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Meeting Nesha

Me: Hello

Nesha: Hey, did you like your picture?

Me: Uh, yeah, wow. I wasn’t expecting that.

Nesha: well I wasn’t expecting what happened in the shelter house earlier either.

Me: Yeah, me either. I think we need to slow this down. I’m married and you, you’re 18!

Nesha: I know, I’m sorry. I just really like you. Something about you. I can’t stop thinking about you. About us together. About how I want to be with you. How you make me feel.

Me: We are going to end up in trouble. I’m going to end up in trouble! I shouldn’t have let it get this far. I’m normally not like this.

Nesha: So you’ve never messed around with another girl since you’ve been married?

Me: No. No, I haven’t. This just isn’t like me.

Nesha: Well that tells me that there is something between us. Something real. I’ve never been attracted to a guy like I am to you.

Me: I’m flattered, but let’s slow this down please.

Nesha: If that’s what you really want. But I think we both know it’s going to happen. Let’s just let it happens and see where it takes us. If either one of us is not comfortable after it happens, then we agree to stop.

Me: Let it happen?

Nesha: you know what I’m saying.

Me: yeah, I think I do. Hey, I have to run and take care of some things here. I’ll text you later.

Nesha: OK, but don’t forget me.

Me: That’s impossible at this point.

Nesha: OK, good bye for now.

After hanging up I set at my desk and wondered what next. A minute later my phone beeped and it was another picture from Nesha. She was wearing a red G-string standing in front of a mirror and turned just right so she could be taking a picture of her ass and legs. I stared at her perfect body and ass feeling my dick get hard. Another text followed that read “since my guy is an ass man”. I kept looking at both pics she sent me as I finished up my work. Things had picked up and I was shutting everything down at 11 now.

After my lines went down I went back into my office and took my phone out to look at Nesha’s pictures again. She was absolutely gorgeous! I fell into my own temptation and sent her a text that things were slowing down and I could stay inside for a while now. Nesha fired back immediately “want some company?” Again my heart fell into my stomach, but I had a stirring in my cock for her. Losing control again I texted back “sure, give me a call for directions”. Nesha called me to get directions where I was at. She said she had already figured out where I was with my address on my business card and would be here in 15 minutes. I told her where to park and what door to come in. I hung up the phone knowing that this was about to get more complicated.

Nesha arrived and I met her at side door to let her in. She looked amazing when I saw what she was wearing. She had on skin tight black athletic shorts similar to what you see high school volleyball players wear. A zip up hooded sweatshirt and tennis shoes. This was the first time I got to see the skin on her legs, other than the picture she sent, and noted how perfect she looked. She wasn’t overly tan, but had just the right amount of color. Nesha looked around and asked if anyone else was here. After I told her we were alone, she smiled and said that was how she liked it. I showed her around the control area as she set down in the operator’s chair surrounded by 12 flat screens covered in information. With my lines down, I then showed her my office and took a seat behind my chair as she walked around looking at things and pictures on the wall.

She looked at a picture of me and Dawn sitting on my desk, grabbed it and laid it face down. She asked if the reading lamp worked on my desk. When I told her yes, she told me to turn it on as she turned off the light switch on the wall. My office was now dimly lit as Nesha walked back in my direction. She stopped a couple feet away and unzipped her hoodie revealing she didn’t have another shirt on under it. I looked at her perfect young breasts and nipples as she peeled her top off and dropped her shorts next in one quick motion. Once her shoes were off she was completely naked in my office walking between me and my desk as he pushed her naked ass up and set down right in front of me onto my desk. She turned and pushed a couple things off to the side and laid back picking up her knees. I didn’t wait for an invitation and scooted my chair forward as she rested the backs of her legs on my shoulders.

I could smell the sweet young smell of her pussy right before my tongue touched her clit. I licked her hairless young pussy from her asshole to her clit and worked a finger inside of her. She was tighter than anything I had ever felt. Even Dawn’s ass wasn’t this tight! I worked my finger into her slowly and came across my next shock. I could feel something inside of her cunt. Resistance, something, was that her hyman? No way could she be a virgin. I raised my head up and asked “are you a virgin”. Nesha answered “yeah, is that a problem?”. I scooted my chair back away from her as her legs dropped down in front of my desk. “how old are you again?” I asked. Nesha answered she was 18 again.

I had a bad feeling and asked if she had her drivers license with her. She laughed and said “are we really doing this again? I’m 18. I graduated this past May” I thought by her tone that she was aggravated with me, but telling the truth. I apologized and told her I was just surprised she was a virgin. She asked what that was supposed to mean and did I think she was a slut or something. I explained “no, just by the blowjob you gave me earlier, I thought you were experience with this”. She hesitated and said “I am with oral sex. I used to date a guy and we did oral on each other all the time. I had plenty of practice with that, but I have never actually done it with a guy”. I apologized and told her I came across wrong. I was amazed how beautiful she was sitting on my desk completely naked. I told her “we won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with” and guided her back on my desk to lay down again.

I resumed eating her pussy and could feel her hands all over my head as she enjoyed it. I had plenty of practice eating Dawn’s pussy over the years and had developed a pretty good skill set at doing it. Nesha moaned softly at first and held onto my head with both her hands tighter. I could tell I had her close and started working her clit with my tongue even harder. She let out a loud moan and pushed her clit up into my mouth harder. I knew I had her on the edge and pushed my tongue harder doing circular motions on her clit while I fingered her pussy careful not to hurt her hymen. I felt her cunt start squeazing my finger and pulsating as she had her orgasm.

I stayed with my technique as her orgasm calmed and wondered if I could get her off again in the next couple minutes. Just as I suspected in less than 5 minutes I could feel her starting again. She was much louder this time moaning as she had her second orgasm with my mouth on her pussy. I slowly stopped and pulled my finger from her pussy. I gave her clit another kiss, scooted back and leaned back in my office chair. Nesha continued to lay on her back with her hands on her stomach. I watched her left hand reach down to her pussy and explore everything my mouth had just touched. She commented how she couldn’t believe how good it felt and had never came twice before. I knew I needed to go check my alarms panels in the next room to make sure everything was OK. I stood up and leaned over her and kissed her. She kissed me back as we explored each other with our tongues. I told her I’d be right back and as I walked out of the room I heard her shout “I can taste my pussy on your mouth”.

I returned to find her getting dressed and she already had her shorts back on. I set back in my chair and watched her put her hoodie and shoes on hoping we weren’t done yet. She told me to “drop my pants and have a seat in my chair” I quickly complied knowing she was about to finish what we had started earlier at the shelter house. My dick was already hard and saluting her as she kneeled between my legs and grabbed my cock. Nesha quickly started kissing and licking the tip. She held my cock by the shaft in her tiny hand and rubbed it over her lips and face. Wow, I thought. For an 18 year old girl she really had mastered her skills at giving head already. It was extremely sexy watching her make love to my cock. She went slow showing me all the tricks as she moved down and started sucking my balls. She was alternating sucking a nut at a time in her mouth as she jacked me off slowly.

I didn’t want this to end, but knew we couldn’t keep going on too much longer. I’m usually alone on nights, but I do occasionally see technicians and engineers pop in that are working on projects in the facility. Feeling we should hurry, I said “we need to speed this up, I have to get back to the control room soon”. Nesha looked up at me with one of my balls in her mouth and winked at me. I heard slurping sound as she took her mouth off my nuts and lowered her head to cock again. She started sucking my dick again keeping her fist around the base and slowly pumping me. Nesha looked up at me while sucking me off and paused quickly to whisper “get ready”.


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