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Payment Of Loan By Sex

Then he brought his giant knob to the door of my anus and pushed it in I let out a cry “aaah ramnikji aaaah sirf chhhhut meiiin daaaaliye naaa aaah” he barked “saali itni tight gandh maarney kabhi kabhi toh milti hai hehehe” he thrusted it fully into my shithole I had tears in my eye and he thrust in and out enjoying the tightness but after some time I also started to enjoy the long strong cock into my ass I lunged my ass towards him and moaned “aaaah aaaah. Auuur jorseyyyyu auuur haaar” he rammed my ass like a bull his cock moved in and out of my fully open aashole now.

After fucking my asshole for a marathon 5 mins he removed his cock and made me lie on the sofa and then he lay on top of me and started to bite my tits wildly again I took his giant in my hands and guided it onsoide my pussy and moaned “aaah ramnikbhai aaaah chuuuut mein daliye naaaa” he started to pump my pussy and moaned “saaali kya maaal hai tu, isss chut bhi tight hai teri saaali, kal phirsey aakey chodunga and roj chodunga issss” like a well oiled piston his cock moved in and out he smooched me and sucked my breasts like a hungry wolf while I locked his cock in my pussy which engulfed his cock and he continued to fuck me for an hour after that and after my multiple cum he brought his cock again to my mouth and I took his cock again in my mouth and sucked and after a few moments I felt a wave of his sperm inside my mouth it was such a big load that I overflowed from my mouth and he made sure I drank each and every drop of it.

After that on a regular basis ramnikbhai used to screw me and I also used to forget about everything and enjoy this exercise.


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