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Love And Sex In The Air Part I

Hey everyone this is Rohan. Basically I belong from Delhi and I am a trustworthy reader of ISS. so I just want to welcome each and every readers of ISS from the deep bottom of my heart. So girls and boys, I am here to share my new experience with you all. I am sure that this story will make you feel romantic, erotic and obviously thirsty for having a great sex with your partners. Girls and boys if you like my story then please share it with me. My mail id is / <[email protected]>/</[email protected]i>

From past few months, I was struggling to love myself, because, I was irritated of myself. I was irritated because, I was alone and in this dark loneliness, I needed someone to feel my desires, which was completely missing from my life. But someone changed it totally, and she was my princess, a cute little (damn sure, she is a baby) angel, SHIVANI. So, few months back, I went to jaipur for some seminar related issues and there I heard about a national conference of banking sectors dealing in I.T business. I was very happy to attend this one because I was sure that it will be proved as a milestone for me. Because i was alone till that time, so I went to attend the seminar which was being held at management centre, roorke. Management centers are always known for conducting these world level seminars, which include personals of various sectors. It was a three day long conference, which started as:-
DAY 1 (Germination of love in my heart for shivani)

I was present at the venue, and that’s too at sharp 9 am. Wow, what a beautiful feeling it was. everyone with their copy of synopsis especially students and banking personals with their bank id cards hanging on their neck, and full of confidence that how they will deal with I.T business. As i was alone, so I took a seat at a corner and was wondering “whether this conference will change my life or not”. But it changed. First of all, we had to be registered for our room allotments.

Till that time, I was unaware of a fact, and the fact was “management centers provide live in relationship in their hostels, and as we were the guests there, so, it was applicable for us too. Wow, I felt that, it will be a good time for meeting with new friends and new delegates. Anyway, I was standing in line, and I was waiting for my turn to get my room. When, I took my room number, it was 203 at the first floor, and I was very happy. Just behind me, there was a lovely girl, wowwwwww….what was her beauty…..she was just fabulous, hot, sexy, yet cute, sweet, and very pretty. She was SHIVANI. She was from bank delegate’s side, and was looking a bombshell. When she took her room, she was allotted room number 203, same as my room but on the second floor.

Then I decided to chat with her, as her beauty and her fragrance were attracting me. When she left the registration counter, she was looking here and there. Then I thought that, this is the best chance to meet and talk to her. so, slowly I moved to her, and I just said,

Me:- excuse me….hey hi, myself rohan, and I am working as a agri business manager.., how about you?
Shivani:- oh hi rohan, I am shivani, a bank delegate, and ……….. Nice to meet you…
Me:- so, you got your room???
Shivani:- yup, room number 203.
Me:- oh my god, my room number is 203 too…….. Are we going to live together?? And I smiled”.
Shivani:- ha ha ha , sorry rohan, but its on second floor, and may be u have got on the second floor..Am I right?

(I was sad, but I was trying to be happy…. ha ha ha…..)

Me:- oh yes dear…..so, shall I accompany to your room??
Shivani:- sure… so, from where are you?

I thought that I should say, I am straight from your heart shivani, and shivani, how you can be so beautiful? I am getting in love with you shivani, but this was not the right time to say all these. Anyway, on the first day, we both attended the conference, the whole conference session was very boring, but we had to attend that. At last in the evening, we met again.

So shivani, you enjoyed that session…? no rohan, I got totally bored, and here I don’t know anyone too. then I said” hey I am with you dear, and I started to laugh. She too smiled and said, yessss, but still, I need someone with whom I can chat whole day and night.

Then I understood that shivani, was alone too. And she was also alone from inside. so, I stopped her, and I said

Me:- shivani, I know we met only today, but I feel, you are feeling alone here, can I help u in any manner? first of all, she felt shy, and she felt uncomfortable but later she told her problem.

Shivani:- rohan, actually, I came here just because I was not feeling good at my work, and then I decided to go to a new place for few days, so that my mood can be changed. but here, no one wants to be friendly and want to cooperate. every one are just busy in this conference, and now I wonder, that why I came here? after she told all these, I stopped her..

Me:- hey shivani, listen to me. Its life, we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow, but we should enjoy our present. And right now, I am with you, so u doesn’t need to be in tension, and if u don’t mind, my number is 99. Call me anytime, I am your friend shivani. and she started to feel Goosebumps on her skin. wow, she was looking very pretty……..till that time, I somewhere felt that our heart felt some hot desires, as it is true that when two empty heart meets, they break into fire, with love and lust. After that, we went to sleep, and our first day ended.

DAY 2 (Friendship at the top)

Second day when I woke up, I saw one miss call on my cell phone, it was an unknown number, and then I decided to call back.

Me:- yes, may I know who is this?

“Hey this is shivani, rohan”.

Shivani:- kaise ho?

Me:- good morning shivani…. I am fine, how was your night?

shivani:- it was okay, but today I don’t want to go to conference… rohan, you told me last night that you are my friend, so can we both go to a movie or any other place to visit.
OH MY GOD, I felt so much happiness that I could not write these. that day, we almost done every fun. it started with some shopping, then a movie and then some fun rides at amusement park. but during the whole day of fun, we both became very close. I was wondering of her cuteness, her sweetness, her adorability, her pureness, but all this fun came to an unexpected level.

That day, we both drank some wine; we boozed till we become unconsciousness. These all were just fun and the best moment of our life. When we were returning, I don’t know what happened to me, I started flirting with her.

Me:- oh shivani, this was the best day…and you look beautiful and s…… jane do…

Shivani:- oh rohan, are you trying to flirt with me? And what’s this s…….?

Me:- (actually we both were slightly drunk, so) it means you look sweet..ha ha ha

Shivani:- oh really?? Or it was sexy?

That time, I felt like, I should hold her tight and I should love her, till our last breathe. And then I said,

Me:- shivani, mere andar ke shaitan ko mat jagao..agar ye jag gaya to tumhe barbad kar dega

Shivani:- rohan, ek baat bolun? barbadi se hame dar nahi lagta, darti hu bas ye soch ke, ki barbad karne wala kahi galat insaan to nahi hai? nahi to mujhme itni aag hai ki, mai barbadi ko v barbad kar doon… and suddenly she started to laugh…..

Me:- kya hua ab apke shyrane andaz ko?

And she smiled and said;- are chal, kuch v tu sochne lagta hai… mai to bas tumhare sath flirt kar rahi thi.. ha ha ha..(mai use kaise batata ki, uski ye hassen, mujhe pagal kiye ja rahi thi, ab mai uske bina last day nahi rehna chahta tha)

Finally, we came to our hostel, and this was the time to get separated. shivani wished me good night, but I was not in mood to leave her alone. shivani, before u go to sleep, can I hug you once? and after listening this, she said, “rohan, I don’t know whether I am doing right or wrong, but I want to hug you too”. As soon she said it, we both hugged each other. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, what a feeling it was. I was hugging her tightly, and she was caressing her hand on me. but, I ddint wanted to ruin these moments, so we both decided to go in our room.

But this hug, ignited lots and lots of fire in our heart. now our two day friendship was turning into desires of physical satisfaction, sex, lust, and moans of love. but god was not in mood to make us fall in love at that day. so we both went to sleep, with lustful eyes.

Because, we boozed so heavily, that on the last day, we both slept till, 10 am..everyone left the hostel. and when I woke up, I saw 10 am??? I was like fuckkkkk…what I did?

DAY 3 ( only love and love)

So, when I woke up, I called shivani…

Me:- in sleepy voice, good morning shivani, where are you? its 10 am dear… and suddenly she woke up too.
Shivani:- good morning rohan..oh my god, we missed our last day, “today we were have to take certificates na”
Me:- yup dear, but now, we can only join at 5 pm., an I think, may be hostel was locked too…. what u think?
Shivani;- rohan, let me check the scene, and she dropped the phone.

I was about to freshen up myself, I saw one message, it was from shivani. I was thinking, why she messaged me, and when I read that message, it changed my life. The message was.
“rohan, everybody have left, our hostel is totally blank. Can you come to second floor”?

After reading this, my desires broke all the limits, and I rushed to second floor. for the first time, I rushed to second floor, which was booked for girls only. So, very slowly, I was climbing the stairs. There I saw shivani. she gently showed me her room, and she entered first. Behind her, I slowly entered her room, and soon she locked her.


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