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money for the maid

Kaamini was a chubby thirty nine year old maid working in a rich household. She used to do most of the chores and was working with the family for almost four years. Her master&name was Mr. Sharma and he had a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. One was nineteen year old Rahul and the other was eleven year old Amit. Kaamini used to even bathe Amit so she was really close to the kids.

Though Rahul was adult now but he looked quite younger and Kaamini used to ignore his stares on her body which were increasing day by day.

Rahul used to sit on his bed in a particular angle everyday so that whenever Kaamini used to sweep the floor so that he could see her huge and healthy cleavage. It wasn’t like Kaamini was oblivious to his lusty eyes staring at her but she could not do anything except adjust her pallu so that he would not see anything.

Though she was working in such a rich household, she was going through a financial crisis. She used to take small loans from her neighbors who were starting to trouble her. Her husband wasn’t helping either, he used to drink a lot and spend more than half of her salary. Kaamini had already asked for a pay rise more than a dozen times so she wasn’t in a condition to ask again.

Days passed, Rahul&stares became bolder, her debt increased and her husband continued spending money on alcohol. She could not pay her kids’ school fees and she was nearing a mental breakdown.

It was a really stressful day for her with her neighbors threatening her from all around and Kaamini was working in Sharma house absent mindedly sweeping the floor not noticing that her pallu had slipped away and she was revealing the greatest treasure a guy like Rahul could get his hands on.

She was sweeping away when she noticed him looking and she realized that he was watching her boobs. Hastily adjusting her pallu she walked away. It was then she realized that there was one way she could get money. The idea was hideous! But it was her only chance. She would lose her job if her masters found out but she would commit suicide if she is unable to repay her debts. So this was her only chance! The images of her hungry kids flashed in front of her eyes and with a determined look she decided that she had no choice.

Next day she acted normally and worked in the Sharma house. But the moment she reached Rahul&house she adjusted her pallu in such a way that she revealed huge amount of her boobs. In addition she had worn a violet translucent blouse which revealed the white skin of the side of her boob partially. Rahul&eyes narrowed and he hungrily stared into her blouse. Aware of this Kaamini took her time to clean the room and deliberately gave Rahul his heart&desire.

The plan had commenced successfully. She knew for one thing that Rahul was dusky and had no girlfriend whereas she was a decently fair and had good boobs. Rahul would find it too hard to resist her. She also knew that Rahul, being the oldest son of Mr. Sharma, received a lot of money which he used to spend in movies and parties. She had seen with her own eyes that Rahul used to open his dad&cupboard and take money from it and his parents never said a thing to him. Of course, Mr. Sharma used to earn in crores and had no problem if his son spent thousands in parties or discos.

She continued seducing Rahul with her boobs and after a week of show offs she decided that it was time for the next step. So one day she went to Rahul&room and found him sitting at his usual place watching her. Kaamini started doing her work and revealed the top of her boobs as usual. Rahul&eyes were popping at the sight and deciding that it was time she stopped. Rahul looked up to her and realized that she had caught him staring. So he started to bring an apologetic expression on his face but was shocked to see Kaamini smiling in a seductive way.
He smiled back and before he could say anything Kaamini walked away, she had gone to the kitchen where two cooks were preparing food. Rahul followed her and found her mopping the kitchen floor. Again she looked up smiling and adjusted her pallu so that she revealed her cleavage and Rahul smiled back. This continued for three days until Rahul could not control. On the fourth day she came into his room and was cleaning the curtains when Rahul approached her from behind and hugged her.

Kaamini: kya kar rahe ho Rahul baba? (What are you doing Rahul baba?)

Rahul did not reply. He knew Kaamini was a slut to seduce him. So he just breathed hot air on her neck. Kaamini felt his breath and her body tingled. She knew she was doing this for her children but she could not understand why…in a way she was…enjoying this.

Her hand reached his head instinctively and she brushed his hair with her fingers while he kissed her neck.

Rahul: tum bahut acchi ho baai. (You are very good, baai {a way of addressing maids in Maharashtra)

Kaamini&breathing grew heavier and she closed her eyes as Rahul&hands held her hips and he licked her neck and shoulder. Slowly he turned her and they stared into each other&eyes.

Rahul: tum bahut khoobsurat ho baai! (You are very beautiful baai)

Kaamini bit her lip on the compliment and they continued staring deep into each other&eyes forgetting everything else.

Rahul: tum yahi chahti ho na? (You want this right?)

Kaamini just nodded.

Rahul took the opportunity and leaned closer to her face. Kaamini closed her eyes, not sure whether she would like the kiss or not. But just then Rahul&thin lips touched her pouty ones and she felt for the first time why everyone likes to kiss. In her martial sex life her husband used to kiss her with supari in his mouth or with the disgusting smell of alcohol so she was never a fan of kissing.

But the moment Rahul&lips touched hers and he kissed her with gentle pressure between their lips, she understood why people kissed so much. He released her hips and held her face between his hands. And then they smooched making a lot of noise. It was wild and sexy and almost inexpressible. Rahul sucked on and on and kaamini positively kissed back feeling her lips slip deep into his mouth.

Just then she heard Mrs. Sharma calling her, so hastily arranging herself she departed leaving Rahul. This incident sparked enough confidence in both Rahul and Kaamini. Though they could not do anything else that day, but they were both quite happy…imagining their meetings the next day.

Kaamini was sleeping in her bed that night when she remembered the kiss Rahul had given her. She could not understand the new feeling inside her body. It was as if sexual craving and her inner conscious were battling it out and thus kaamini slept late that night.

Next day when she went to Rahul&bedroom she found him waiting for her near in his bed. As she entered he closed the bedroom door and hugged kaamini.

Kaamini: abhi nahi Rahul baba! Koi aake dekh lega. (Not now Rahul baba! Somebody might notice us)

Rahul: kuch nahi hoga baai (Nothing will happen baai)

Kaamini felt his hands grope her hips while she caressed his back. Their hug turned steamy as Rahul&hands rose higher and cupped her boobs. Kaamini let out a gasp as he gripped her boobs hard and kissed her neck line. He was turning wilder as he pressed her boobs harder and bit her ears.

Kaamini: bas karo Rahul baba. (That is enough Rahul baba)

Rahul: chup raho baai hum dono ko maja aayega. (Keep quite kaamini…both of us will enjoy)

Kaamini: par aapke- (but your- )

There was knock on the door which silenced them both. Terrified kaamini looked helplessly at Rahul who whispered in her ear to go and hide in the bathroom. Then he opened the door and found his mother standing there.

Mom: has kaamini come here?

Rahul: No…she has to still clean my room.

Mom: okay…I wanted her to help me to decorate the hall for Amit&birthday. If she comes tell her to come to the hall.

Rahul nodded and closed the door. He turned to find kaamini coming out of the bathroom with a petrified look on her face. Rahul approached her and said.

Rahul: mom wants you to go and help her to decorate the hall for Amit&birthday party.

She nodded and was walking out when Rahul held her wrist and pulled her towards him. She collided against him and Rahul grinded his crotch on her ass.

Rahul: it is Amit&birthday tomorrow! After the preparations keep away from my mum and when my mum will be busy talking to everyone you will come to my room here.

Kaamini: I-I want money…I want money if you want to sleep with me.

Rahul felt like he was arranging a night with a prostitute. But he knew that kaamini was much more beautiful than a prostitute and even safer so he agreed.

Rahul: how much?

Kaamini: five thousand per hour.

Rahul: what??? Five thousand? Are you mad?

Kaamini: in kamathipura the red light area, you get good looking women for this rate. And even call girls around my area charge twenty five thousand per hour.

Rahul could not let this chance go. He knew whatever she was saying was true. If one finds a good pimp in kamathipura they give good looking aunties or girls for five to ten thousand but the problem was that he was a rich father&son and many would recognize him. Apart from that he knew that the whores in kamthipura carried deadly diseases, even wearing a condom wasn’t safe with them. Kaamini was right even about the call girls charging twenty five thousand. He would have tried it once but when he saw the call girls he found that they were thin and lean college girls type with no seductive flesh around their body. Only thing was that they were beautiful. And Rahul wanted only well shaped aunty type.
Rahul: why do you want money? I can buy you anything and keep you happy!

Kaamini: we are poor people Rahul baba! Nothing has greater value for us than money, by asking to sleep with you on the same bed…you are asking for my body which belongs to my husband. So I want money to do this sin, there is no other way.

Rahul: okay…tomorrow I want you here…I will have the money with me.


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