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Loving Neighbor Aunty

Story: it’s about the lady near to my house her name is Seema. She has her house in front of my house. She is about 28year old young slim and short. Her boobs are 28 in size, small but awesome. Her husband is working abroad and comes only once in 2 years. She and her 2 little children live alone. Coming to story, since she is having a small boy, I do visit her house very frequently to see and play with him.

Sometimes she will be carrying him in her hands when I visit her home, so when I take him from her I would make use of the situation to go for some touch of her body. I used to stare at her boobs all time when she cleans her courtyard using the broom. It was not much big but the thing which makes me mad was her ass. It was well shaped and I can see it well when she bends for cleaning the floor. I used to masturbate daily thinking of her.

One day I planned to seduce her in some way and have sex with her. I started to expose my body in front of her by roaming all around my home without shirts. Also, I used to wear no underwear when I visit her home. It was an exam time, I was having study leave so I went to her house to give her some fresh vegetables which we prepared at our farm, her elder daughter already went to school as it was a working day for them and the little one was sleeping. My evil mind started provoking me to have sex with her. As usual, I was not wearing any underwear and I was wearing a white color Bermuda and the loose t-shirt.

When I went there she took the vegetables from me and asked me to take the seat. She told me that her little boy just slept. She was watching tv and just gave me the remote once the program she was watching finished. I went on changing channels to search for the cricket match and suddenly the remote stop working when fashion channel came. It was photographers weekend in the channel, a girl was posing nude for the photographer, seeing it my cock woke up to its full size. She was laughing at my reaction as I was trying to change that channel quickly. But the remote was not working. When I stood up to change the channel in tv button she found my big erect cock. She was shocked to see the big thing hidden under my shorts and she started staring at it.

When I turn back after changing the channel she asked me what’s that big in your Bermuda? I answered its nothing. She asked me whether she can check it. I said no, but to my surprise, she got up and came to me. Suddenly she put her hand inside my Bermuda and with other hands, she slides my shorts down. She was surprised to see my huge 7inch cock. She asked me that why is it so huge? I told that it’s because my dick is so excited to see her big ass. She gave a naughty smile and asked me that when I started admiring her? She also told that she too was interested in me.

So I took hold of her face and started having a lip lock. Ohhh, what a lips she has it’s milky and tasty it was giving me an amazing feeling. I kissed on her forehead and made her stand in front of the mirror. I took hold of her from the back and started kissing her neck and shoulder. I was feeling the aroma of her hair it was feeling awesome as she took bath just a while before. I was getting the sweet smell of the soap and body spray she applied in her body. I caught hold of her small boobs and started massaging it outside her nighty. I was pinching her nipples and teasing the boobs with my long nails. She was very much aroused and responded well to my deeds.

Slowly I took off her nighty and made her lie on the bed. Now she is in her petticoat and lite sandal color bra. I started sucking her boobs on top of the bra and I love seeing the brown nipples through the wet bra. I started rotating my tongue around her nipples, it was making her mad. Then I removed her petticoat and now she has only panty and bra I came over her and kissed her forehead and came down kissing to reach her chest and between her boobs… She was moaning like anything ahh hmmm ssss and I came little down to reach her navel I put my tongue in her navel she was shivering with pleasure I put my finger inside her pussey and started massaging her pussey lips with my fingers. She was already wet with my previous deeds.

Now I came down and removed her panty to see her beautiful love hole. She was having a well-shaved pussey which was fully wet. Its smell was making me mad. I kissed her pussey and started licking it. I first licked and played with her clit which was awesome like a rose bud which is red in color. Then I inserted my tongue into her love hole and started tongue fucking and sucking her pussey. She was moaning very loudly with pleasure and was holding my hair pressing my face hard to her lovely pussey. I was enjoying the taste of her yummy pussey very well. She had her orgasm in a while. Now I asked her to take my cock in her mouth, she took it in her hand and licked it for a while. Then she started sucking it as a hungry baby drinking milk.

I was in heaven with the pleasure she gave me with her magical mouth and I was moaning throughout loudly, ahhh hmmm ssss ohhhhh ffffkkkk ssssss ahhh hmmmm suckkk hard oh yahhh. I was about to come, but I controlled it and asked her to stop. Now I asked her to open her legs for me. I was ready to insert my huge dick into her love hole. She was also ready for having the pleasure which she didn’t had since last 1year. I pushed my cock to her small hole it was half in for first push and fully in for the second. She started massaging her clit with one hand while I was fucking her. I got hold of her boobs and started my stroking in pase, ahhh hmmm ssss ahhhhh aaaaa sssss mmmmm ohhhhhh cmmmmeeee onnnnn ahhhh ahhhh yesssss I was in heaven at that time. She too was moaning in pleasure I keep sucking her boobs same time and stroking fast ahhh hmmm sss ohhhh gddddd hmmm ahhh come onnnn yesssss.

We hugged each other and kept stroking fast. We both came in 10 to 15 minutes. We both were tired and laid naked on bed for another 1hour. I was very much happy with my first sex experience and planted lovely thanking kiss in her cheeks. Later we had an anal session afterward in a bathroom. Send your valuable feedbacks to [email protected], and wait for the second part in the bathroom.


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