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money for the maid

Kaamini nodded and walked away leaving Rahul smiling triumphantly. Tomorrow he was going to lose his virginity to somebody who was sexy, beautiful and more importantly somebody he could trust. He masturbated that evening and imagined how good it could be to have his penis inside her deep, wet and warm pussy.

The birthday party next day was a pain in the ass for both Rahul and kaamini. Rahul had to wait all day for the sun to disappear and evening to draw in. he spent most of the day in his room thinking about the amazing night he was going to have. Whereas kaamini spent the day cleaning and decorating the house with other servants. By evening, as the party began, she was tired and was waiting for Rahul to signal her.

It was nearly eight o clock and the party was in full swing when Rahul gestured her to come. He walked away and kaamini took her time to walk away as well as she did not want to attract unwanted attention. She reached Rahul&bedroom and found him completely naked lying on bed. The lights were off but as the door of his room was open she could see him clearly.

He gestured her to come inside.

Rahul: close the door.

Kamini closed the door and the room was in complete darkness. Rahul opened the window adjacent to the bed and a mixture of faint street lights and the moon light poured into the bedroom. Rahul adjusted the ac temperature and asked her to undress.

Kaamini nodded and silently pulled the loose end of her sari. She eradicated the sari and then her hands disappeared behind her back. Rahul watched eagerly as she first removed her red blouse and then her black bra. And what a sight it was! The two most beautiful pair of breast he had ever seen came into view. The nipples were light brown in color and quite large and erect.

Then she undid the knot of her lower garment and it slid free over the ground. Stepping out of it she then removed her panty as seductively as she could and she climbed over the bed. She began advancing over him to kiss but Rahul stopped her midway.

Rahul: nahi! Mujhe pehle blowjob chahiye! (No! I want a blowjob first)

Kaamini: kya chahiye aapko? (What do you want?)

Rahul: BLOWJOB! Itna bhi nahi pata? Mera matlab tum mera land apne muh me lo aur chooso. (BLOWJOB! Don’t you know? I mean I want you to take my cock in your mouth and suck it.)

Kaamini obediently neared his cock and held it in her hand and started stroking it first to make it hard enough. She was an expert in blowjob even though she ever liked doing it. Her husband made her do it all the time and she did it for him as perfectly as possible. Rahul&cock was getting hard and there was this nerve behind it which told kaamini that he was now fully erect.

She lowered her head over the throbbing cock and opened her mouth wide enough for her to swallow it completely. Rahul grunted in pleasure and gripped the pillow under his head as he felt for the first time what a blowjob was. Her warm and wet mouth was almost the replica of her eager pussy waiting for his cock down there and she sucked on with such precision that Rahul literally started jumping. He started moving his waist in a fucking fashion as he felt waves of pleasure the sensitive nerves in his cock were generating.

Kaamini first sucked the head of his cock, sucking so strongly that Rahul started smiling and writhing. She knew that Rahul was paying her five thousand rupees and she had to do as well as she could. After sometime she swallowed half of his cock and sucked with the head of Rahul&cock hitting the roof of her mouth. Rahul felt the pleasure that he had never imagined while masturbating and was thanking his luck. She sucked his cock that way for some more time and then she swallowed his cock completely. This time the head of his cock was nearly hitting her throat as she sucked it passionately. Her head was bobbing up and down his cock as though she was sucking the tastiest ice cream in the world. Her eyes were on him watching his reaction and her hands were playing with his balls as she sucked his cock from top to bottom.

Then Rahul&cock popped out of Kaamini&mouth and she switched from sucking to licking with occasional breaks as Rahul did not want to cum too fast. The start and stop method made it possible for him to enjoy blowjob for a very long period. Then her tongue worked up all the way across his cock licking every inch of his strong manhood. She licked the head first circling around it then kissing the tip. Then she licked around the sides for a long time after which she moved over to his balls. Rahul made her lick the balls first then swallow it in to her mouth where her tongue did the job.

Rahul felt his balls exert intense pressure, he wanted kaamini to stop but she wasn’t looking so he came heavily inside her mouth. Kaamini was surprised by his sudden ejaculation but she did not protest against him spilling the seeds inside her mouth. He unloaded everything and both of them headed to the bathroom where they cleaned themselves.

After cleaning themselves they came back and dropped over the master-bed pulling a white colored blanket over them. It was sexy sight! Imagine a boy and an aunty lying naked over a bed with a white blanket covering them till waist. Kaamini had one arm over Rahul&chest and the other holding the blanket. Whereas Rahul had his head resting on his hand folded under his head.

Rahul: mujhe tumhara blowjob bahut accha laga baai! (I really liked your blowjob baai)
Kaamini simply smiled as her work was appreciated.
Rahul: tum kuch bolti kyu nahi ho? (Why don’t you say anything?)
Kaamini: kya bolu Rahul baba?
Rahul: tum yeh sab kaam kai mardo ke saath kar chuki ho? (You have done this kind of work with many men?)
Kaamini: nahi Rahul baba! Yeh toh mai pahli baar majboori se kar rahi hu! (No Rahul baba! I am doing this for the first time out of trouble.
Rahul: toh tum sirf paiso ke liye yeh kar rahi ho? (So you are doing this only for the money?)
Kaamini: hah Rahul baba. Par iska matlab yeh nahi ki aap mujhe acche nahi lagte! (Yes Rahul baba but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you.)
Rahul: hmmm.

And then he groped around her waist under the blanket looking for her vagina. He found it without trouble and immediately started fingering her.
Rahul: acche lag raha hai? (You are feeling good?)

Kaamini had her eyes closed and gasping in pleasure as Rahul fingered her like an expert so she could not reply. Rahul finger her outside the pussy for some time and then he inserted two fingers inside her warm pussy feeling the lubrication encase his fingers. He began slowly and then his pace quickened unexpectedly as he finger fucked her. Kaamini simply hugged him while he continued finger fucking her.

This went on for a very long time until kaamini hugged him tighter than ever, her nails scratched his back in desperation and her breathing accelerated. Rahul understood that she had an orgasm and he let go of her. They talked again for some time snuggling and kissing each other. She told him about her kids and he told her about his college. Both of them enjoyed the break in which they kissed infinite times and then Rahul could feel his cock getting harder than ever.

He was ready to have a go and without wasting time he started to insert his penis inside her. As it was his first time kaamini helped him guide the cock properly inside her pussy. Rahul had his eyes closed feeling pleasure like he had felt never before as her pussy enveloped around his cock. He began slowly and due to his inexperience he wasn’t fucking properly. But as time went pass he grew rhythmic and fucked appropriately, generating tons of love.

Rahul was in ecstatic mood and was furiously fucking her smashing his cock into her pussy. The bed rocked hard and made loud creaking noises in continuous rhythm as Rahul went in and out in a constant but hasty way. Hebent over her and whilst fucking his hands kneaded her boobs while his mouth kissed all over her face. Then he gripped the pillow under Kaamini&head for support and felt his cock tear her pussy apart. Kaamini&eyes where rolling in pleasure her teeth were biting her lips as she felt Rahul love her like nobody had ever loved her.

Time was slipping away like water from cupped hands as Rahul applied the stop and start method to this as well so that he would not cum early. Kaamini had already lost count of her orgasms as Rahul&stop and start method drained her juices out completely. She felt his cock go deeper and deeper with every thrust and she felt happy that Rahul wasn’t showing any mercy.

After what seemed like hours since their arrival inside the bedroom Rahul felt semen coming towards the tip of his cock uncontrollably and he knew there was no stopping it so he rammed harder and harder until his semen supply got exhausted inside her. He fell next to her and they relaxed for some time. Then they washed themselves in the bathroom not talking much.

It was an unpleasant situation when he switched on the lights and rummaged through his cupboard for the money as kaamini dressed herself. They had spent two hours making love and he paid her ten thousand rupees. Kaamini accepted the money with a smile.

Rahul: and buy a birth control pill…

Kaamini: I already did! Don’t worry.

The sex continued happily for them and they turned into real lovers. One night her husband was fucking her when he noticed a red mark on her cheek.

Husband: how did that happen?

Kaamini: one insect bit me while I was cleaning Rahul baba&bedroom.

And then she remembered how Rahul had bitten her on the cheek last night.

He is a naughty boy, she thought and she sincerely fucked her husband.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope everyone enjoyed guys. And I really hope you all had an orgasm.

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