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Love And Sex In The Air Part I

We both looked each other. And we were standing apart. So I decided to flirt her badly.

Me:- irada kya hai shivani?
Shivani:- rohan, I am having lots of pain in my body. bahut dard ho raha hai, aur wo v meetha si dard. Ye kaise jayega?
Me:- shivani, kya mai aur kareeb aake dekh sakta hoon?
Shivani:- aao na rohan….. jitna paas aa sako. bas aa jao.

Soon, I hugged her, she was breathing heavily….for the first time, I touched her body. she was just shivering badly, and her grip was getting tough and tougher. I was really on the 9th cloud at that time. soon, our lips met like two strong magnets..and we were badly burning in the desire of love, the profound love and the delicate yet delicious love.

Shivani:- oh rohanddddddd, ahhhhh rohan…… rohan take my heart, lick my body, feel my pain, suck my desires, and fuck me hard….

As, I listened her last word, I threw her on the bed, and I stood in front of her. She asked “why, u are making me feel like a fish without water?”. and I simply replied, shivani, I just want that our love should only be oursss, so I slowly moved to window and curtained it. As, I curtained the window, shivani got up from the bed, and she hugged me from the back. She curled her hand around my body and she was uttering, rohan, make my life, love me, hurt me inside……… Slowly, I moved towards her, and I put my hands on her boobs…her boobs was round and tough. Her nipple was just erect, and she smelled too good…

I took her in my lap, and I bite her ear lobes. She moaned heavily, rohannnnnnnnnn, rohannnnnnn….. I am totally wet down in my panty. rohan feel it na, and for some time, our conversation became more erotic…

Me:- shivani, something wants to get inside your body..
Shivani:- rohan, I can take it, I can engulf it, I can enjoy it rohan…
Me:- hey shivani, why you are making me maddd…..i am fond of your beauty, and I want to ram you on this hot bed… I know your juices will make it more wet……….

Soon, we jumped on bed…she tore my clothes….i slapped her hard…I tore her shirt, “oh babyyyyyyyyy, wait, I will kill you”… I unhooked her bra, and I tore her panty…we were behaving like animals…… rather like we were wild animals… shivani, took my shorts and she held my dick…… soon, she took her in her mouth, and I was caressing her hair………

Shivani:- ggguuupppppp, sssuuuuuupppppppppp, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, slurppppppppp… she was totally sucking my dick…but it was so intense that, I threw her under my body, and

I fucked her very harddddddd……

Shivani:- rohandddddddd, wow, what a feeling it iss……….. come on rohandddd, come on…. we were like, ffuuuckkkkk, fuuuckkkkkkkkkkk, in and out, in and out…… her pussy juices were making our fuck easier..It all continued with passion, and sexxxxxxxxxx, just sexxxxxxxxxxx everywhere…

To be continued……

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Till then enjoy everyone


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