door. He gave me a wide grin and he followed me into my room. I locked it behind me and he immediately pounced on me. He grabbed me by my waist and turned me around to kiss me. He started kissing my neck and slowly removed my bathrobe to see my naked body.
‘Sakshi, I have wanted to make love to you for so long! I finally got my chance’

‘Really? But you have a such a sexy wife, why do you want me?’
‘I am like that, I want all the best things in life. I want her and I want you too. I love your lips, your boobs, oh god I love you completely!’
I then took off his shirt to reveal a muscular body, he even had abs!! I ran my fingers down his hard chest and then lingered at his belt. I then took it off and let his pants fall down. His hard cock was throbbing against his underwear. I pulled it off to see a 6-inch monster rock hard staring into my face. I pushed him against the wall and knelt down to take it in my mouth.

I had seen these moves only in porn movies and I was about to give him the same experience. I used to think the taste of cock might be weird but he was tasty. I wanted to taste more of him and went deeper and deeper. By now my pussy was dripping with wetness.
He then pulled me up and pushed me down on the bed.

‘Sakshi, you have such a lovely pussy. I want to fuck it so hard! Are you a virgin?’
‘Yes Rajeev, I am a virgin. But I can’t wait anymore for you. Please fuck me!’

First, he knelt down and started licking my pussy with his tongue. It was such an amazing experience, I had only felt my fingers down there till now but his tongue was out of the world. He pushed his tongue harder into my hole. But after seeing his cock I needed something harder.

‘Please stop Rajeev, put your hard cock into me. Don’t make me wait!’ I was desperate for him.
‘Why the hurry sweetheart? It’s your first time, let me show you how real men do it!’
He then put his one finger inside me and I moaned. Then he slid another finger and started going in and out.
‘Yes, Rajeev, faster, deeper!’

‘Rajeev, please come inside me. I want to feel your cock inside me!’
Then he took a break and got a condom packet from his pants. He slid it onto his hard cock and then brought his cock closer to my waiting pussy. He first only put his tip in, my virgin pussy was so tight. And then slowly started pushing in and out without going all in at once. He knew how to treat a woman! I could feel his thick cock spreading my pussy hole. My pussy was used to my small fingers and now this huge cock was inside me.

‘AAAAHHHHHHHHH!’ I screamed out. There was this weird feeling I had, it was pain and pleasure at the same time. I wanted more of that sensation. We were in the missionary position, I on my back and he on top. He then went in faster and deeper and then he took his right hand and started rubbing my clit with his thumb.


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