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Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 1

As my lust and passion subsided, I eased out of granny, and she slowly lay down flat on her stomach and rolled onto her back. “I can see that I need to teach you a few things about control and safety. The first thing you need to do is get a supply of condoms because wearing one of those is the only way you get to put that lovely big cock of yours into my backside, The rest of me is available at all times.”

“I think there are quite a number of things you can teach me and I am very eager to learn” “I’m going to fuck you every day Granny,” I said.

“I know,” said Granny, even when you think you’re too tired!”

The following day was Sunday so no rush get to work, which meant that having finished breakfast I was able to rummage to my heart’s content through Granny’s clothing until she was totally nude and on the kitchen table, which, this time, was covered by a nice thick blanket, getting her vagina thoroughly munched, sucked licked and finally, gloriously, fucked.

This was followed by two further rampant and exceedingly noisy, soggy bouts of lust filled coupling. Granny flatly refused to take any money from me from that day on! She also insisted on paying for me to have driving lessons so that I would be able to use her car if it ever became necessary.

Apart from going for the weekly shopping she rarely went out. I used to buy the incidentals that we might need on my way home from work so most of the time she wore a loose fitting, button down the front, dress which was incredibly easy to get off, never any knickers and rarely a bra’. In short Granny was always ready for my attentions.

About six months after our first couplings Granny told me about a woman with whom she had become very friendly, in fact they had been having sex together for some time, including up to the present day! Granny said that she had always had a high sex drive and so had her husband so she had been fortunate enough to have the sex she wanted, but the loss of her husband had stopped all that.

Because her husband had suffered a severe stroke, her friend, whom I shall call Jean, never got any sort of sexual satisfaction. She spent so much time looking after him that she was too worn out to look for solace from strangers.

They had met in the city library some months before I came on the scene. Granny had been feeling particularly frustrated and Jean had been provided with a care respite helper twice a month so she didn’t have to worry about getting home immediately. Granny invited her home and, as one thing led to another; they finished up in bed eating each other’s pussies and enjoyed it enough to make it a regular thing, so twice a month they indulged each other. That explained the condoms; Granny could get Jean to give her the occasional reverse thrust!

Granny had told Jean about us and now she was on the ‘phone, suggesting, very carefully, that a little of the real thing just might do Jean some good. The suggestion was turned down flat, but three days later Jean rang and asked if the offer was still open! Granny sorted out the when and how’s and then explained to me that I was about to fuck a perfect stranger who was really nice and very subservient, I was to behave like a gentleman and to make damn sure she enjoyed herself.

“Oh and she has incredibly sensitive nipples, play with those for more than a couple of minutes and she’ll cum all over you!”

The appointed day was a Sunday as I would be free for two days. Granny went to collect Jean mid-morning, she returned with a tired looking and very nervous lady. After introductions, coffee and chat I stood behind her chair and caressed her neck and shoulders, allowing my hands to stray low enough to enable me to feel the swell of her breasts. She tensed then sat up straight and back to allow me greater access. Now was the time so I asked her if she was still willing to have sex with me and if so, had she taken any precautions or should I wear a condom?”

“I started taking the pill again after I decided that I needed real sex and my husband was never going to be able to do that again, I want this more than you can know, but please don’t try to be a lover, I love my husband very much and always will.”

Asking her to stand up, I stood behind her, put my arms around her, and fondled her breasts, which were larger than Granny’s. Her nipples stood out firm and hard. It was erotic and very enjoyable. As I enjoyed myself I could feel her body beginning to tremble and that she was pressing herself back towards me. I grasped her arms and made her lift them so that I could fondle her breasts more easily. She shuddered and softly groaned, so gently, but firmly, I led her from the room.

“Now we go upstairs and introduce ourselves properly.”

Once there I returned to fondling her breasts through her blouse and dropping my hand down to feel her tummy and pubis. I then undid her blouse and removed it. Jean stood still as I undid her bra’ and slipped that off before once again caressing her soft, ample, breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. When I lowered my lips to her breast and commenced to suck a nipple she moaned quietly and pressed her breast harder against my mouth. I changed breasts and the same thing happened, this was fun.

“If you come here again for more of this, never wear underclothes again! Do you understand?”


“Drop your skirt.” She did.

“Get those panties off.” They came off.

As she complied with my instruction I stepped behind her and removed my shirt and shorts and, because I had no other clothing on, I was soon behind a nicely rounded, warm, and cuddly female with my rigid cock pressed against her soft bottom.

She wasn’t glamorous, just a soft, needy, female in front of a very erect penis. Jean stood quietly as I again reached around her to fondle her breasts and stroke her, gently rounded, stomach and on down to feel her slightly hairy mound. She had a proud cock digging into the cleft between her buttocks and as they were very fleshy and rounded I had a lovely sense of penetration and she had her first inkling of what was in store for her!

NOW, Reach behind you and take hold of my cock.” She did.

“Good grief! Its’ huge! I can’t take that.”

“You can and you will. I promise to go slow, I have no interest in hurting you, I want this just as much as you do, turn round, kneel, and stroke my cock.”

Jean turned to stare at my cock then knelt and fondled my cock and balls.

“I said stroke my cock, if you want me to fuck you then you do as I tell you, understand?”

“Yes, I’m sorry; I’ll do as you say.”

I enjoyed the feel of her hands siding up and down my shaft, which was now beginning to pulse with lust. I asked Jean to get on her back on the bed with her thighs open and knees bent.

As she complied I stood at the end of the bed and asked her to pull her labial lips apart so I could see into her sex. She did as asked and I could see that she was already moist. I moved beside the bed, fondled her breasts, and moved my hands further down to her stomach and slowly down to her thighs on which I spent some time stroking before finally moving my hand to her moist sex. She moaned and her thighs parted even further so I climbed on to the bed, knelt beside her, thrust my head between her open thighs, and started eating her.

I reasoned that if she enjoyed Granny doing that then she just might enjoy my attempts. She did. She tasted nice, tangier than Granny who was really sweet, so I happily lapped at her sex for a while, nibbling her clitoris and sucking her labia, then I placed my arms between her thighs, and using my elbows to force her legs wide apart and up in the air. I had complete access to her vagina and anus. I was in heaven.

I felt a hand stroking my inner thigh, moving ever nearer to my cock so I raised my left leg and placed my knee on the other side of her body placing us in the classic “69” position. With no urging from me she took hold of my cock and levered it down so that she could suck the head. She writhed and moaned a great deal as I ate her, sucked her and teased her clitoris with a finger.

Just as I had finally managed to insert a finger completely into her pussy, she lifted her backside off the bed and almost screamed as she climaxed, she had certainly been on a very short fuse. I forced her down onto the bed, turned round, placed myself between her widespread, eager thighs, and entered her wet vagina.

I doubt that she had had anything wider than two of Granny’s fingers inside her for a long time so I knew that my six-inch circumference and ten inch length was going to be difficult for her to accommodate straight away. Taking the weight of my body on my forearms, I eased my cock into her an inch at a time, withdrew it, and then slid back in a further inch deeper until I had most of my cock inside her.

Jean moaned, sighed, gasped, muttered, and rubbed her nipples as I fucked her, very, very slowly. She had obviously been expecting me to ram myself into her hard and a couple of months ago I would have, but thanks to Granny’s classroom, I now knew better. I was now a more proficient and patient lover. I took her slowly and gently towards a huge, raging, climax.

“Fuck me, oh please fuck me.” She wailed, then wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and shouted, “DO IT, please, DO IT.” I did, very fast and for what seemed a very long time, her vagina was extremely hot and wet. Her tunnel was a little shorter than my cock and I was occasionally banging against her cervix, but she never flinched, I doubt she even noticed. I didn’t climax. She did, twice!


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