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Sangeeta was a cute and sexy girl, born and brought at Delhi, She lived in a hostel as her parents stayed far from her school. She was 32 yrs old, unmarried and a whore in simple words. She had a

crush on one of her co-workers. She had already expressed her feelings about him to her friend. Who told her that she will arrange a small date and Sangeeta could enjoy. Arpit also wanted a piece



of Sangeeta and knew that she wanted it too. Within days, they came closer, thanks for Sangeeta’s friend and actually became boyfriend and Girlfriend.

One day they didn’t go to work and reached Arpit’s house. They were both starving for sex, and in a hurry to get inside and bolt the door. Once in they didn’t waste any time and started to kiss

each other near the door. Both of them were in T shirt and Jeans,

Their lips were locked and were darting in and out. Arpits hands were running on Sangeeta’s T shirt and squeezing her boobs. On the other hand Sangeeta was his pants where he was bulging.

Sangeeta pulled his zip down and slid her hands into his briefs. She could feel the cock struggling inside. With one hand she removed his jeans button and pulled his jeans down, his cock was

straining in the briefs. She put my hand into his brief and felt his cock.

She could feel the thick cock and its big head. It was already dripping wet with his precum. She kept moving the skin up and down and could feel it jerk in her hands. Arpit put his hand inside

Sangeeta’s T shirt and was busy kneading her round and soft boobs.

After a long session of kissing, Sangeeta knelt down and pulled Arpit’s jeans down along with his briefs. His cock was erect and facing Sangeeta’s face. The veins were jutting out and his cock was

shining. She pulled his skin back and kissed his cock.

Sangeeta then took it into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob, She had already become an expert as this was probably the 100th time She was doing it. Arpit pulled her hair back so that he

too could see her face and mouth while Sangeeta sucked his cock.

Sangeeta was looking like a whore. Her mouth took the shape of a cunt for him to fuck her. Sangeeta just loved to suck cocks and drink its juices.After about 5 minutes, Arpit held her head with

both the hands, now Sangeeta knew he was ready to cum. She started to deep throat him and also used her mouth to tighten aroundhis cock. After a few minutes of fast thrusting he came into

Sangeeta’s mouth and held her tight!, while Sangeeta drank his juice and licked him clean.

After that Sangeeta got up and Arpit pulled his jeans up and we went to the hall, Sangeeta removed the buttons of her jeans and pulled it down along with the panties. Her whorish cunt was already wet and thick pubic hairs were shining with the juices.

Arpit came and knelt before Sangeeta and lifted her legs and spread them. He could now see her pussy all spread out and the clit was coming out. He put a finger inside the wet and juicy cunt and started to finger fuck her. Sangeeta lay back on the sofa as he went on finger fucking!!

After few jerks his 2nd finger went in, then the 3rd, now it felt like a cock moving inside, he was moving it in and out quiet fast, Sangeeta’s cunt was getting more wet and lubricating his fingers.
He pulled out his fingers and then spread her cunt lips, her pink cunt hole was open in front of him so was the dark pink clit, He licked her clit and a sudden shock went through Sangeeta’s body.
His tongue went deep into her wet cunt and She was maoning with pleasure. After about 7 minutes Sangeeta came and he sucked every bit and licked her cunt dry.
Sangeeta then got up from the sofa and removed the T shirt and the bra, Arpit was also fully naked, Sangeeta didn’t waste anytime and lay down on the carpet. Arpit knelt between her legs and spread it. He pulled out a condom from his jeans pocket tore the cover and threw it, he put the condom on his cock and lifted sangeeta’s legs and in one smooth push his cock was lost inside her wet cunt, it went in smoothly.

He started to fuck now, his muscles were moving and his cock was going in and out of sangeeta’s cunt. Her cunt was wet and it was working smoothly. Each time he pushed hard his balls would hit

sangeeta’s ass. He kept on pounding her, Both of them were moaning now…Arpit increased the speed and pressure and it was going deeper and deeper, Then he suddenly jerked and cummed. He pulled out

his cock from sangeeta’s wide open cunt and removed the juice filled condom and went to the bathrrom to flush it. Sangeeta got up and dressed back into jeans and T shirt.

Arpit also dressed up and they hugged each other. They kissed each other and embraced. Both of them continued this sex-adventure and had had quite a memorable time.


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