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Payment Of Loan By Sex

Hi my name is Neha. This is personal story of what happened with me and I would not advise anybody to take money on credit from people. I had taken about 2 lacs money on interest from Ramnikbhai. My husband was working in Africa and I thought I could make some extra money at my end to help the family expenses, as I did not come from a very good financial family. But things didnt work out and I had lost quite a bit of the money. Every first of the month Ramnikbhai would come for collections, this month I was scared to face him, first of all I didnt have the money and secondly, he always used to stare at my figure with dirty eyes. Anyways it could not have been avoided. He came in the afternoon, I usually used to call him when none of the servants were at home as I did not want them to know what I was doing.

I wished him good morning and he reciprocated. He said “who sab to theek hai paisey dijiye mainey bhi market sey uthay hain and who ab pura amount wapis maang rahey hain” I froze I pleaded with him “ramnikbhai ab mere paas paisey nahi hain thoda time ruk jayiye na, purey lauta dungi” he said wryly “neha ji aisa nahi chalega agar paisey wapis nahi diye toh gadbad ho jayegi” I was deeply troubled I requested him “aapk kuch kijiye ramnikbhai, please thehriye mein aapkey liye chay leke aati hoon” saying so I got up, again I felt him him staring at my ass and licking his lips. But I was more worried about the money at that time and entered the kitchen, I was just thinking while the tea was boiling, when suddenly I felt my kurta being lifted and a hand squeezing my bums. I was shell shocked and froze, it was ramnikbhai.

He whispered in my ear “nehaji interest bhi nahi de rahi hain aap assal toh chodo, toh phir thoda mazaa karney de dijiye, kuch toh miley becharey ramnikbhai ko, hhehehe” he laughed evily. My hear was beating fast I did know how to react, if I didnt obey him and do what he wanted he would surely put me in trouble. His hands were now all over by bums squeezing them hard and he said “soch lo meri jaan, wapari toh nahi chodengey, undar jaan hai ya is nachiz ko khush karkey baat ko khatam karma hai” I couldnt say a word “hehehe aapki khamoshi ne sab keh diya hehehe, mazaaa ayega” saying so he gathered enough courage to slip his hand between my legs and caress my pussy, he laughed evily again and said “yeh sab chai vai chodh aur baraf paani aur glass leke aa mood banatey hain” saying he went to the hall.

I was alone lost in thoughts, there was no other choice, I would have to give in to him. I brought the ice, water and glass to the room, he removed a small bottle of whisky from his pouch, and ordered me “chal peg bana, strong banana apni tarah” I made a peg for him and he drank it in one gulp and laughed evily again and said “haan mazaa aaya, ab zara apna salwar aur kurta utaar dekhein toh sahi kapdon ke bagain kaisi dikhti ho itni shandaar gandh hila hila ke chalti thi saali ji karta tha ussi waqt kholke undar lundh daal doon” with trembling hands I removed my kurta and salwar and was down just to my bra and panties, I tried my best to cover my private parts with my hands.

He ordered again “chal idhar aa, saali sharmati kyon hai pehli baar thodi chudva rahi hai, aaj mujhe bhi apna pati samajh le” shivering I went upto him and stood in front of him, he brushed my hand from my pussy and stared at the bluge of my vagina, his paan sticken teeth glistened he cupped my vulva between his fingers and squeezed it and he licked his lips and started to kiss my pussy hard nibling my cunt with his lips and his hands were all over my bums squeezing my ass hard he started to smell my pussy like a dog I could feel his hot breath on my pussy he mumbled “saala jab chut ki khusboo itni achi hai toh chakhney mein kaisi hogi, tere jaisei do teen mil jaye toh randiyon ke paas jaaney ki kya jaroorat hehehe zaraa ghoom toh dekhein toh tera pichvada kita garam hai” saying he slapped my ass hard.

I let out a cry “aaah ramnikbhai nahi pichey nahi please mat kijiye naaa” he slapped my ass hard again and said “saali jaisa bolta hoon waisey kar, mood kharab mat kar aur gandh dikha apni> I unwillingly turned around and wondered what this old man would do to my ass> he tugged my panites and pulled my bumcheeks apart and stared hard at my anus, it was so embarrassing having to given in so much that my most private part my shithole would be given to him. He held my bumcheeks firmly and started to lick my anal lobe.

It sent shivers down my spine even my husband had never done this before, his tongue hovered all over my inner-arse and my shithole. It gave me a very different feeling, he inserted a finger into my crack and I let out a moan “ramnikbhai pleaaase aaah please pichey chodiye na aaah apko joh karma haaai aagey kijiye aaaah” but had no effect on him, his expert fingers moved in and out of my anus and he licked his finger and said “kya tight gandh hai, neha ji kya aapkey pati ne kabhi itni khoobsorat gandh ko nahi choosa,yeh toh kunwari hai, mazaaa ayega lundh dalney mein ismein isssss kya garam hai, jaisey socha tha ussey bhi jyada tight aur garam gandh hai teri meri jaaan” he roughly removed my panties and thre it away, my holes were now in the open in front of him. He pushed me down on the sofa and tore my bra and threw it away also.

He stared at my nude body licking his lips. He grabbed the whisky bottle and drank neat from it. Then he jumped on top of me, he locked my lips on his and started to kiss my lips biting them hard and his tongue forced into my mouth and explored my mouth, his hands were on my breasts squeezing them hard. He then kissed my ear lobes, all this action was making me wet in my pussy, with his expert technique he started to kiss my neck and went from my shoulders to my tits and started sucking my nipples wildly like a hungry boar, but his tongue worked like magic and it felt that he knew exactly how to arouse a woman, he bit my nipples hard that I had to moan “ooohhh ramniiik bhaaai pllllease rukiyeee naaa pleaaase”, his one hand went between my legs and he felt the moisture on my pussy he knew that I was totally in his control now, he moaned “saali chut teri garam ho chuki hai, ab karney dey mujhe jo karma hai aur mazey le tuh bhi, mmmm kya mithey bubbey hain saaali” he sucked the nipples of both my breasts one by one noisily moaning “mmmmm slurp slurp” my nipples were totally erect now, he went down to my naval area and started to lick my belly button I was totally hot now and unknowingly I was actually starting to caress him, he went down further towards my pussy, he pulled my legs away, I didnt resist him,

I knew within a few seconds this bastard would be feasting on my pussy, and so he did, he held my cunt lips apart and his expert tongue which must have licked who knows how many pussies was on my clit licking it thoroughly, my cunt was on fire and his tongue was working like magic and I started to cum, I was so hot that unknowingly his pressed his mouth on my cunt encouraging him to lick more strongly, his tongue went into my vagina and I let out a moan “raaamnik bhaaai aaaah yehhh kyaaaa hoo gayaaa aaaaaaah” his tongue was dripping of my cum his tongue went on to the crack of my shithole and again the shivers started when his expert tongue started protruding my most innermost part.. he then came up again and started to smooch me again and this time I was so aroused that I welcomed his tongue into my mouth, I locked him with my legs and his mouth smelt so hot with the smell of my cum and my arse mixed together.

He laughed again and said “kyoon saaali pehly toh bholi bhaali banti thi, ab dekh lundh ke liye kaisey nachti hai, saaali randh lundh chahiye na abhi chuseygi mera lundh haaan” he slapped me hard but I was beyond caring I needed his cock and I needed him to suck my pussy more I pleaded with him “aaah ramnikbhai pleeeease ooooh pleaaase thodaaa aur chusiyeee na meri chutttt ko pleeeease phir aapk jo bolegney mein karungi peeche sey bhi dungi” hardly had I said so that he again lunged between my legs directly on my pussy and sucked vigrously I stroked his hair and moaned more “aaaaah ramnikbhai. Aaaah daney ko chusiye naaa pleaase aaaah meri chuuut aaaaah” he sucked my pussy to glory but my fire would only be doused by hot sperm from his cock. He got up and I could see a giant bulge in his dhoti he hurriedly removed his dhoti and I stared in horror at the size wondering if I could accomodate him in my pussy let alone in my shithole, but it looked strong and powerful.

He said “chal le mera lundh aur choos” I had never sucked a cock before but I knew I had no choice and anyway I was so aroused I would have done anything. I took the beast in my mouth and started to suck it and I was now quite enjoying this dirty pleasure I sucked his cock like a mad woman licking the knob while he played with my breasts squeezing my nipples. His cock grew more in my mouth and I knew he was enjoying me like a slave. He held his cock in hands and rubbed it all over my face I took it back from him and rubbed it all over my breasts also I placed it on my lips and kissed the knob he moaned now “kya lundh choosti hai isssss saaali dekh kaise teri gandh maarta hooon issssss” he thrust his cock deep inside my mouth. Then he ordered “chal ghoom ulta” I turned my ass towards him and he held my bum cheeks apart and again started to lubricate my shithole with his tongue his hands held my juicy bums firmly.


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