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Losing My Virginity To Sexy Neighbor

The sensation of him rubbing my clit and thrusting his cock was too good. I knew an orgasm was coming but I wanted to delay it. He kept ramming his cock into my pussy so hard. He kept rubbing my clit and then kept switching into squeeze my boobs. This got faster and harder, till we both knew we were coming and then with a final push he came into me. He came and lay down on me and kissed my cheek and smiled.

‘So how was losing your virginity?’
‘I am so glad I lost it to you. You took such good care of me. I want to repay you somehow!’
‘Well, my wife travels a lot and I need company. I hope I can count on you to make me happy?’
‘Ofcourse! We have the entire week now! See what’s coming your way!’

We had a wonderful week ahead of us, and I will tell you more about it in the next few posts. You can email me your responses and suggestions about the sex story to [email protected]


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