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Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 1

My cock was in her mouth and I could feel her tongue moving around it. Slowly she sucked on it and each time she went down she took a little more into her. She gagged on its’ size a time or two, but, finally it was all the way into her mouth, I felt it slide down her throat! After a couple of minutes of just moving her mouth up and down a few inches she pulled away and smiled wickedly.

Then, moving, slowly, she climbed above me and turned to position herself so that our heads were between each-others thighs, I was being introduced to the “69” position. I could see into her vagina as she spread her legs over me. Above her pussy I could see her puckered anus. My cock was again in her mouth, my mouth was clamped on her sex, and once again I was in paradise.

It was never going to last long. This was the first time I had been near a naked female, never mind being given such a fabulous introduction to the joys of sex. My cock swelled, my world exploded, and a fiery river of semen was forced down my cock.

I groaned as my semen squirted into her and Granny almost drowned as I pumped my first sex-fuelled climax directly into her mouth. Granny coped admirably, she gulped a little then proceeded to suck and swallow it all.

Granny kept on sucking as her body started to tremble. She jerked up and down for a few moments then, with loud moans, she climaxed. I could feel my cock pumping cum into her, it was wonderful, never had I experienced such an intense sensation, but was aware that this was only the beginning.

I started to apologise for shooting my load into her mouth, but she stopped me and told me that she had done it deliberately as she knew very well that on my first ‘outing’ I would finish very quickly and probably before I’d even got my cock into her vagina. She also admitted that having her clitoris sucked as my large, swollen, cock erupted in her mouth had triggered her own, unexpected, climax.

Granny lay beside me fondling my cock as I recovered from my first real climax. We lay in this position for a maybe 30 minutes until my cock began to respond to her manipulation. As soon as it was stiff, she opened her thighs, then, with her feet flat on the bed, told me to get between them and insert the head of my cock into her, I was very willing to comply and happily eased into her warm, wet, vagina.

Soon I was thrusting my way to a second climax for both of us, her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands on my backside. She made damn sure I gave her everything I could until I collapsed on top of her as I squirted what little semen I had into her, then we lay there sweating and panting for a while.

I was 19, fit and full of lust. Granny was going to be a very busy woman from now on.

I ran my hand over Granny’s body and she shivered slightly and eased herself into a more comfortable position allowing me access to her moist sex.

“Oh how I’ve missed this,” she said happily as her thighs parted.

I knelt beside her and lowered my mouth to her sex and kissed, licked and sucked her to full arousal once again. I slid two fingers into her, gently teased her love channel, as I licked and sucked her clitoris my own arousal really took hold, and once again Granny had a solid cock in her hand.

She was smooth and warm inside, full of sticky fluid. I loved the tangy taste of it. In response to her urgings I pulled my tongue out, pressed my lips against her clitoris, and began sucking. Her body began to move in all kinds of directions for some time until, finally, she moaned and let go of my cock.

I surprised her by removing my mouth from her vagina and licked gently at her anus, (I will never know where I got that idea from,) and then I pressed my first finger against her anus and gently rubbed until it started to open allowing me to insert my first finger a little way into it.

It wouldn’t go in very far but I found that if I ran my finger around its outer edge it opened a little more allowing my finger to get a little deeper inside her and gently ease the sphincter apart to allow me to probe even deeper inside her.

This was fun! More teasing and kissing and gentle probing until I could slide more of my finger into her anus and then I managed to get my mouth on her pussy so that I could suck her clitoris and pleasure both her sensitive openings.

Granny groaned and lifted her backside slightly to give me easier access to her anus. Slowly I slid my finger further into her, rotating it, and gently pressing on the sides of her rectum. Finally I reached the second sphincter. She gasped loudly then started to hump her lovely soft bottom on my finger and grind her pussy into my face.

After a while she asked me to stop and get on my back, puzzled, I did as she asked and she then positioned herself in the 69 position again. She pushed herself back onto my face, my tongue slid into her hot pussy and my nose went into her anus. I lifted my head and licked my way upwards to allow my tongue access to her anus, I forced my tongue into her anus, licked around it for a few moments to moisten it and then manoeuvred my arms so that I could reach whichever part of her, with hands or tongue, that I wished,

She writhed and moaned for a few minutes, then pulled herself off my face. She moved around and again got astride me, pressing her ass against my cock, and her lovely soft breasts in my face.

“Play with these, nibble them, suck on them, and then fuck me,” she said.

She reached back and guided my cock into her moist, hot, vagina, and then she began moving up and down on my stiff cock, her breasts bouncing in my face. I captured one and guided the nipple to my mouth. Now Granny was squirming and moaning again, and this time I began humping as well, thrusting my raging cock up into her hot pussy. I rammed my cock repeatedly up into her until I could no longer summon the strength to lift my backside off the bed, but much as I wanted to, I could not climax.

Granny could and did, loudly and forcefully, then rolled off me to lie beside me and pant. Reaching out she felt for and found, my cock, then said softly, “Here ends the first lesson, I think you could do quite a few things for me” as she gently teased it.

We lay for half an hour then showered and adjourned to the kitchen for coffee and toast, surprised to find that it was almost midnight. Even then were loath to end this evening. I was encouraged to fondle her breasts as we sat at the table then she took hold of my limp cock and began to massage it back into semi-rigidity. I started to respond to her stroking, realized that I was rampant, and wanted more.

“I’m not done yet,” I said as I moved to kneel between her thighs. Easing them apart I slid my first and second fingers into her soaking sex and worked them in and out for a few strokes before removing them, standing up, and rolling her backwards onto the table.

Once again I knelt and started to lick and nibble her sex. Granny responded by opening her thighs as wide as she could so I took advantage of the unrestricted access to her body and slid my still moist finger deep into her anus and once again applied my mouth to her vagina. This was paradise, but I guessed that Granny couldn’t be very comfortable on the hard table and asked her if we could go back to her bedroom. We could and did.

Granny got on the bed on her knees and spread her thighs wide. I eased my semi rigid cock into her and enjoyed the sensation of slowly fucking her from behind. After a short while I again slid a finger into her, now very accessible, anus.

“Don’t use your finger, use your cock, PLEASE,” she gasped.

I was stunned; she wanted me to fuck her anus! As the realization of what she wanted me to do sank in I thought of the size of my cock and the size of the hole it was being asked to penetrate. My cock, which up until then had been just pleasantly aroused, went into instant, almost painful, rigidity, I could have perforated walls with it. This was way outside my expectations and I’d had no experience of straightforward sex never mind anal so was extremely nervous, but I certainly was not going to turn any request down.

She reached into her bedside table drawer and brought out a packet and a small jar of Vaseline, The packet contained a condom. “Put it on then rub Vaseline on it and in my ass” she said, then lowered her head onto the mattress.

“Did I see a vibrator in that drawer?”

“Yes, but if today is anything to go by I don’t think I’m going to be using it again”.

“Why do you have condoms?”

“To put on the vibrator should the occasion demand it, now stop being so bloody inquisitive and get into me!”

Spreading her thighs she said, “Get behind me and get that cock into me. Gerald used to like doing my anus and I began to enjoy it as well, but he was nowhere near your size she moaned. “She moaned even louder as I, inexperienced as I was, did just that and pushed a good two inches of solid cock into her anus.

“Easy! “ Just work at it slowly and gently, it will slide in.”

It did, it was a very tight fit and that made the sensations even higher, but I couldn’t control myself that well, I pressed myself into her and she shrieked as another three inches entered her. I had enough composure to ease out of her a little and slap more Vaseline where it would do most good then eased my cock deeper inside her until, finally, she had a good 6 inches of me inside her.

I eased myself gently in and out of her body for a while, the sensation of her tight rectal tunnel wall rubbing against my cock was mind blowing and I wanted the feeling to last forever, but lust and inexperience took control and I began to fuck her as hard and fast as I was able. My hands were gripping her hips, pushing, and pulling her off and onto my raging cock until at last I felt a surge of mounting pressure and I jetted a stream of spunk into her wide stretched anus.


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