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Mother Queen And Son King

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Once youpon a time during Ancient India there is a kingdom called mathasangama , the kingdom is well blessed with all kind of resources where ever you see the land is full of greenery, farmers grows well yielded crops, miners mines pure gold, iron, silver and diamonds, soldiers fight with glory,

each and every men and women in the kingdom are wise and pay the taxes on time due to this all efforts of Royal men and common men made the kingdom a well established and beautiful.

The royal crown king sangamesha maheswara is brave warrior and he treat every civilian equal like they are his family, The king sangamesha maheswara is very young he is just 28 and had 3 children and queen parijatha sundhari is real beauty her beauty is not match any of the female in whole kingdom at the age of 44 she is absolutely angel, her breasts are divine while she is walking in her royal manner her breasts bounces and her ass dances like waves, people are dying to get only one glim of her, she always worn luxurious clothes which fits her body as skin and her skin is radiant glowing like moon.

Yes our king is much more younger than our queen because there is a reason, before our great king sangamesha maheswara there is a evil ruler ruling over this kingdom his name is ramsha natha maheswara.

Ramsha natha maheswara is father of our king sangamesha maheswara and husband of our present royal queen parijatha sundhari , yes our present king and queen are mother and son before but now they are first husband and wife in this kingdom.

Ramsha natha never cared about people he is cruel he is torturing peoples for more income he ruthlessly behaves with his below kings and make them give more money as he invaded them, he married parijatha sundhari when she is in 15 and at the age of 16 she gave birth to sangamesha the royal crown prince and her future husband, parijatha sundhari married ramsha natha just because of her father as ramsha natha invaded her father kingdom and demanded parijatha’s father to marry her daughter to him. Ramsha natha never leaved any women in that kingdom every day he pick a woman from his kingdom for his satisfaction even all most all royal misses(wife) of bellowed ministers, generals and soldiers were also not escaped from evil eyes of ramsha natha.

Sangamesha grown youp by seeing all this cruelness taking place in his kingdom, he doesn’t like his father but he really loves his mother even though parijatha sundhari didn’t took proper nourishment of her son sangamesha still loves her, his all care is taken care by maids of queen.

Once high priest of royal kingdom came to court yard to greet king ramsha natha for his recent success on war along with his wife ratnawarni, ramsha natha admired the beauty of ratnawarni she is a beautiful lady with proper flesh on her body, her charm attracted king ramsha natha , in return of greetings ramsha natha ask for high priest and his wife to stay on palace for about a week and enjoy all the royal treatments that he goes to give for them.

Ramsha natha gave all the treatments to both of them and both husband and wife enjoyed the fortunes they got , while high priest is busy with royal lady maids ramsha natha took rathna varni and seduced her to have sex with him, Ratna varni and ramsha natha enjoyed every bit of their sex ramsha natha having pleasures of his life by enjoying rathnavarni’s beautiful milky body, the whole night become evidence for their sex making when they got youp from bed in the morning, the high priest get to know all the things happened between his wife and king ramsha natha.

Instantly he left his wife and took a leave from palace and made a oath that king will surely get suffer from his criminal activities and a right king bring happiness and judgment to his kingdom.

Once queen parijatha sundhari was in her palace taking long rest but she saw her one of her minister’s wife were taken to king ramsha natha’s palace room and she knows why she as been taken over there and she feel very bad about that and her husband and cursed her because she can’t do anything .

Queen parijatha sundhari started crying, on the same time young prince sangamesha arrived to queen’s room and saw his mother is crying, he comforted her by saying good things to her, queen parijatha sundhari hugged him and rest her head on his chest saying” thanks for comforting me son only because of you I am living, if you are not here consider I already in feat of god”, for the first time sangamesha felt something in his body and his heart his mother hug made him to feel like this, this is not first time his mother hugged him but this time it’s really something special for him, he felt she is the lady who need some love and I am the man who want’s love so why can’t I give to her.

Sangamesha came out of his thoughts and said “ don’t say it again mother you must live, you must live for me”, his mother nodded her head saying she will.

Once prince sangamesha is on field trip of his kingdom but as common man( royals have habit of checking what’s going on in their kingdom not in there dress code) along with his 3 royal body guards, he saw the cruelness of his father exhibited on this kingdom, where ever he saw he get to see more of his father cruelness.

On the road he saw a mid aged women having baby in her hands and a young man is running from group of peoples , sangamesha stops them and asked why were they as been chased from peoples then he get to know that, the young boy is son of that lady and the baby she had is symbol of their love, sangamesha set aside the peoples by telling his bodyguards and asked them why did they do this kind of things.

That young boy says that his father is very cruel man, he never cares about family he always drunken more ever he beats both of yous every day, he doesn’t give a single penny for family, so I decided to kill him for the sake of my mother and I did it then I fell in love with my mom and we started to living together.

He asked again that “loving my mother is called as taboo then I like to commit taboo”

Sangamesha felt hidden love between mother and son and he made them to leave their present house and arranged them another, but between this he found answer to his questions and he decided that only way to stop all this madness and cruelness happening on the kingdom through is father death only.

Sangamesha secretly prepared everything for defeat his father he had arranged his lakhs of soldiers along with his royal soldiers and he secretly imported some explosives and weapons and trained his soldiers.

One lovely day sangamesha walking in royal garden he saw his mother crying loudly and all maids were making her comfortable, sangamesha took entry and asked for the reason that why his mother crying this loudly.

One of the maid told that” my prince king slaps the royal queen today” , sangamesha become so impatient and he again asked why did he do that then he get to know that his father again made a sex with some other women when this asked by his mother king did this to her,

He went near his mother and hugged her making her comfort and wiping her sorrows, all the maids leave the garden leaving both queen and prince.

Sangamesha – mother don’t worry I will teach lesson to father

Queen- no son he so cruel he may kill you also don’t do any foolish things

Sangamesha – mother do you really love my father

Queen- no son I am never in love with that evil, he is cruel he married me forcefully

Sangamesha- mother don’t from now onwards I will take care of you

Queen- thank you my son my entire life I have been without love because of only you I am alive still

Sangamesha- mother won’t you feel that sometimes you needed a man’s love because you are not in love with father

Queen- yes sometimes I thought I needed I always had a dream of my hero in my dreams who younderstand me and love me like anything but leave it now, I am very younlucky because your father married me

Sangamesha- mother can I ask you something

Queen – yes my son

Sangamesha- mother I always had a dream to marry you and spend my life together with you

Queen- what? son what are you saying

Sangamesha held both of her hands and asked her

Sangamesha- mother I know this is difficult for you but I really love, if you accept as your lover I will kill ramsha natha and free this entire kingdom and you from his hands

Queen- but

Sangamesha- mother stop, I will give you 1 day time think and told me I am really in love with you

By saying this sangamesha took a leave from royal garden.

Queen still is in shock she don’t know how to react she went to prayer hall and she started to pray God for the next path of her life and to find the what should she need to do now.

Later that night in her dream god appear in front of her and says her son is the real husband for her and she should accept him as her lover and her husband, this is also bring wellfair to kingdom also.

When she woke youp in the morning she realise that dream and she also recalls her dream in which her dream hero comes where she always find out that her lover his lot more younger than her.

Sangamesha took a presence to queen’s palace and he asked his mother about his confessions

Sangamesha- mother what have you decided about yous

Queen-son I am ready to become your wife

Sangamesha really become so happy and he held her mother and took her youp by holding her spongy ass and make her round in air and then he slowly put her down while her divine breasts brushes his chest and his lips, then he grabs her waist and hugs her suddenly parijatha sundhari pushes him away


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