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Mother Queen And Son King

Queen- wait my son, you are still my son first become my king to have your queen

Sangamesha-mother this is not fair

Queen- this is correct only go get the thrown first

Sangamesha- mother be ready in your bed today I’ll send father out from palace and I will come to your bed to become husband for you and father for our children.

Queen – I am waiting for that moment my son

Sangamesha left the queen palace and he organised and set all soldiers to surrender king, when ramsha natha step youps in the trown sangamesha killed ramsha natha’s royal body guards and took palace in his controls and send his father away from his palace and make him capture in cells.

Ramsha natha never realised that all his army and generals will go against him and most of all he never think that his son will go against him, with ramsha natha decline whole kingdom become happy and the snagamesha become king and announced that he will going to marry his mother queen parijatha sundhari.

Firstly peoples become mad for this announcement and they accepted it, the marriage ceremony held grandly in all over the kingdom, both son king and mother queen shining with gold and diamonds ,whole kingdom is looking like heaven if any outsiders sees that.

Ramsha natha also heard about marriage he become so angry and said to himself” this both mother and son betrayed me, just for their sexual satisfaction they steal my thrown, I will not spare them”.

Here sangamesha entered the first night room in queens personal royal room, whole room is decorated with golds, diamonds and flowers, the bed is looking like a way to heaven for sangamesha he realised his mother and him nakedly making love to one other this whole night in this bed, he never thought this will happens but now he is in the place his father.

Queen parijatha sundhari entered the room with full of gold ornaments and royal sari with lots of flowers and a glass of milk, sangamesha take look over his mother her beautiful face, apple like red lips, her divine large spongy breasts and a perfect ass and her radiant skin the smell of perfume made him crazy.

Everyone in the kingdom is in heat by thinking what is going to happen this night between a beautiful matured 38 year old ”mother queen” and a handsome 22 year old “son king”.

Queen parijataha sundhari came near king sangamesha then she took the blessings of sangamesha , sangamesha hold her arms which is so smooth and make her to stand youp then he drink half of the milk and shared other to his mother , in standing position only he squeezes his mother breasts above her blouse only suddenly she bit her lower lips and release a sound of “hmm”.

He knew that his mother is in full he took her to bed by holding her legs on one hand and her back in other hand, he through her to bed , her sari slightly shifted and her ornaments made clink sounds, then he came above her and asked

Samgamesha- my queen mother today is my lucky day

Queen- yes my king today my lucky day also

Sangamesha – I never thought one day you will be lying below me like this

By saying this he made her ornaments one side and took her pallu off

Queen- slowly my darling king I am all yours

Sangamesha- I know my queen but I can’t resist your beauty

Sangamesha order her take off her ornaments and then he himself took off her blouse and sari through his teeth, queen parijatha sundhari become fully nude in front of his new son/husband then sangamesha order her to put on the ornaments.

Queen mother parijatha sundhari is looking extremely hot with ornaments on nude body, sangamesh can’t resist that much of hotness he cuddled her gave her French kiss, both mother and son are kissing and romancing like two wild animals.

Sangamesha look his mother breasts which inviting him, he started squeeze both breasts and suck for half an hour and he concentrate towards to her navel part which decorated with waist gold chain, he open the ornament which closed her navel hole and pour sweet honey all over her body and took some fruits from plate and placed them on navel of his mother and stick some cherry to her breasts nipples

Sangamesha looking his mother in hungry way

Sangamesha-Mother I like to eat you

Queen- son my body is all yours, you have every right

He began eat fruits from her navel part which is mixed with honey and then he look his mother eyes and bite his lips she smiled and turn her head away and then he look her enormous breast which as cherry fruit in both her nipple, he attacked her breasts like hungry tiger she lied younder her son like his tigress, he slightly took one cherry from her breast through his mouth while doing that he almost eat her half breast.

Sangamesha is went on much oh heat when he saw his mother body raises youp and down while she breathing making her breasts shaking and the sweat of her body enhances it more, he took out her belly golden chain and make himself above is mother and took his gigantic love tool in his hands.

Sangamesha- mother this is for you, with this I’ll turn you from mother to my queen

Queen- son become my husband, let’s show the world you are great than your father

Sanamesha thrust his pennies in to her mother pussy which is hot as melting iron, with the first push queen sundhari started to moan, sangamesha started push some thrusts in to her lovely pussy making her moaning loudly

Sangamesha-(while fucking) how is it my queen ha ha hmm

Queen- I never know that sex is this much pleasurable su shhh ess ha

Sangamesha- why mother queen did my step husband means my father didn’t fucked you

Queen- not like that my king, your father is such a waste but now I am very happy that I married you, this is the time I am feeling like women, you are my real man

By saying this both started tongue kissing exchanging her saliva while sangamesha held her back and fucking her in his arms.

The moaning of both mother son echoed in all of the palace, maids, servants , soldiers all are amazed to hear that voices and all are tempted, even priests can’t handle the tempts that is created.

Sangamesha fucking like piston to his mother pussy and she equally responded his son strokes, at last they both are near to climax sangamesha transform his sperm to his mother cave hoping that she will bear a child.

After 1 hour he saw the entire room all flowers are spreaded everywhere and they are not so fresh, the royal robes are meshed youp even the bed coat as been broken lightly and finally he saw is mother naked lying beside him just a golden robe on her stomach still her breasts showing youp, sanamesha again got his boner he just blow the light off and took his mother again.

Like this both king, queen and whole kingdom is going through happily but suddenly ramsh attacked the kingdom with is newly formed army announced the war between him and sagamesha.

Sangamesha got ready to departure with his army

Sangamesha- mother queen I am going bring my father/enemy down

Queen- go on son let’s make him suffer what he did in past

Sangamesha- give me your blessings mother( and he kneel down to take blessings)

Queen took her son to royal room and showed her pussy to his son, sangamesha kissed her pussy and then made her sleep and inserted his penis to her pussy after 30 min they came out

Queen- son with this blessings you can take anyone in the world

Sangamesha- yes mother, if you on my bed I can defeat anyone

Sangamesha fought bravely in the war and made his father accept his defeat, he took his father to his room and tied him youp, he made sex with his mother while his father is tied in room and seeing his what his son doing with his wife, both mother son humiliated him and made fun of him while having sex.

Next day ramsha natha died having heart attack before dying he realised all the women husbands in his position and thought he had don mistake.

Later on the whole dynasty is continue in happy manner, mother son marriage had been legal in the kingdom, half of the dynasty now is mother son couple because the mother son pair is perfect pair in the world of relations.

Finally oath of that high priest completes ramsha natha died and dynasty got a good king, now king son sangamesha and mother queen parijatha sundhaari is happily married with three children to look youpon the kingdom.

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